Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Debunking That Media Conspiracy of Conservative Pre-Screening Events By The One-Third Media.

 The One-Third media, (I'll explain that in a bit), seems to really be pushing the phony mantra about Conservatives "pre-screening" every person attending a campaign event by the PM. What does that "pre-screening" entail? A simple phone call or stop at the local campaign office to add your name to those attending.

 Now the One-Third Media makes it sound as if you go through some intricate vetting process. Problem is thats as big a lie as Kathleen Wynne saying she will budget the Ontario budget in 2017. And how do I know? Because I've attended campaign events. What protocol did I need to do? I simply called called the office, gave my name and also said can you add my friends name as well. The reply was no problem. When we arrived at the event we were asked our names and went into the room of over 1000 people. That's some pretty serious vetting eh?

 Of course this isn't the narrative you will hear from the One-Third Media. By now you must be wondering what the One-Third Media is. Simply it refers to the Canadian media that answers tough questions of the PM, and deservedly so, while ignoring the shortfalls and scandals involving the leaders of the NDP and Liberals, Thomas Mulclair and Justin Trudeau.

 In the case of Mulclair, the party he leads was found to have improperly used $2.7 million dollars of their House of Commons budget for partisan satellite offices, some of which were in riding's or provinces they don't even hold a seat. Now ask yourself, two weeks into the campaign how many questions have been put to Mulclair about this scandal by the One-Third Media? Try ZERO! There have also been a number of controversial comments made by NDP candidates both publicly and on sites such as Twitter. Not only does the One-Third Media not ask questions about these, they actually go out of their way to try and justify it. Much like the head of the One-Third Media, the taxpayer funded CBC, who actually put together a piece in an attempt to deflect from NDP candidate Linda McQuaig's comments about leaving Alberta oil in the ground.

 And Justin Trudeau? Here's the guy who attempted to plagiarize Barack Obama's comment about building the economy from the heart outward and badly mangled the phrase in the process. This is the guy whose biggest endorsement comes from Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, whose own government is the subject of three and counting police investigations. The latest investigation deals with allegations of bribery in a by-election in Sudbury. That's notable because that's where Trudeau was today. And what riveting questions did the One-Third Media ask him? Did they ask about being endorsed by a premier whose government is under multiple police investigations? Given the allegations of bribery involving Mike Duffy and non-stop media circus did they ask him his thoughts on Wynne's involvement in the Sudbury bribery investigation?

 Nope, today's questions for the man running to be Prime Minister were who is your favorite Avenger from the movie chain. Followed in succession with what is your happiest city. That's some Pulitzer Prize journalism for you.

 Be sure to thank the One-Third Media.