Friday, July 31, 2009

$500 Reward Offered....Make That $1400...

To anyone who can provide verifiable proof of the person(s) responsible for the fabrication of the Wafergate story that was passed along to the Telegraph-Journal. The $500 will be paid as a donation to Toronto Sick Kids Hospital or the Canadian Cancer Society, or any reputable charity for that matter, in the name of the person providing the information, with the tax receipt issued to that person. All information received will be treated with strict confidence, with the source of the information remaining secret.

Please forward any info to:

Anybody wishing to add to the reward total is free to do so.

Total to date $1400

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wafergate: The Resurrection

Great post as always at Joanne's in regard to today's front page apology to the PM in the Telegraph-Journal. From a previous post at Joanne's there was this:

" And Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc, Roméo’s son and a eulogist at the ceremony celebrating the life of the much-admired politician and former governor general, expressed regret Wednesday that Harper might be in any way criticized in a controversy stemming from the event.

“Mr. Harper made a very generous gesture in coming to Memramcook for my father’s funeral,” said LeBlanc. “His conversations with me and my family there were generous and warm.

“And I know that my father would – as I do – regret that his attendance at the funeral would in any way lead to any embarrassment to him.”

Very classy, Dominic."

Very classy indeed. Which is something that seems to be sorely lacking in Iggy's hand picked strategist Warren Kinsella, as well as Libloggers like Big City Lib. I commented on Joanne's blog that I wondered if Kinsella would act with some rare grace and also follow the papers lead and apologize. He did quite the opposite. Conspiracy theories, strong-arming the Irving family, blah, blah, blah. I guess it's hard for a Liberal not to defend the Irving family, whose private jet and fishing lodge were enjoyed by Liberal cabinet ministers. But let's look at how absolutely idiotic WK and BCL's conspiracy theories are.

1. The PM decided to put something back in the news that was over weeks ago.
2. The government is strong-arming the Irvings so they will take multi-million dollar ship building contracts.
3. The PMO had a hand in the firings of the Irving paper, because the editor added something to the story the journalists never included in the original draft.
4. The opposition can't go along with ship building contracts, something that would greatly benefit employment in the Atlantic provinces, due to the apology.

It's now official, WK has completely lost his edge. Perhaps he spent to much time watching Barney reruns, after using a stuffed doll to bash Stockwell Day for, wait for it, his religious beliefs. Perhaps he is still reeling from insulting the huge Chinese community. Whatever it is, it appears he and his followers such as BCL, have lost touch with reality.

p.s. To the above mentioned, just a heads up. There are no Leprechauns. Just because you saw one on a Lucky Charms box doesn't mean they are real. No unicorns either. Elvis is really dead.Barney is really a dude in a costume. And Michael Ignatieff and your Liberals will lose the next election.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Final Score: CUPE-1 Toronto-0

So it looks like the game of chicken between Mayor David Miller and CUPE has come to an end, with tentative deals both locals are recommending be ratified. And while details have yet to be released, the head of CUPE local 416 had this to say:

"CUPE Local 416 president Mark Ferguson said today that the union fought back all of the concessions the city had sought but one councillor says that if that is true, Mayor David Miller has some explaining to do.

Ferguson wouldn't give specifics of the tentative deal reached with the city early today, but said that the support of his members gave the "bargaining committee the ability to fight back all of the concessions," the city sought."

So to use a hockey analogy, it appears the game went into overtime, with CUPE being victorious with a soft goal through the five-hole on Toronto goalie David Miller. Ironically enough, Miller appeared to be claiming victory despite the fact the 2.5 million viewers from Toronto saw the puck go between the wickets. And rumor has it that the netminder Miller's contract will not be renewed when it completes it's current term.

Some are comparing Miller's performance in net to that of Dave Reece, who was the starting goalie in that record setting night when Toronto Maple Leaf Darryl Sittler scored 10 points, including 6 goals and 4 assists, most coming against the woefully inadequate netminder.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

How To Make Over 11% On Your Investments In Less Than A Year

Just take the advice of your own PM. While their is still volatility in the markets, the surge upwards appears to be continuing, with the TSX now 26 points shy of equalling it's high for the year. For those who heeded the PM's advice, congrats:

Bob Rae: "Stop searching for scapegoats in Sri Lanka"- Blame Harper

On Tuesday the National Post ran an editorial placing some blame on the Liberals for their support of the Tamil Tigers and LTTE,and the resulting loss of life due to the civil war conflict. Today Bob Rae writes a rebuke to the editorial stating there are no scapegoats in Sri Lanka. Problem is Rae quickly dashes any credibility in his counter to the original editorial with this remark:

"The Liberal party stands firmly on a platform of tolerance, freedom and multiculturalism. The Harper approach has done nothing to restore peace and stability in Sri Lanka."

