Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014 Ontario Election Proves Hudak PC's Were Not An Effective & Acceptable Change Of Government Option

 With the 2014 election campaign, with dreams of optimism for Ontario's future now relegated to a nightmare set to last 4 more years under the Kathleen Wynne led Liberals, the talking point that governments need an effective opposition is now becoming painfully clear. And in my opinion, not withstanding the 100,000 job cuts debacle from the PC platform, it is the main reason Kathleen Wynne is premier, Tim Hudak has resigned as PC leader, and PC supporters are now focusing on the new future leader, whoever that may be. Stephen Harper ousted the Liberal Party of Chretien/Martin, who had ruled from 1993 through 2006, by making himself and the Conservative Party of Canada look like a party voters could see as ready for office.

 Reflecting back now on both the 2011 and 2014 Ontario elections, I just don't see Tim Hudak and his party ever having put in place this strategy, which I think directly reflects in the final results of the most recent election. The million jobs pln was a nice slogan, but it's not something I would have run on as the main plank in my campaign. Yes, jobs are a hugely important issue. However, in my opinion, the issues Ontario voters have been dealing with since Dalton McGuinty first got into office on a lie of no new taxes is being able to afford to live in the province. Every Ontario taxpayer feels the effects of McGuinty's "Ontario Health Levy". Given that most Ontario voters had just done their income taxes this tax would have been fresh in their minds. But I don't ever remember neither Hudak nor Horwath even give passing mention to this tax, which did absolutely nothing for Ontario health care, instead going into general revenues for Liberal boondoggles like ORNGE, E-Health, OLG, Green Energy scams, etc. The tax takes in roughly $3 billion per year, so McGuinty/Wynne's grand take so far is in excess of $33 billion. And yet somehow they still managed to add nearly $160 billion onto the provinces debt.

 Another issue would be the implementation of the HST. Can't say as I remember any PC press releases mentioning the fact roughly 11 cents of every litre of gas was due to the Liberal HST being added. Given sky-high gas prices, the fact Hudak never attacked Wynne on this leaves my mind boggled and confused. Nor did he hammer home the cost of the HST to taxpayers on their home heating and electricity costs. Promising to remove these taxes would have been far more effective than the 10% reduction in personal income taxes, especially given the fact McGuinty has forever tarnished voters minds of tax promises with his repeated lies. Also, given a 40 day campaign, if he led off Day 1 of the campaign with this promise, and reiterated it every day, chances are almost every Ontario voter would have received either a heating or electricity bill during the 40 days of the campaign, giving them a taste of the virtual reality the HST has on them and their families.

 Finally, the number one issue of the election should have been electricity costs. The 42% increase in electricity costs affects both taxpayers, as well as small, medium, and big business. Given the scandal of the gas plants, the fact the PC war room thought the million jobs plan should be the almost entire focus of the campaign speaks volumes of the incompetence of those crafting election strategy, and the reason I call for every person involved to either resign or be fired.  Given the fact seniors and retirees are greatly feeling the effects of Liberal energy policies more than most, and given the fact they are the most reliable demographic to actually turn out and vote, not making this the focal point is, in my opinion, as stupid as stupid gets.

 So with all I have written here in mind, I've decided I might be ready to actually step into politics, either as a PC nomination candidate in the next Ontario election, or once given the financing rules for the leadership of the PC Party of Ontario. While I would be the longest shot of anyone entering the race for PC leader, I think it would be a worthwhile effort to have my voice heard, as well as many who comment here, on both the future of the party as well as future of the province. And being a lifetime union member, I would welcome any personal attacks by the Working Families Coalition that would result in face to face live debates where I could rather easily show Ontario voters how corrupt the upper echelons of many of the major unions have become.  And also show Ontario voters there is a road back to the prosperity once enjoyed by the former greatest province in Canada.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Campaign Platform Tim Hudak Should Have Ran On....

