Sunday, October 28, 2012

Has Glen McGregor Completely Lost It?

Interesting post over at Alberta Aardvark's blog. Seems journalist(?) Glen McGregor has tweeted mocking Conservative MP Ed Fast for having the audacity to wear a poppy so early. Now McGregor ties to dismiss his pathetic tweet, stating he would have done the same had any NDP or Liberal MP been the first person he saw wearing a poppy. McGregor has a picture of Fast wearing the poppy taken from CTV's Question Period on October 28th.

 I guess McGregor missed question period on Friday, October 26th,when many MP's of all parties had poppies on their lapel.

 I patiently await your tweet mocking Megan Leslie of the NDP for wearing a poppy on October 26th. And by the way Glen, the reason the Legion puts the poppies out now is because poppies are the main revenue the Legion has for assisting and supporting our veterans. Ya think they might not have quite the same fundraising numbers if they put them out for the one day?

Monday, October 22, 2012

One Robocall Riding Bites The Dust-Is This Riding Next?

Nice to see that one of the seven ridings being contested by the Council of Canadians over alleged robocalls has been DROPPED. You might remember I did a blog post about a woman in the riding of Nippissing  and what seemed to be a conflict between her sworn affadavit about receiving a robocall and something she had posted on her FACEBOOK page. Tonight I sent off a link to my previous post to the Conservative Party of Canada. I have no idea whether this persons sworn affadavit is legitimate or false, and make no allegations whatsoever. It is interesting however that cell phone records, including the one sent from her Blackberry while in Quebec should be quite easy to produce and either verify or dismiss whether she was in fact at her home when she alleges to have received a misleading robocall.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stephen Harper's Integrity Versus Jean Chretien's: YOU BE THE JUDGE

Jean Chretien: "Only seven months after winning his third term, the Canadian prime minister, Jean Chr├ętien, is planning to vote himself a 42% pay increase, as well as a 20% boost for all members of parliament."

"The bill has a considerable impact on the pensions of MPs and Senators as well. Under the current system, Prime Minister Chr├ętien would have received a pension of about $96,000 a year. Under the new system, the Prime Minister will receive a pension of about $140,000 a year. MPs‘ pensions will also increase – to about $31,500 a year after 8 years of service"

Stephen Harper:"Stephen Harper tightened his own belt this week, voluntarily — and quietly — accepting a pension cut that will likely cost him more than a million dollars.

The prime minister doesn’t need our sympathy. He’ll still have a very comfortable pension, but he deserves credit for showing leadership and finally scraping some of the gold off of MPs’ gilded pension plan. MPs passed a bill on Friday that will see all of them start to pay more for their own retirements, ending a system where they paid just $11,000 a year and could look forward to an average pension of $54,693 a year beginning at age 55".

 It's also worth noting, even though not one journalist nor media source I've seen has mentioned it, is by giving himself that 42% pay increase Chretien's pension also  increased by $44,000 per year.  By voting himself that raise, Chretien has already collected roughly $352,000 more just in the increase in his pension.

So when speaking of integrity, you decide, Chretien or Harper.

Toronto Star On Top Of Allegations Against Former Liberal Cabinet Minister Joe Fontana

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