Monday, March 31, 2014

Kathleen Wyne's ADSCAM Moment Has Arrived

Just 3 days ago Kathleen Wynne stated Peter Faist had no interaction with the premiers office or Liberal Party of Ontario after being sworn in Feb. 11th of last year.  Now it turns out the individual who the OPP allege may be the person responsible for deleting key information from computers in the premiers office, Peter Faist  has actually been under contract by theLiberal Party until this past weekend. Check out this video : H/T to Kate at SDA

 Now I'm not the richest of guys, but if anyone can send me a picture of Wynne with this guy I'll gladly donate $100 to Sick Kids Hospital. Anyone else wishing to do the same is more than welcome.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

BREAKING!!! New Photos Of Rob Ford With Really Seedy Types Involved In Police Investigation Uncovered!

DISCLAIMER: While neither of the pictured seedy types in the pictures have been criminally charged with anything, it must be noted that both have been questioned in an ongoing police investigation involving conspiracy and vast sums of money. Both are presumed innocent although the details released this week do show allegations involving these individuals are indeed quite serious.