So Rae says to stop looking for a scapegoat, yet still finds the time to lay some blame with the PM and the Conservative Party. Uh, Bob, I think you spell it H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E. what's even odder about Rae's comments is that the original editorial was actually quite favorable to the current Liberal Party, and more notably, Michael Ignatieff:

"But the Liberals let it happen, watched thousands of gallons of blood be spilled halfway around the world without doing anything about it, for no other reason than to elect more Liberals.

Michael Ignatieff represents a break from this cynical Liberal tradition: In the past, he has stood four-square behind victims of Tamil terror. And this year, while the Sri Lankan army was engaged in the necessarily messy job of finishing off the LTTE cowards who were using Tamil civilians as human shields on Sri Lanka's east coast, he refused to exude traditional Chretien/ Martin-era Tiger apologism. Perhaps the latest news will give Mr. Ignatieff occasion to address the Liberals' past sins more explicitly. Given that the man became leader of his party largely on the strength of his international stature as a champion of human rights, Canadians should expect no less. "

Of course all of this is a moot point, as Rae apparently is trying to rewrite history. There are examples of Liberal MP's openly supporting the Tigers, most notably Paul Martin attending a dinner, along with Maria Minna. Just this year Gurbax Malhi, the Liberal MP for Bramalea-Gore-Malton, attended a rally in support of the Tamil Tigers terrorist group,a rally that included LTTE flags waving in the background, and someone blaring on a bullhorn something about the LTTE. Then there is also this:

"Yet so eager were Jean Chretien and Paul Martin to placate the Tamil voting blocks in Scarborough and other urban Liberal strongholds that they refused on numerous occasions to add the Tigers to Canada's list of outlawed terror groups. This made it difficult for police and security services to move against front organizations they felt were acting as money conduits for the Tigers.

Not coincidentally, the investigations that led to last week's raids stepped up just after the Tories kept a promise from the 2005-06 election to ban the Tigers. For their part, Liberal ministers, while in office, often ignored RCMP and CSIS warnings about suspected Tiger-front groups and attended their fund-raisers and community events anyway. Most recently, Borys Wrzesnewskyj, Liberal MP for Etobicoke Centre, and Jim Karygiannis, Liberal for Scarborough-Agincourt, both made speeches at the Canadian memorial service held after the 2007 killing of a senior Tiger commander.

We hear the grumblings all the time from small-c conservatives that the government of Stephen Harper is not different enough from the Liberal governments it replaced. Well, here is one front -- one very crucial front -- on which they are very different: They take national security far more seriously, and are prepared to withstand tremendous pressure from ethnic lobbyists to make Canada safer. This month's raids are the fruits of that vigilance.

Then again, as Rae stated, we need to stop looking for a scapegoat in Sri Lanka. If only he followed his own advice.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Michael Ignatieff Displays Dionesque Timing....

Well, after much speculation about Iggy's whereabouts, it appears he has finally reappeared. Rumors swirled about the missing Liberal leader, ranging from him staying at his villa in France, to being assisting O.J. Simpson find the real killers. Or perhaps he just needed some alone time to get over the death of a pop icon. Regardless, Iggy's timing today adds more credence to him being another Stephane Dion, albeit one who can actually speak english.

Ignatieff chose today to come out with criticism about PM Harper not being serious about EI reforms. The first problem with that is that Ignatieff himself huffed and puffed about forcing a summer election if the PM never capitulated to his demands , then quickly backtracked when his bluff was called. If Dion was the boy who called wolf, Ignatieff appears to be doing more sequels to that than the Halloween movies, with the EI caper being part 6 or 7.

