Thursday, June 12, 2014

What Kathleen Wynne Giveth, She Taketh Away (or fun with numbers)

 I've had an interesting day today talking with either Liberal, NDP or undecided voters. Needless to say, those voting PC do appear to be much more informed voters than the rest. So let's look at a couple of examples. The first is someone aged 21 who told me I was stupid to vote for Hudak and she was voting Liberal because Kathleen Wynne raised the minimum wage, which she is making. So the first thing I did was point out that if Wynne gets re-elected, that 75 cent an hour raise just dropped 22 cents due to the ORPP pension plan Wynne will implement. So she says she doesn't care as she's still ahead. So I ask if she pays an electricity bill, and she replies yes. That bill is $125 every 2 months, so to make it easy, we'll say $60 per month. Wynne has already announced another 32% increase on electricity bills is coming if re-elected.  So that works out to $19.20 per month. So there goes another 13 cents. That 75 cent an hour raise is now down to 40 cents. But there's more. Wynne has announced she will end the 10% green energy rebate on her electricity bill. Long story short, after I pointed out that raise she got will be eaten up by all of Wynne's new taxes and increases in utilities and services, she'll be lucky to break even. I then point out Hudak will give her a 10% reduction in her income taxes, with no increases anywhere else. Kaching! One new PC voter = 1 ex-Lib voter.

 Case 2. A woman I work with says I'm crazy to vote for Hudak as he's going to eliminate the 30% tuition rebate. I ask how much she gets and she tells me around $800 per year, so $2400 over 4 years. I then ask her annual income, and she replies $54,000, with her husband making a similar amount. So I point out if re-elected Wynne's ORPP will cost her $1080 per year for each of her and her husband, for a total of $2160 per year for infinity, also pointing out again that 32% increase in her electricity bill, which is $300 every two months. Kaching! Two more PC voters who are now ex-Liberal voters.

 We need to get the message out with facts. I've done it , and so can you. Do it now!


Pissedoff said...

Wynne has won a majority thank to the greedy bastards in the GTA.

paulsstuff said...

Can't wait to see how happy they are when they realize $1000+ per year is coming off their cheques for Wynne's pension ponzi scheme.

Pissedoff said...

And all the PSU layoffs that have to come along with a wage freeze. Smokey was right she was lying.

Laura said...

We've already called our real estate agent to get our house on the market asap. We want to get out of Ontario before the mass exodus hits and house prices plummet.

willge said...

This is 2 out of 3 elections where the PC's have presented a policy point that was used against them successfully. The problem isn't so much the leader that the party chooses, but something more structural.

ajaxbhoy said...

Of course the wild card with any of your examples safe is the job they have moving forward?

ajaxbhoy said...

willge, the playing field is totally uneven already. Between the third party advertising and a left leaning media, getting a decent message out is tough. The economic aspects of the "Million" plan should have been bullet proof. Hudak should never have floated the "right to work" trial balloon...not in Ontario. Finally, while an honest assessment, saying you're going to cut 100,000 jobs just gives ammunition to the other side. They don't have to be truthful, just clinical in the way twist things. That and the blatant lies and dirty tricks employed.

Just Me4 said...

I would move but we are retired and really don't want to pull up roots and leave our family behind. If I were younger I would definitely move. Having said that I think Hudak scared the living .ell out of people with his massive job/spending cuts. He could've won with a more moderate platform.

Martin said...

I might move but my house is hugely devalued by a possible wind plant just down the road. Where I might like to retire to in Ont is the site of a $1B Samsung wind plant already under construction.No where in rural Ont now is safe from rampant wind developers. Chiarelli said last winter only about 20% of his wind factories were in place; get ready for massive new developments.

paulsstuff said...

As Smokey Thomas said, Wynne is lying and cuts are coming. Truth be told cuts have been going on for years. Delisted health care services, cutbacks in nurses, closed emerg rooms, etc. And it's all occurred even with McGuinty/Wynne Liberals increasing government revenues by taxation and service fees.

The health tax and eco-tax total roughly $6 billion by themselves. That $6 billion taken out of consumers pockets is the exact reason Ontario has the worst youth unemployment problem in Canada, to go along with an unemployment rate also above the national average, something unheard of prior to 2003.

tao_taier said...

Federal NDP MP Joe Coemartin, a couple of years ago, supported a $20 minimum wage on one of those cards MP's would send to their constituents.

That is only a $1 MORE than what the provincial communist party of Ontario wanted in this election... Ian Robertson, the "PC Provincial Campaign Manager", entirely dismissed it (TWICE) as a non election issue.

Forfeiting the youth vote once again to the other parties.

It would of made more sense than right to work. EVERYONE is hit by minimum wage cost and don't know it. It's an artificial cost that gets dumped onto consumers. It's a fake wage increase as the hurt it causes outweighs any initial good perceived.

Its not the payout in dollars, but that it is forced onto jobs that don't justify the cost.
So 3 jobs or small tasks become 1 job with a higher workload.
As the saying goes, "many hands make light work".

With no job competition for workers to choose from and too many workers available to compete for the same jobs, makes raises in wage impossible.
Forced minimum wage rates makes jobs even more scarce for those at the bottom. And "busy hands keep the devil at bay".(check youth crime rates)

They need to flip that on its head by removing the price control entirely.

That would create more entry level and mid level jobs that overseer & manage those workers, who can then move up the ladder rather than settle.

I can't even fit the case against it into a single comment.
Not that it can't fit into a neatly packaged sound byte, but that there are so many I wouldn't know where to start or end.
Not even using the best known arguments...

The left can't even defend it. We should of been on the offense attacking it, not the defense over semantics & arbitrary numbers. Which again, no tory ad addressed on behalf of Hudak... thanks for nothing Ian.


They also cut the NICU in Windsor.