Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ajax-Pickering Liberal MPP Joe Dickson Includes Uniformed Police Officers In Campaign Brochure

Hot on the heels of the OPP(a) debacle of running attack ads against Tim Hudak, comes today's mass mailing from incumbent Liberal MPP for Ajax-Pickering Joe Dickson. Dickson's campaign brochure came in the local Ajax News Advertiser newspaper, meaning almost every house in Ajax would receive it. One major problem though, the campaign literature shows Dickson in a photo with 3 Durham police officers, including the retiring Durham police chief, chief designate, and Durham Regional Police Staff Sergeant. Now I doubt these three officers had any idea Dickson would use this picture in his campaign literature, which puts them in the position of unwittingly violating the Public Servants Act of 2006.  Dickson needs to admit his mistake now, apologize to the three officers, and more importantly, the voters of Ajax-Pickering.

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