 With some days now passed since the Epic Fail by the PCPO in the 2014 election, it's glaringly obvious what went wrong, and the reason Kathleen Wynne's Liberals now have majority government. Let me state for the record I think Tim Hudak is a decent guy, but probably not leadership material. There have been many other political leaders who have had distinguished careers, only to feel the wrath of voters as they are unable to appeal to the masses. Preston Manning, Michael Ignatieff, Stockwell Day and Preston Manning are the most recent examples.

Hudak's biggest failure was his 100,000 job cuts mantra. Notice I said cuts? That's because that's what every attack ad stated, regardless if they were to be done through attrition. This was met by candidates and canvassers every day throughout the campaign. At the door, on the phone, via email and text, at local debates, that was what gave Wynne her majority. The other part of the failure was the fact that during a 40-day campaign, Hudak and his war room continued to run this as their main campaign plank. Not really smart politics. When they are bashing you over the head with a bat, why keep giving them a heavier bat?

 In my opinion, this election was easily winnable, with a PC majority a very real possibility. During the campaign I did a BLOG POST in the form of advice to Hudak and the war room that was basically ignored while sticking with the million jobs, 100,000 cuts mantra. I received more positive comments on this one blog post  than any I had ever done in the past, including one of my FIRST BLOGPOSTS way back in 2009 challenging the CAW and their refusal to accept concessions to gain government bail-outs to keep Canadian Chrysler and GM workers jobs from being lost. The pressure put on the CAW made them accept those concessions, saving thousands of Canadian jobs in the process.

 Given the Liberal's record of governing since 2003, there was a virtual Pandora's Box of botched government decisions combined with scandal that should have been enough for the PC campaign team to put together a cohesive and effective platform that would have been a resounding success in voters minds. And here it is:

  • Removal of HST on heating and electricity bills (rather than a 10% personal income tax cut, connects much easier with voters)
  • Elimination of Drive Clean (promised by Hudak and well received by voters)
  • Improving the youth unemployment crisis (which should have been announced hand in hand wth CoT elimination. Instead CoT was another union rallying cry)
  • Slowing of public sector hiring ( sounds a lot nicer than 100,000 job cuts, no?)
  • Convening a round table of the heads of the auto manufacturers together with reps from Unifor on what can be done to get auto sector back to pre 2003 levels. ( takes any attacks from Unifor off the table, and also puts them in the position of either fighting against good paying union jobs or supporting Working Families Coalition)
  • A jobs plan that mentions increase in hiring, noting average yearly jobs created prior to 2003 and the average in 11 years of McGuinty/Wynne. (rather than sticking the 1 million number on it, which might as well have been a bullseye)
  • Highlighting the scandals with the accumulated costs ($7+ billion )
  • Reinstating physiotherapy, eye exams and chiropractor care (in conjunction with a balanced budget, which would have left Wynne vulnerable on two fronts)
 The fact is given the Liberals record of doubled debt and ongoing massive deficits, combined with Ontario voters outraged over sky-high electricity bills and youth unemployment near or at the top of Canada, a narrow direct and focused campaign was all that was needed for victory. Given that fact and the election results, it's time for the PC Party to do a massive purging of those involved in the campaign  platforms of this and the past 4 elections, as mistakes made have not led to lessons learned. Otherwise you might as well get used to Wynne and the Liberals chanting 4 more years all over again in 2018.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

What Kathleen Wynne Giveth, She Taketh Away (or fun with numbers)

 I've had an interesting day today talking with either Liberal, NDP or undecided voters. Needless to say, those voting PC do appear to be much more informed voters than the rest. So let's look at a couple of examples. The first is someone aged 21 who told me I was stupid to vote for Hudak and she was voting Liberal because Kathleen Wynne raised the minimum wage, which she is making. So the first thing I did was point out that if Wynne gets re-elected, that 75 cent an hour raise just dropped 22 cents due to the ORPP pension plan Wynne will implement. So she says she doesn't care as she's still ahead. So I ask if she pays an electricity bill, and she replies yes. That bill is $125 every 2 months, so to make it easy, we'll say $60 per month. Wynne has already announced another 32% increase on electricity bills is coming if re-elected.  So that works out to $19.20 per month. So there goes another 13 cents. That 75 cent an hour raise is now down to 40 cents. But there's more. Wynne has announced she will end the 10% green energy rebate on her electricity bill. Long story short, after I pointed out that raise she got will be eaten up by all of Wynne's new taxes and increases in utilities and services, she'll be lucky to break even. I then point out Hudak will give her a 10% reduction in her income taxes, with no increases anywhere else. Kaching! One new PC voter = 1 ex-Lib voter.

