Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Before Liberals Complain About Parliament Being Prorogued As Undemocratic........

Jean Chretien prorogued Parliament four times during his time as Prime Minister: February 5, 1996; September 18, 1999; September 16, 2002; and November 12, 2003.
* On each occasion, the Liberals killed their own legislation. Several bills ended up dying over and over again due to Liberals proroguing Parliament or calling early elections.
* September 16, 2002 – After a summer of Liberal in-fighting and Jean Chretien being forced to announce his planned retirement date in August, Chretien prorogued Parliament, killing legislation so that he could unveil his legacy agenda.
* According [to] Eddie Goldenberg, Chretien decided to have a Throne Speech just to test the will of the Martinite forces who were trying to push him out early: Chretien was happy. “I like that. It is exactly what we just discussed. Prepare me a statement. But just one more thing,” said the old fox. “I want a Throne Speech in the fall. The government will stand or fall on it. If they want to vote against me on it, then it is the one case in which I will run again.” (Eddie Goldenberg, The Way it Works, p. 380)
* November 12, 2003 – Jean Chretien announced that Parliament was prorogued on the eve of the Liberal leadership convention (so Chretien and Martin didn’t have to sit together in the House of Commons and face a dispute over who was Prime Minister). Martin did not become Prime Minister until December 12, 2003 and Parliament did not resume until February 2, 2004 – almost four months later

And by the way, Chretien prorogued Parliament in November, 2003, to avoid having to face the AG's report on what happened with the Liberal Party and Adscam, and thus allowing Paul Martin to answer for what occurred under Chretien's term as PM.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Always Hire A Professional For Your Advertising

So I'm out Xmas shopping last night, and a van drives by with advertising on the sides and windows. Forget the name of the company, but what jumped out was the writing underneath. On the side window it had info on the product or services they offered. Included in said information was The Therapists Choice. Unfortunatly, when doing the lettering the spacing was off between the letters "e" and "r" in therapists, displaying what appeared to read:

The Rapists Choice.

Might wanna spend the extra cash and get that litho work done by someone qualified next time.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

John Bennett Of Sierra Club Latest Caught In Kyoto Lie

Fresh on the heels of Climategate comes Canada's own John Bennett of the Sierra Club. Caught Bennett on CTV news being interviewed about Copenhagen and Kyoto. In sticking with that fine tradition of fudging facts and figures to enhance the climate-change argument, Bennett stated that only Canada failed to meet the targets it agreed to and said it would meet under Kyoto. Right away I knew he was lying.

Now one would think that these climate alarmists might actually realize that google is our friend, and if they insist on lying they will be quickly called on it.
And with that I give you Exhibit "A". The chart to the right
(courtesy of ) shows that a number of countries will miss their Kyoto targets. Of course Bennett also stated that all Kyoto signatories will meet targets while forgetting to point out that of the 189 countries signed onto the pact, only 39 actually had targets to reduce emissions, but we'll save that for a future post.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Heather Mallick Is An Embarrassment To Canadians Donate Now To Kick Her Out

And the CBC actually pays this wingnut with Canadian tax dollars?

Charles Adler's rebuke pretty much nails it.

" But I will be happy to throw in 133 dollars, one loony for every Canadian who has fallen in Afghanistan since our mission began there nearly eight years ago. Every one of those Canadians was proud of this country. All of them and all who came before them, fought for your right to say what you please. In honour of them, I would propose to our government that we launch a Heather Mallick in which Canadians coast to coast to coast contribute money to those Canadians too embarrassed to be called Canadian. Getting them out of the country would be the greatest social program in the history of Confederation. This chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Heather, as of today, you are the quintessential definition of weak. One very weak Canadian."

( )

I'll match Charles $133. In fact, Mallick can choose the destination of her choice, as long as it's a one-way ticket and it takes her outside of Canada's borders for good, and I'll pay for the flight myself.

The Canadian Press Thinks Repeatedly = 2

Just another gleaming example of what journalistic integrity has been reduced too. Check out that headline:

"Red Cross repeatedly warned Canada of Afghan prison abuse: documents"

Now read the first line of the story:

"OTTAWA - The International Red Cross met twice with senior Canadian officials in Kandahar to deliver veiled but insistent warnings about torture in Afghan jails a year before Canada acted to protect detainees."

So in today's math repeatedly means two. And it gets worse. The story states the Red Cross gave dire warnings of torture:

"But the risks were so dire that detainees might be tortured in Afghan jails that the agency felt compelled to alert senior Canadian diplomats and officers in person, say memos made available on a confidential basis to The Canadian Press."

Seems pretty clear cut, right? Nope. It seems a Red Cross spokesperson actually denies the gist of the story, yet the Canadian Press still ran with that headline:

" A spokesman for the International Red Cross played down the face-to-face sessions with Canadian officials.

The agency would "never share confidential information," and the memo and Mendes' comments are "someone's interpretation of the meeting," Bernard Barrett, Red Cross spokesman in Washington, D.C., said in an interview."

Brilliant job by the Canadian Press. Smear the government with a story that actually refutes the headline if one takes the time to read it. You guys must make all journalists so proud.