Friday, March 30, 2018

Ontario Election 2018: Wynne "Free Daycare" Promise Completely Contradicts Justin Trudeau's Stance on Child Care

 Hello. With the 2018 Ontario election quickly approaching it's time to fire up the blog in my attempt to make Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne the former Premier. With Wynne desperately putting us another $8 billion in debt by promising wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars trying to buy any vote possible, this blog will show why Wynne's "free daycare" is not only wrong, but completely at odds with our Liberal PM, Justin Trudeau.

 So lets get started. Wynne's desperate attempt to lure voters, most notably those in the GTA, involves taking $2.2 billion of taxpayer dollars, dollars that include taxes taken from low-income earners, seniors, and gasp, Wynne's new BFFs, those making minimum wage, and giving it to families regardless of income. There is no means test, meaning the head of, say Hydro One, who earned $6.2 million last year, (which includes a $1.7 million raise from previous year?), would be eligible for $17K in savings per eligible child. Does that seem fair? Hmm, let's see what PM Justin Trudeau's thinking on this is. I look forward to Doug Ford pointing this out to Wynne and the media, and asking both her and the PM to square this circle:

 "The Liberal leader maintains it's wrong to give the benefit to wealthy families that don't need help raising their kids. And to underscore that point, he's going to give his own family's windfall to charity.
With three young children, one under the age of six, Trudeau is entitled to collect annual UCCB payments of about $3,400.
In an interview Tuesday, he said he'll give that money to La Maison Bleue, a charitable group in his Montreal riding devoted to helping vulnerable women during pregnancy and the early days of motherhood.
Child care benefits should go to families who need the help, "not families like mine or Mr. (Prime Minister Stephen) Harper's," Trudeau told The Canadian Press.
"When it comes to child benefits, fair doesn't mean giving everyone the same thing, it means giving people what they need."