But what makes Ignatieff's remarks today ridiculous is the fact it comes on the heels of the Bank of Canada, Conference Board of Canada, heads of RBC and BMO, among many others, reporting in the last week that Canada has turned the corner on the economic downturn, with the economy now beginning to grow, rather than the predicted contracting, and growth being pegged around 3% next year. With growth comes jobs. House sales up sharply. Auto sales also up. Ford posts a Q2 profit. Does Iggy really want to start crying wolf about forcing an election again, when all economic indicators appear to be heading in the right direction? Of course it's even more boggling that nobody that is a supposed msm journalist thought to ask Iggy about all the great economic news of the last week.

As it stands, it appears the perfect storm is beginning to brew, with Ignatieff and his Liberal Party looking at another election defeat. Recent polls indicate that Canadian's now widely favor a majority government in the next election. Tie that in with a rebounding economy, one that was predicted by both the PM and finance minister. Most Canadian's I talk to are feeling pretty good about themselves and the economy. As the economy worsened, so did Conservative polling numbers. And following that pattern, the momentum has switched back from Ignatieff to Harper in recent months.

It appears Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella was right. Liberal's should have forced an election before the summer recess, and that a growing economy would lead to a resurgent Conservative Party. Which begs the question, why have a supposed top-notch strategist, when you don't take his advice? Perhaps it's because Iggy already had summer plans, which would explain his absence for the last little while. I guess someone from Harvard doesn't think politics and elections should get in the way of a politicians excellent summer adventure.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dalton McGuinty Short-Circuits....

Dalton McGuinty announces that the government will give rebates (read free taxpayers money), from $4000 to $10,000 to consumers who purchase a plug-in electric vehicle. This is just so confusing on a number of fronts. Despite what McGuinty, Gore, Suzuki, Hansen and others preach about carbon emissions warming the planet, the earth's temperature has actually decreased by .74F. So to start with we can throw out the argument that not going electric will be the end of civilization. So let's look at a few problems or myths concerning the need for electrics.

1. The battery life in an electric or hybrid vehicle is 5-7 years. By offering a rebate to bring down the green car cost to that of a regular gas-powered vehicle, we are supposed to think we are lowering emissions. wrong! The nickel in those batteries is mined in Sudbury, causing ghg emissions. The unrefined nickel is then transported to be refined, again causing ghg emissions. Once refined, it is transported to the plant that manufactures the battery, causing more emissions. From there it is sent to the assembly plant, causing even more emissions. Spot the trend here?

2. Let's assume that a gas-powered vehicle and electric have the same life span, 5-7 years. At the end of that time a gas powered vehicle will see most of it's metal recycled. Any idea what to do with those batteries?

3. Electric vehicles might make sense in a warm climate, but somewhere like Canada you might want to have a heater blaring in the winter for warmth. Vehicle accessories require power, meaning a shorter distance can be travelled, or a gas generator can be used. That generator would cause ghg emissions if powered by fuel.

4. Ontario's energy grid has been allowed to degrade for years, so yes, let's add demand to it.

5. Ontario now owns a small portion of GM, which will be producing the Chevy Volt. I'm not sure but I think offering an incentive to buy a product in which the government is part-owner might piss off a few of the other manufacturers, ones that the province hopes to see increase production here. And I can see a complaint being filed to the WTO calling this a subsidy.

6. And this is the BIG ONE. Any product, regardless of what it is, should be able to survive and prosper on it's own merit. This supposed rebate smacks of Big Brother. If any company puts out an electric vehicle, that offers quality, reliability, safety, and is green friendly, then consumers will surely make the decision to purchase said product.

But McGuinty, Gore, and all the others, seem to think ramming all this touchy-feely green crap down our throats is what's best for us, and if it takes taxpayers dollars to do it all the better..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Great News For The Canadian Auto Industry!

In what I hope is sign of good things to come, Chrysler Canada has decided to keep the third shift running at the Windsor mini-van plant:

"Chrysler Canada Inc. has thrown a lifeline to 1,200 Canadian workers – and the beleaguered city of Windsor, Ont. – with a decision Friday to cancel its plans to end a third shift at its minivan plant this summer.

Canadian Auto Workers union president Ken Lewenza said he was contacted by the company Friday with the news that 1,200 workers will not face layoffs at the end of this month as earlier announced. “It's fantastic news,” Mr. Lewenza said in an interview. “It's great news for our members and it's a boost for a city that has the highest unemployment rate in Canada.

