Thursday, February 9, 2012

PBO Kevin Page Jumps The Shark...

PBO Kevin Page has now pulled a Fonzie and jumped the shark. Whenever the government makes a policy announcment, Page is always just a few days behind to refute the governments position and numbers, usually with a doom and gloom prediction. This time Page flip-flops, telling us the taxpayer can afford those huge increases in OAS, starting around the year 2030. To outdo himself, he even mentioned there would be enough room to lower taxes and increase social spending. So I'm sure by now most Canadians realize he thinks he has taken on the role of an opposition member, merely doing a 180 to whatever the government says.

So who you gonna trust.? Page or Flaherty?

"Reports from Finance and the PBO since Mr. Page’s appointment show that in 15 comparable forecasts, the government beat the PBO nine times. The PBO forecasts were more accurate four times and there were two ties.

Measured another way, the Finance Ministry comes out slightly ahead with an average forecasting error – the difference between the projected surplus or deficit and the final number – of $12.6-billion, compared to $13.2-billion for the PBO."


Anonymous said...

So what we are lookin' at here is someone who could be replaced by a monkey flippin; a coin'.
Statistacally the monkey would be right 50% of the time.
He is still doin' better than Bob Rae.

Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

Isn't interesting that he has been refuting the numbers that the government has been giving in the past but now uses the government past numbers to back his present stand? A real credible guy, I would say!!!

Calgary Junkie said...

Follow the bouncing Page. Talk about being incoherent and inconsistent.

For the longest time he has been claiming that the government has a "structural deficit" ? Yet now, he says in his report: "over the long term, the federal budget is fiscally sustainable". And that "no changes are needed to OAS" ?!?

Interviewed on Soloman's show, we see the graphic: "We're richer than we think".

These anti-Harperites are all a friggin' joke. Talk about low credibility. One day the country is broke. The next day, it's: let the good times roll.

wilson said...

''..enough room to lower taxes and increase social spending..''

Yahoo, income splitting for all is on it's way..
and we can afford those jets and jails Page insisted would cost billions more than the Govt projections!!

Oh, and we have 3 1/2 years to get it done. ha.

I'll take Flaherty's numbers to the bank, thankyou anyways Mr Page

Anonymous said...

Kevin Page is neither endorsing nor supporting the Conservative Party. Therefore, he must be destroyed! Keep the cheap shots and negative comments coming!

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliettte sez:

"...Kevin Page is neither endorsing nor supporting the Conservative Party. Therefore, he must be destroyed! ..."

It's all there, in black and white.

Kevin - you must remember this. The previous goon, obviously a leftoid, liebrano stooge "nonny" is the one calling for your destruction.

It sure as hell isn't the Conservatives that are dishing out this pseudo-threat barrow-full of Equine Pucks.

t.e. & o.e.

Anonymous said...

anyone notice he always refers to the "we"
he never does any original work
who are the "we"

Gerald said...

His dept. would be the first one that I'd cut back on if I was Flaherty.He does everything in his power to go against the government.Also,if I looked as back as he,I wouldn't go near a mirror, let alone a tv camera.

oxygentax said...

But...but... but...

How can he POSSIBLY compete with the Finance department with a budget as small as his????


Don said...

The 12 CAW retired sheep occupying Jeff Watson's office Feb 9 don't seem to care (probably don't understand) that our kids and grandchildren have to pay for our OAS, it comes from general revenues. Bad enough we leave them with a mountain of debt, and we can't even hold off retirement for 2 years, Boo hoo hoo. Says a lot about the boomer generation (of which I'm a part).