Thursday, November 12, 2015

CTV Response To My CBSC Complaint Of Craig Oliver Hate Rant Against Harper

Not that I expected anything different. I've advised the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council the response was unacceptable and am seeking their adjudication on the matter:

"I am writing in response to your complaint sent to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC). First I want to thank you for taking the time to share your concerns regarding our Election Night coverage. We want you to know that we take viewer concerns very seriously. In your correspondence you express concern over comments and analysis made by long time broadcaster and political commentator Craig Oliver regarding the defeat of the Conservative government and, more specifically, the role of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper in that defeat.

Our election night coverage was a major live broadcast featuring an anchor, reporters, and commentators, along with a diverse range of specially selected guests from across Canada. We strive to represent not only the country and its many regions, but also to provide as complete a spectrum of political thought and viewpoints as we can. Our guest panelists on the broadcast fulfilled that goal, as we featured current and former MP’s and top officials from the three major parties. Their viewpoints on the election were entirely unscripted, live, and dynamic as election results came in throughout the broadcast. We also looked to our diverse range of commentators that night for insight into what was unfolding and why.

Elections are among the most important stories we cover, affecting our country, our communities and our viewers who trust us to inform them. Craig Oliver was one of those commentators, and was selected to participate in our Election night coverage due to his vast knowledge of the Canadian political scene. Mr. Oliver has covered countless campaigns over the years and has been a fixture on Parliament Hill for decades. He is frequently called on by CTV News for his views on the political story of the day as a commentator – not a reporter. It is a significant difference. As a political commentator, Mr. Oliver is granted the latitude to express his opinions about the Canadian political landscape. Those opinions may sometimes be cheered or jeered by various segments of a wide range of our audience, but they certainly do not come without a life’s work in political journalism as their foundation.

CTV is aware of its responsibilities under the Broadcasting Act and the Television Broadcasting Regulations, 1987 and more specifically, Broadcasting Information Bulletin CRTC 2015-354 which was issued by the CRTC on August 5, 2015 to outline the guidelines governing broadcasters in connection with the 2015 federal general election. We also note that the Commission has recognized that news coverage should generally be left to the editorial judgment of the broadcaster. As well it is fundamental to freedom of expression in a democratic society that broadcasters be allowed to criticize government policies and actions."

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Elections Canada Confirms Kathleen Wynne Expenses Must Be Paid And Claimed By Trudeau Liberals.

Yesterday I filed a complaint with Elections Canada over Kathleen Wynne campaigning for Justin Trudeau and the associated costs. Today alone she attended 4 different Liberal candidate events. She also brings with her staff whose costs must also be claimed by the Federal Liberals and or local ridings.

To their credit, Elections Canada replied , and before even 24 hours after I filed the complaint. They confirmed I was correct and that they were going to refer the complaint to the Commissioner of Canada Elections. They also took it a step further and suggested I file a complaint with the Ontario Ombudsman as well, which I will do in the morning. The following is the text of the email I received from Elections Canada:

 "Expenses related to a person’s involvement in a candidate’s campaign are election expenses and have to be authorized in writing by the candidate’s official agent. Any expense incurred in relation to the campaign has to be reimbursed using the candidate’s campaign funds or should be treated as a contribution from an individual.

The official agent of a candidate is obligated to record these expenses in the electoral campaign return of the candidate which is submitted to Elections Canada no later than four months after election day. In order to understand whether there has been a breach of the Canada Elections Act in this regard; the electoral return of the candidate would have to reviewed to ensure these expenses were included on the return.

However, in the meantime, we will refer this matter to the Commissioner of Canada Elections. You might also want to file a complaint with the Ombudsman for the Ontario government.".

 I would like to thank Elections Canada personally for their swift attention to my complaint.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Debunking That Media Conspiracy of Conservative Pre-Screening Events By The One-Third Media.

 The One-Third media, (I'll explain that in a bit), seems to really be pushing the phony mantra about Conservatives "pre-screening" every person attending a campaign event by the PM. What does that "pre-screening" entail? A simple phone call or stop at the local campaign office to add your name to those attending.

 Now the One-Third Media makes it sound as if you go through some intricate vetting process. Problem is thats as big a lie as Kathleen Wynne saying she will budget the Ontario budget in 2017. And how do I know? Because I've attended campaign events. What protocol did I need to do? I simply called called the office, gave my name and also said can you add my friends name as well. The reply was no problem. When we arrived at the event we were asked our names and went into the room of over 1000 people. That's some pretty serious vetting eh?

 Of course this isn't the narrative you will hear from the One-Third Media. By now you must be wondering what the One-Third Media is. Simply it refers to the Canadian media that answers tough questions of the PM, and deservedly so, while ignoring the shortfalls and scandals involving the leaders of the NDP and Liberals, Thomas Mulclair and Justin Trudeau.

 In the case of Mulclair, the party he leads was found to have improperly used $2.7 million dollars of their House of Commons budget for partisan satellite offices, some of which were in riding's or provinces they don't even hold a seat. Now ask yourself, two weeks into the campaign how many questions have been put to Mulclair about this scandal by the One-Third Media? Try ZERO! There have also been a number of controversial comments made by NDP candidates both publicly and on sites such as Twitter. Not only does the One-Third Media not ask questions about these, they actually go out of their way to try and justify it. Much like the head of the One-Third Media, the taxpayer funded CBC, who actually put together a piece in an attempt to deflect from NDP candidate Linda McQuaig's comments about leaving Alberta oil in the ground.