 Case 2. A woman I work with says I'm crazy to vote for Hudak as he's going to eliminate the 30% tuition rebate. I ask how much she gets and she tells me around $800 per year, so $2400 over 4 years. I then ask her annual income, and she replies $54,000, with her husband making a similar amount. So I point out if re-elected Wynne's ORPP will cost her $1080 per year for each of her and her husband, for a total of $2160 per year for infinity, also pointing out again that 32% increase in her electricity bill, which is $300 every two months. Kaching! Two more PC voters who are now ex-Liberal voters.

 We need to get the message out with facts. I've done it , and so can you. Do it now!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

If Liberal Health Minister Deb Matthews Lied About Madi Vanstone's Medication Being Covered, She Needs To Immediately Withdraw As A Candidate

No excuses, no saying you misunderstood, no saying negotiations are ongoing. Nothing, nada, nilch, zero. Madi sent out a tweet this morning that her mother had just gotten off the phone with Vertex, the company who makes the life-saving drug Kayledeco Madi needs to save her lungs from scarring, and her life. The tweet say Madi's mother just got off the phone with Vertex, who informed her no deal nor negotiations were done.

So Deb Matthews needs to explain immediately if a deal has been consummated to ensure Madi's drugs are covered by the province, or whether she did indeed LIE TO SCORE VOTES. If she lied, nothing Kathleen Wynne or Mathews herself could say to justify the absolute lowest gutter politics ever seen.

Monday, June 9, 2014

The List Of What Union Leaders In Ontario Are Endorsing, And It's Pretty Ugly...

 Since the 2003 Ontario provincial election, unions have been spending millions on attack ads always aimed at whoever is the Ontario PC leader of the day. In both the 2011 and now current election, Tim Hudak has been the target of their attacks. Let's be honest, if the pope was leader of the PC's the unions would be attacking him in the same manner. Both Ernie Eaves and John Tory are also victim of these partisan attacks that reflect not what's best for the province of Ontario or the rank and file these union heads represent, but what many allege are backroom deals worked out between the governing Liberal party of Kathleen Wynne and public sector unions who refuse to accept the fiscal situation of both the province and global economy.

 Now in elections past many have cut the unions some slack, as political activism has always been a part of the union movement. However, this election is unlike any other in the history of the province. Multiple police investigations of the governing party ongoing during a campaign are unheard of in Ontario's history. Scandal after scandal, billion after billion of wasted taxpayer money should be enough for any union leader to look at the other parties as viable options to support. Here's the thing, the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals have a record, a horrible, disgusting record for the past 11 years. We've all seen it. In fact during the campaign we have now seen more scandals coming into view. MaRs, Metrolinx, lawsuits with charges of bid rigging to ensure those connected to the Liberals reap billions in contracts.

 With all that said, let's take a look at what the unions are actually endorsing. As I've stated in the past, I'm willing to debate the heads of any of the unions on live tv, unscripted, to debate them on how they can support what has gone on and what will continue to go on under the Liberals and Kathleen Wynne should she be re-elected:

  • Government corruption
  • Government waste
  • Cronyism costing taxpayers billion$
  • Crippling debt and interest payments
  • Cutbacks in front line workers to offset bloated management
  • Higher Taxes
  • Higher Service fees
  • De-listed medical services
  • 300,000+ lost manufacturing jobs
  • Seniors crushed by electricity bills
  • Billion dollar cheques to corporations
  • Hiding of scandals
  • Crumbling infrastructure (11 years more deteriorated)
  • Deaths as a result of policies (ORNGE, C-difficile)
  • Denied medication, surgery for those in need.
None of the above is defensible. In fact, the union leaders who think these things are worth overlooking really speaks as to how unfit they are to be leaders, as is Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal Party of Ontario. When a government is facing allegations of criminal breach of trust, can anyone really justify supporting them? I can't.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ajax-Pickering Liberal MPP Joe Dickson Includes Uniformed Police Officers In Campaign Brochure