Chrysler notified the union in March that it would end the third shift at its minivan plant at the end of July following an annual two-week vacation shutdown this month."

Not only does this save the 1200 Chrysler jobs, it also saves thousands of parts suppliers jobs based in southern Ontario as well, Magna most notably. And it was leaked this week that GM is planning on building the new Cadillac at the Oshawa car plant, which will also save or increase the number of workers there, as well as spin-off jobs.

All in all some great news for Ontario and Canada.

The UFC Versus Gay Pride Parade

With the recent gay pride parade and supposed controversy about the event receiving federal aid, now seems like a great time to debate the merits of holding UFC events in Ontario. I have been on record as supporting funding for the parade as it does deliver a great amount of economic aid and stimulus to both the city, province, and federal government. However, the parade does cause quite a bit of criticism, most which is justified due to some displaying certain body parts that should really be covered in a public event. Of course when ever these complaints are brought forward, the usual suspects. led by David Miller, are quick to bring out the line about how much money the event generates for the city. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty also uses the financial aspect as a way of fending off complaints of lewd public displays and inappropriate behavior.

Which brings me to the debate on why the Ultimate Fighting Championship is still banned in the province. while David Miller has no say in the event being allowed, one would think he would be first in line lobbying for the event to be held. And one might think Dalton McGuinty and his government might be putting forth an argument for allowing the sport to hold events in the province, as the economic benefits are huge. Recent UFC events held in Montreal generated $50 million for the city and province. The UFC wants to hold an event at Rogers Centre, which has a far greater seating capacity of 50,000. The UFC has come a long way since it's early days, when it was rightly considered human cockfighting.

But now the UFC has become probably the most polished sport in North America, with sold-out events and a huge pay-per-view audience. Add in the fact the event would require no taxpayer money, would be held in a private complex, would bring tourists to Toronto, bring in tax dollars, put Toronto on the map with a huge pay TV event, and it seems like a no-brainer. In a city and province struggling, the silence of the politicians speaks volumes. Gay Pride fits their socialist ideology, MMA fighting does not, proving that the funds generated by Gay Pride events are just used as a means of explaining away holding the event. The UFC notes on its website that no fighter has been seriously injured at an event. As pointed out in CTV's article today, "Then again, Canada's national sport has its fair share of blood and hard head hits, and for many Ontario MMA fans, its hard not to point out the hypocrisy. "
And all that garbage generated at the Rogers Centre would be taken care of by private workers.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thankfully the PM Never Attended Michael Jackson's Funeral.....

Because if he did Kinsella would be perusing video of the event to do multiple posts for partisan purposes. I wonder if Iggy thinks using a Canadian statesman's funeral for partisan political gain of the Liberal Party of Canada is divisive.

Perhaps Warren will be doing a post asking for dirt on Father Arthur Bourgeois.

"The priest who delivered the homily at the funeral mass of former governor-general Romeo LeBlanc said Stephen Harper behaved properly when he took part in the communion service last week.
“The Prime Minister did consume the host; he did not put it in his pocket,” said Father Arthur Bourgeois, who had been a friend of Mr. LeBlanc for 30 years."

It appears the Liberal war room might be more aptly named Romper Room.

James Travers Dink of the Month...

OK, it's only the 9th day of the month, but I'm quite confident in bestowing the Dink of the Month award to James Travers of the Toronto Star. During the last week Travers has really kicked his anti-Harper spiel up quite a few notches, with each editorial a little more over the top than the most previous. And today's doesn't disappoint, with Travers stating it's most likely Kevin Page will either resign or be set adrift by the PM because he doesn't like Page's economic predictions:

"OTTAWA—Kevin Page is the sand in Stephen Harper's oyster. Persistently, if without malicious or even mischievous intent, the federal budget officer irritates the Prime Minister while producing pearls for Canadians.

Page is doing it again this week by pointing out in passing that Conservative economic predictions are optimistic and perhaps fanciful. Bad as the news is, it's news the country needs to know and isn't hearing from the ruling party.

Truth in forecasting was rare even when Liberals were just hiding the size of the surplus. But honesty and reality have been strangers here since vanishing during last autumn's no-deficit, no-recession, federal election. They didn't answer the call for Jim Flaherty's crisis-provoking fall fiscal update and were obsolete by the time they made a cameo appearance in the finance minister's budget.

