Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Toronto Stars Leftist Journalism Rears It's Ugly Head Again

The Toronto Star has an editorial today by Michael Byers ripping the Conservative government for the purchase of the F-35 Jets for our armed forces. I won't even bother linking to the editorial because it's the same old drivel from this guy. You can read it at National Newswatch if so inclined. What I do find a joke is how the Star never gives full disclosure on those doing editorials with political ties that go against the government they are being critical of. Today's editorial is a case in point.

Who is Michael Byers? According to the Star: "Michael Byers holds the Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at the University of British Columbia. He is the author of Intent for a Nation and Who Owns the Arctic?"

But I knew right away who Byers was when I saw the name. Seems the Star never felt this was info that some might find important:

"On July 2, 2008, Byers announced that he was seeking the New Democratic Party nomination for the federal riding of Vancouver Centre, a seat held by Liberal Party of Canada incumbent Hedy Fry since 1993, in the 40th Canadian federal election. At a candidates' debate at the end of September 2008, Byers made the controversial statement that the Alberta tar sands needed to be shut down "to address the global climate crisis". The Liberal and Green candidates claimed that this position contradicted the official NDP platform, while Byers believes that it is covered by the already-passed legislation calling on Canada to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. In the 40th Canadian federal election, he was defeated by the incumbent, coming in third place.

In November 2009, Byers suggested that the Liberal Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party (NDP) "should agree to not run candidates against each other in the next campaign" in electoral ridings in order to prevent the Conservative Party of Canada from forming another minority government.

So the guy was an NDP candidate, pushed for a non-compete agreement between the Liberals and NDP, and is a supporter of the coalition.

Note to the Toronto Star. Some might find that information important when reading a biased editorial in the fairness of full disclosure.