 And Justin Trudeau? Here's the guy who attempted to plagiarize Barack Obama's comment about building the economy from the heart outward and badly mangled the phrase in the process. This is the guy whose biggest endorsement comes from Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, whose own government is the subject of three and counting police investigations. The latest investigation deals with allegations of bribery in a by-election in Sudbury. That's notable because that's where Trudeau was today. And what riveting questions did the One-Third Media ask him? Did they ask about being endorsed by a premier whose government is under multiple police investigations? Given the allegations of bribery involving Mike Duffy and non-stop media circus did they ask him his thoughts on Wynne's involvement in the Sudbury bribery investigation?

 Nope, today's questions for the man running to be Prime Minister were who is your favorite Avenger from the movie chain. Followed in succession with what is your happiest city. That's some Pulitzer Prize journalism for you.

 Be sure to thank the One-Third Media.

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Destruction of Ontario Healthcareby Liberals. Now It's Personal!

After watching first Dalton McGuinty and now Kathleen Wynne play the voters of Ontario, and more importantly union members for uneducated patsies since 2003, the reality has just clubbed me over the head. My 95 year old mother suffered a stroke last Friday, and the shocking reality of how decimated the Ontario Liberals have transitioned our health care system into in less than 12 years.

 Now this is not directed at the front line workers. The nurses, doctors, and EMS have all been exemplary in the treatment and care of my mother. What's broke is the system, more important;y the Liberal instituted system. Under Mike Harris the board of directors at the local hospital here's salaries counted for 6% of the yearly budget. Today it accounts for 30%. Wanna guess where the cuts have taken place? While the Ajax population has grown leaps and bounds in the last 10 years, McGuinty actually tried to close down the emergency ward, forcing residents to drive to Scarborough for emergency treatment.

 The hospital is badly lacking front line workers. Rooms are a mess. The hospital has cut back on many things that used to be supplied to patients.Are you being discharged today sir? Yes, then don't forget to pay your bill on the way out. If you don't, we'll have collection agencies chase you endlessly. You see, those six-figure salaries paid to our bloated board of directors really add up quick. And there's always another Lib-friendly donor looking for one of those Sunshine List salaries. Parking is $4 per half hour by the way, can I break that $100 bill for you?.

 And to top it all off, nurses are being cut across the province. Word of hospital closures. Cuts to medical services, procedures, medications. Delisting of services covered for decades. And now Wynne is picking a fight with doctors, instead of looking in the mirror at the real culprit for a crashing bankrupt province, headed by a morally deficient Premier whose government is now the subject of four and counting police investigations. Of course the once distinguished OPP is now irreparably tarnished, openly targeting Wynne's main competitor Tim Hudak in the last election with million dollar attack ads. And let's not forget the head of the Ontario Nurses Union, who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on attack ads that kept Wynne's ass in the comfy patronage chair at Queen's Park. Now maybe I'm different, but being a lifelong union member, I'd be more than a little pissed off if my union dues just helped put me out of a job. But I digress.

 It's great to see a premier who puts things like the education of anal sex to sixth graders as a bigger priority than a badly failing healthcare system. A premier who just can't say no to tax increases. service fee increases, while at the same time making cuts and telling us to fear the PC's who might do the same thing. Smokey Thomas had it right. The difference between Tim Hudak and Kathleen Wunne is she will look you right in the eye and lie.

Monday, February 23, 2015

My Letter To The Head Of Elections Ontario.

To; Chief Electoral Officer: Greg Essensa 
Deputy Chief Electoral Officer: Loren A. Wells

CC: Premier Kathleen Wynne, NDP leader Andrea Horwath, Interim PC leader Jim Wilson.
I, as many other people in the province of Ontario, am deeply disturbed by the news there are allegations of bribery thought to have taken place regarding the Ontario Liberal Party and it's appointment of former NDP MP Glenn Thibault as the Liberal candidate and subsequent winner in the ensuing vote. While news of this was troubling, that intensified when it was reported that you have in fact information to believe laws were broken, and that you have in fact sent the file to a federal prosecutor for investigation and the laying of charges against those involved.

 I would like to bring your attention to comments made by the Premier of Ontario on February 19th, 2015 during a media scrum that was televised on most local networks, During that question and answer session the premier fielded questions about the investigation, and stated that members of the opposition parties had approached her with an offer of resigning their seat as a sitting MPP in exchange for a government appointment that would result in a job position. Whether this statement was true in fact or just an attempt by the Premier to deflect away from possible charges and a new scandal involving her government emerging remains to be seen. In another televised interview on February 22th, the Premier again made these same allegations.  I request that you or those acting on your behalf investigate the televised statement made by the Premier, which in and of itself appears to show that violations involving both electoral and criminal law may have been breached.

 As the Premier of Ontario, the highest office held in this province, it is incumbent for the sitting Premier to address these statements made immediately upon request by your office. The Premier's statements have cast a dark cloud on the legislature, and by extension, the credibility and integrity of both the governing Ontario Liberal's and the entire political process.

                                                                      Yours Truly

                                                                       Paul Burling