Monday, June 2, 2014

OPP Attack Ads Against Tim Hudak A Violation Of Police Services Act?

I'm not sure, but it sure looks that way. Today something unprecedented happened. A police force, in this case the OPP, began to air political attack ads aimed at PC leader Tim Hudak. There a few things troubling about this story. The first point being the OPP CAO is allegedly a person by the name of Karl Walsh. That would most likely be the same Karl Walsh that ran as a Liberal candidate in the 2011 election?

And the second, even more troubling aspect is the OPP may actually be breaking the POLICE SERVICES ACT. Most notably this section:

"Authorized activities
13.  If authorized to do so by the police services board or chief of police, a municipal police officer may, on behalf of the police force,
(a) express views on any issue, as long as the police officer does not, during an election campaign, express views supporting or opposing,
(i) a candidate in the election or a political party that has nominated a candidate in the election, or
(ii) a position taken by a candidate in the election or by a political party that has nominated a candidate in the election; and
(b) subject to clause (a), attend and participate in a public meeting. O. Reg. 268/10, s. 13.

       It also has the affect of putting the OPP in a conflict-of-interest, or at least the appearance of, given the fact the OPP are currently involved in two separate criminal investigations having some connection to the Liberal Party of Kathleen Wynne.

UPDATE: It appears the OPP have pulled the video, which featured a uniformed officer and OPP cruiser, most likely a result of a violation of the rules posted above.

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Martin said...

I am so shocked I have trouble processing this add. I had assumed such political involvement was illegal, but then in Wynne's Ont who could say that for sure. I also believed in one law for all races and ethnic groups, but that has proven groundless in Ont.

On the wind turbine front, the OPP has shown a marked interference in peaceful, legal demonstrations and a tendency to favour the wind companies over local residents.
It is surely time for a change of government and a complete overhual of the OPP command structure.

Unknown said...

OMG Paul. I hadn't even thought about the current investigation. So, who is going to hold them accountable?

We are the same wave length.

I just watched the Sun video. You did really well. Calm, cool and collected and managed to get your points across.

paulsstuff said...

Thanks Sandy. We didn't get much time as Hudak's campaign stop coverage went longer than expected. Hope to do a repeat with Buzz before election day.

Telling it like it is said...

When it's time to call for an investigation into this MaRs scandal, who will it be. Calling in the O.P.P. Is no longer an option.

paulsstuff said...

Excellent point! There will always be that uncertainty now involving OPP investigating Libs.

Michael said...

Time for the OPP to recuse themselves so we can get the RCMP to take over.

Frances said...

Michael - that's the same RCMP behind the High River gun grab?

Frances said...

Michael - that's the same RCMP behind the High River gun grab?

Unknown said...

People should be very worried when their police forces get involved in the politics that run their country. Don’t these guys study history? What has occurred over and over in history when armed and police forces had a say in politics is the creation of a totalitarian regime!