Reliable facts and figures are about the last thing wanted by any government, let alone a minority mired in recession and facing an early encounter with antsy voters. Dependable, if inconvenient, information is precisely what Page has been delivering since last year when Harper made half good on the letter, but not the spirit, of a campaign promise to create an independent budget watchdog. Without that scrutiny Canadians wouldn't know, for example, the runaway cost of the Afghanistan mission or the rosiness of the hue Conservatives put on the dark complexion of job losses."

Reliable facts and figures Mr. Travers? Well, let's look at some of Page's previous predictions shall we.

March 25th, 2009: " Flaherty forecast a deficit of $34 billion this year and $30 billion next year. Page said that MPs should now be planning on deficits of $38 billion this year and $35 billion next year."

November 20th, 2008: "Canada is on course to record "modest" deficits in the next two years and faces the "distinct possibility" of falling into the red this year as well, says a report by Canada's independent parliamentary budget officer.

Kevin Page gave the sobering outlook on Thursday morning in his first fiscal and economic assessment of the country.
The report projects a deficit of $3.9 billion in 2009-10 and $1.4 billion in 2010-11, with a return to modest surpluses of $1.6 billion in 2011-12 and $3 billion in 2012-13."

December 16th, 2008: "Parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page, for example, has said the federal budget deficit could balloon to $14 billion next year."

Interesting, isn't it Mr. Travers? Page went from $3.9 to $14 billion in less than a month. He has changed his predictions as many times as finance ministers around the globe, with each new prediction worse than the previous. So is this what you consider reliable facts and figures? Does Page really mean it this time, that he won't again adjust his projections down, or god forbid, up if the economy continues it's modest rebound. Then again, if you didn't suffer from LJS (lazy journalist syndrome), you might have also noticed some other things Page mentioned. Start with this:

"Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page says Canada is "probably" better placed to deal with an economic recovery than other industrialized countries.

Page said the current economic situation is unusual because all countries are facing a recession.
"Our fundamentals are better for the most part in terms of balance sheets," Page told CTV's Canada AM on Thursday. "Even fiscal balance sheets going in are better so we are probably better placed to deal with recovery going forward."

That's hardly a reason for the PM to want to fire the man. Then again, the details are always in the fine print, something you seem to have overlooked:

"The report acknowledges there is a high degree of uncertainty in estimating potential outputs and budget balances, but comes to the conclusion that the budget "is not structurally balanced over the medium term."

Which makes you Mr. Travers, Dink of the Month.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Warren Kinsella Sinks Another Step Lower.....

Great posts up by Joanne's and ChuckerCanuck about WK's latest pathetic attempt at smearing the PM. What amazes me the most is Kinsella's selective choosing about which religious groups and their followers should be defended. The guy that pulled out a Barney doll to mock Stockwell Day's religious beliefs now paints himself as the savior of catholics, all for partisan reasons.

As Joanne pointed out, his party supports such things as same-sex marriage and the right to choose. As a church going catholic Kinsella knows both of those things are against catholic beliefs. The next time Warren takes holy communion, will he ponder what the church states are it's positions on a number of issues, many that are the polar opposite of what his Liberal Party preaches?

Kinsella has sunk to such a new low I'm not sure even he could dig himself deeper than he has today. And what once used to be a great Liblog, a BC'er in Toronto now seems interested in riding Kinsella's coattails is his partisan quest. It's even more disgusting Kinsella used the funeral of such a great Canadian, Romeo LeBlanc, a Liberal at that, as another attempt at returning the Liberal Party to office.

Looking back to the Liberal sleaze politics under Chretien, it's now apparent that Kinsella wasn't part of it, but rather the architect of it. The PM deserves credit for attending the funeral, which was the right thing to do. And Kinsella has shown just how much he has jumped the shark. Sorry buddy, your best war room days are behind you. You used to be a formidable opponent. Now you just look pathetic and desperate. Maybe it's time to focus on what your own guy is doing, like say $40 pancakes.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Being Conservative Means The Media Always Has You Wrong...