Hot on the heels of the OPP(a) debacle of running attack ads against Tim Hudak, comes today's mass mailing from incumbent Liberal MPP for Ajax-Pickering Joe Dickson. Dickson's campaign brochure came in the local Ajax News Advertiser newspaper, meaning almost every house in Ajax would receive it. One major problem though, the campaign literature shows Dickson in a photo with 3 Durham police officers, including the retiring Durham police chief, chief designate, and Durham Regional Police Staff Sergeant. Now I doubt these three officers had any idea Dickson would use this picture in his campaign literature, which puts them in the position of unwittingly violating the Public Servants Act of 2006.  Dickson needs to admit his mistake now, apologize to the three officers, and more importantly, the voters of Ajax-Pickering.

The True Health Care Legacy Of Dalton McGuinty And Kathleen Wynne

You know, every time I hear Kathleen Wynne say Tim Hudak will ruin health care I myself start to feel ill. You see, health care in Ontario already is being ruined, and it's been occurring since 2003, the year the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals came into power. I could mention the fact Mike Harris actually increased health care spending at a faster rate than the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals. I could also inform you that Mike Harris increased health care spending at a time when the Liberal federal government , under then Finance Minister Paul Martin was cutting $25 billion from health care. That would be the same Paul Martin now working on Kathleen Wynne's campaign team. Yep, the former finance minister who made the largest cuts to health care spending in Canadian history is one of Wynne's most trusted campaign advisers.

 But I don't really need to. No mention of anything is necessary to show the utter destruction of Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne on our health care system in Ontario. In fact, cuts to health care under the Liberal government have taken their greatest toll on those who need it most. Seniors, the elderly who have paid their taxes and expected to be properly taken care of by their government. The sad reality is that hasn't happened. And the reason rests solely on the shoulders of Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne. Due to their sheer and utter incompetence in governing this province, due to their  #1 priority being to enrichen those with connections to themselves, rather than the people of Ontario, the people who they swore oath to serve and protect. Throwing billions of dollars around in scandals that put no Ontario voters interest in the forefront, but rather to keep themselves in power at any cost.

 To be 100% certain, the Ontario Liberal Party of Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne have left a legacy to be felt for many years ahead, leaving societies most vulnerable citizens as nothing more than collateral damage in their own thirst for power. And that legacy I'm sad to say, is a legacy seniors will suffer and endure through no fault of their own.

Monday, June 2, 2014

OPP Attack Ads Against Tim Hudak A Violation Of Police Services Act?

I'm not sure, but it sure looks that way. Today something unprecedented happened. A police force, in this case the OPP, began to air political attack ads aimed at PC leader Tim Hudak. There a few things troubling about this story. The first point being the OPP CAO is allegedly a person by the name of Karl Walsh. That would most likely be the same Karl Walsh that ran as a Liberal candidate in the 2011 election?

And the second, even more troubling aspect is the OPP may actually be breaking the POLICE SERVICES ACT. Most notably this section:

"Authorized activities
13.  If authorized to do so by the police services board or chief of police, a municipal police officer may, on behalf of the police force,
(a) express views on any issue, as long as the police officer does not, during an election campaign, express views supporting or opposing,
(i) a candidate in the election or a political party that has nominated a candidate in the election, or
(ii) a position taken by a candidate in the election or by a political party that has nominated a candidate in the election; and
(b) subject to clause (a), attend and participate in a public meeting. O. Reg. 268/10, s. 13.

       It also has the affect of putting the OPP in a conflict-of-interest, or at least the appearance of, given the fact the OPP are currently involved in two separate criminal investigations having some connection to the Liberal Party of Kathleen Wynne.

UPDATE: It appears the OPP have pulled the video, which featured a uniformed officer and OPP cruiser, most likely a result of a violation of the rules posted above.

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