Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jack Layton: Corporate Tax Cuts Are OK If I Get A Cabinet Seat.....

Again the Conservative communications message is sadly lacking. NDP leader is running around slamming the Conservatives for the upcoming round of corporate tax cuts, meant to lower Canada's rate and making us more attractive and competitive to business investment. Layton is now being joined by Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff demanding these tax cuts be abolished. Meanwhile, Conservative strategists In the msm struggle to counterpoint both the Liberal and NDP talking points. Guys, come on! This is a no brainer to defend. Start off asking Layton what his price is for allowing the tax cuts to stand. During the 2008 election, Layton ran a platform to repeal corporate tax cuts. Of course after seeing Stephen Harper and the Conservatives win another election, Layton's coalition attempt saw him sell out those same principles for a seat in cabinet:

"On Monday 1st December, just before 5pm, Dion, Layton and Duceppe presented their agreement for a Liberal-NDP coalition government backed by the Bloc Quebecois.

1) Troops remain in Afghanistan.
2) The $50-billion corporate tax cuts stand.
3) No NDP member to have any influence over Finance.
4) Prime Minister Dion selects which 6 NDP MPs will enter cabinet."

And then there is the Liberal party under Michael Ignatieff. Despite Bob Rae's lie, err, denial that Iggy had signed the coalition agreement, that same agreement included those $50 billion in corporate tax cuts standing. Liberals said it was necessary for the Canadian economy.

So there are your talking points guys and gals. Feel free.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Name Smitherman's Soon To Be Appointed Position In The McGuinty Government...

Smitherman didn't just lose, he took a severe beating. I'd be surprised if the guy can even walk in the morning. Which begs the question, how long and what position will Dalton McGuinty appoint Smitherman to? Guaranteed it will be a six-figure salary, probably an expense account.

So give your predictions in comments.

Biggest Loser In Race For Mayor Of Toronto? Ipsos-Reid's Credibility

Contradicting most pollsters late in the race, Ipsos-Reid had Ford and Smitherman in what they called a dead heat, with Smitherman holding a lead within the margin of error. Looking at Ford's convincing win tonight, one must wonder exactly what they were doing when polling. Ford's internal polling showed him with a 9+ point lead heading into the final weekend.

Which leads me to wonder why any pollster is given any semblance of credibility. During the last federal election, Nanos had a close heat between Harper and Dion, and then did an about face on the last night polling could be done. Ekos headed by Frank Graves? Nuff said.

So a deep and heartfelt congratulation to Rb Ford, Mayor of Toronto. Man that sounds good.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dalton McGuinty's Legacy- Ontario The Have-Not Province

Seems Dalton McGuinty still thinks Mike Harris is premier of Ontario. In addressing the Liberal convention McGuinty attacked the record of the previous PC government. Of course one would think that nearing the end of his second term he might instead want to boast about what he has done for the province of Ontario during his tenure as premier. He might not want to go there.

Taxes on everything under the sun, eco fees, scandals such as E-Health and the OLG, utility prices through the roof, seriously affecting the well being of the most vulnerable. Huge job losses, especially the manufacturing sector. Cities and towns being an eyesore due to his ill thought out pesticide ban. Bloated bureaucracy, most recently his payback to the teachers unions with all-day kindergarten. He's screwed Torontonians into the ground by granting extra tax powers to a socialist mayor and city council.

All these things are reason enough to turf McGuinty and his Liberal party packing in the next election. But think of this. All politicians, be it federal, provincial, or municipal, want to be known for some sort of legacy, something they did that left a mark on the people they represented. So come next election, voters should think long and hard what Dalton McGuinty's legacy is as premier of Ontario.

My guess, turning Ontario into a have-not province in less than 7 years. That's quite a legacy. Taking the province that was long regarded as the engine of the Canadian economy, and driving it off the tracks and over a cliff.

Come the next election, remember this. Dalton McGuinty, the Have-Not premier. That should work in nicely with my idea for the next PC slogan for campaign ads.

Dalton McGuinty-HAD ENOUGH!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chronicle Herald: Chretien PMO Manipulated Media And Had Journalists Fired....

With the releases of Lawrence Martin's book Harperland, the usual Harper bashers are all doing their best to give credibility to both the author and what the book alleges about both PM Stephen Harper and the PMO. The latest comes from trash journalist Stephen Maher of the Chronicle Herald, a newspaper that makes the National Enquirer looks like a legitimate news source.

But the part I really enjoy about journalists like Maher is that in trying to aid Lawrence's cause, actually cast quite the cloud over former PM Jean Chretien. The guy the Liberals brag won three majority governments, seems to have been quite the vindictive leader. According to Martin and others, Chretien's PMO placed pressure on various news outlets not to give bad press to things like Shawinigate, with allegations that the then PMO under Chretien had journalists fired from their positions for daring to write on controversies surrounding Chretien.

Of course anyone aware of what happened to the former head of the BDC, Frances Bedouin, and his victory in a lawsuit that claimed he was attacked both financially and emotionally for coming forward with Chretien's involvement in getting a questionable loan for someone wouldn't be surprised by this. I myself can't wait for the Fifth Estate on CBC to run with this story about political interference in the reporting of news to Canadian's (sarcasm on). So without further adieu, here is Lawrence Martin's quote from the Chronicle Herald article written by Stephen Maher.

"Q: In spite of your efforts to balance the book, Harper’s spokesman, Dimitri Soudas, referred to you as a "Big-L Liberal." When you worked at Southam News, as a columnist, I don’t think you were very popular with the Chretien government because of your many columns on the Shawinigate scandal. Did that have anything to do with your departure from Southam?

A: Yes indeed. I got into great trouble with the Liberal hier- archy and the Southam publishers because they went at Shawinigate and related semi-corruption-related stories involving the Chretin government with considerable aggressiveness.

This, as I say, resulted in a lot of difficulty for me, to the point where I was eventually dismissed by the Aspers, who ran Southam. I was told, and many others were told, that pressure was coming from the Chretien PMO on the owners of the papers to get rid of me and to get rid of Russell Mills, publisher of the Ottawa Citizen, who was let go also, because he gave credibility to Shawinigate and those types of stories.'