It's become beyond the point of laughable with media coverage of Conservative politics and leadership in Canada, both federally and provincially. With the recent election win of Tim Hudac as the new leader of the PC party of Ontario, the media was quick out of the gate, led by the usual suspect James Travers of the Toronto Star, as saying the party made the wrong decision on choosing their new leader, that Hudac was another Mike Harris. Well, if he is, I would consider that a good thing. Ontario prospered under Harris, who by the way, actually increased health care spending at a faster pace than Dalton McGuinty, even with the federal Liberals under Chretien/Martin slashing transfer payments for health care to the province. The province also saw 500,000 jobs created during Harris tenure. Compare that with McGuinty turning the province into one of have-not status. Also, John Tory was denounced by the media as being McGuinty-lite.

On the whole, criticism of Hudac as the choice of leader might have some merit, except that one need only look at media coverage of other Conservative leaders as an example of the fact that regardless of what is done they will be vilified as being wrong. Take the PM, those same journalists, again led by Travers, have denounced the PM for supposedly abandoning Conservative principles, most notably with the January budget, which Travers himself likes to refer to as a "Liberal budget". So Hudac is the wrong choice because he represents and wants to implement Conservative values. The PM is now the wrong choice because he doesn't encompass Conservative values and has implemented left-wing policies.

Next we can look at Alberta, where Ralph Klein was also vilified for his implementation and leadership in Conservative ideology. Journalists mocked him for cutting spending to get government finances in order, for allowing the oilsands to grow and thereby allow the province to prosper, and by extension, all of Canada. Enter Ed Stelmach, who appears to be be more center-left than center-right. and again, the media throws insults his way, writing daily editorials for his leanings or things he has implemented as premier, with many saying he has abandoned Conservative principles.

So count me as being a little confused. Perhaps Travers and others can explain if it's a good thing or bad for a Conservative to act like one. whether a Conservative leader should be praised or criticised for following Conservative policy. Because right now, they are damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada's Health Care System In Action....

Time for an update on my latest experience with our beloved health care system, the one politicians on the left consider sacred and scream hidden agenda when anyone dares to address problems within the system and offer new ideas to improve delivery and service.

My oldest daughter, 20, has been experiencing pains in her stomach for the last month. Her family doctor has said it's nothing in recent visits, but that will be the subject for a post in the future. This morning at 6 am my daughter phoned crying about pains in her stomach. I called the emerg unit and described what was going on and was advised to go to a walk-in clinic instead. The earliest any clinic here opens is 8 am so we waited and were the first ones there when it opened. After filling out the forms and waiting the doctor finally sees her, and says to take her to emerg.

Get to emerg at 8:30. Nobody in waiting room. This is good I think. By 10:30 waiting room is full, yet nobody, including us has been called in to see doctor. after going to triag nurse and venting (nicest way I can put it), she gets called in. I'm told I can't go with her because there isn't enough space. By 1pm still no sign of her. Between 10:30am and 1pm 4 people have left after tiring of waiting, including one man who scratched his eye at work. 1:45pm I hear a man cursing and swearing demanding to see a doctor. He had arrived at emerg shortly after us and had a dislocated shoulder.

It's now almost 3 in the afternoon. Girl across from me who has been there 4 hours breaks down into tears over the wait, husband not impressed. Another woman questions a nurse as to why she hasn't been called yet. Nurse states she was called twice. Woman's last name is McCullough. The person they called twice was McClinton. Apparently nobody named McClinton was at emerg. Oops. Again I question the status of my daughter, and am told she went for an ultra-sound and just waiting on the results. 2 hours later still waiting. It's now 5 in the afternoon. Go into my own tirade against admin nurse. Am told it's not their fault, only one doctor on duty. I count 11 nurses, 5 chatting and one going around getting take-out food orders for their dinner.

5:30. Daughter comes out crying. Doctor informs her she might need to get her gall bladder removed. Never explained why, what the surgery involves, what the effects on her life would be if it is removed. Advises her to make an appointment to see her family doctor and look into surgery. That's the same family doctor that has stated it was nothing to worry about twice in the last month.

So to recap, 9.5 hours in emerg, no treatment given, advised to see family doctor, might need gall bladder removed, might not. $10 parking. Lost track of how many people left after waiting hours. Patients names messed up, 11 nurses to 1 doctor, do know the nurses are having Texas Burger for dinner.

Canada's health care system in action. I could have sworn Jack Layton told Obama and the Democrats us Canadian's get treated in emerg within 6 minutes on average. wonder if he will pass the above information along to the Democrats in the States.