Sunday, January 30, 2011

Liberal Fundraisers Stating We Are Having A March Election????

It seems the Liberals are really set for a March election. In fact one Liberal fundraiser canvassing on the phone is telling prospective donors the election will be held on the third Tuesday in March.

In fact, a Johnathan Baird of Ottawa, Ontario, a non-Liberal supporter in fact verified he received a call asking for a donation and being told the election was a done deal.

Now I realize that those putting out such information as I myself here am, it is pertinent to make sure the information is factual to protect my credibility.

So I checked things out a little deeper, and sure enough there were others who received similar calls from the Liberal war room. A James Flaherty of Whitby, Ontario, also a non-Liberal supporter, confirmed what Mr. Baird of Ottawa had told me previously.

So what does all this mean? Well, from my point of view, this assures my qualifications to be a journalist or blogger with either the Toronto Star or CBC News. Dont y'all agree?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Education Creates Jobs...

At least so says Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. And he must be right. In fact, through his education he himself was able to get jobs. Problem was those jobs were outside of Canada. Last I checked Harvard was not located in any of Canada's provinces or territories.

Perhaps someone in the Tory war room might actually think thats worth pointing out to both Ignatieff and the msm. And maybe point out it was not that long ago Ignatieff was up in arms about a possible hike in EI premiums. Said it would hurt the economic recovery by forcing employers to pay increased premiums. Apparently wanting to raise corporate tax rates 1.5% won't affect the economy though.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mark Holland's Opinion On Partisan Flyers Paid By Taxpayers....

"Mark Holland, a Liberal MP from a riding east of Toronto who was personally targeted in one of the flyers, launched a formal complaint with the Speaker of the House, saying they contravene Commons bylaws

"That's simply wrong … sending out extremely partisan material," Holland said. "All of these activities, particularly the most recent examples, are in such blatant disregard of the rules. They have to stop."

Liberal MP's Using Office Budget For Campaign Style Pamphlets?

Received from Liberal MP Mark Holland in the mail Friday, a mailing from his Hill office concerning the Liberal family care plan. Looks an awful lot like (pre) campaign literature, paid for by the taxpayer. Here is the telling point of the pamphlet:

"That's why a Liberal government will invest $1 billion a year in a new Family Plan. (in bold font on the mailer). Our plan reflects the real value of family caregivers in our society- their value to our economy, our health, our families, and our communities."

So correct me if I'm wrong, but there is only one way we could have a Liberal government, an election. What this mailer from Holland consists of is taxpayer funded campaigning. Now given all the flack from the likes of Kady O'Malley and the other usual suspects in the msm over the Conservatives using CBC footage in ads paid for by the Conservative Party, I'd like someone to actually find out if these flyers are against house rules for use of the office budget. At the very least, it shows the Liberal Party continues to have it's disdain for Canadian's by abusing taxpayer money for it's own party's benefit even if it falls within guidelines..

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ignatieff And The Star Caught In A Major Lie....

So the Star was quick out of the gate to defend Ignatieff from the new Conservative ads about to be released. Pretty much expected. The l;arger problem for both Ignatieff and The Star is the article contains completely false information. From the Star article:

"After appearing at Toronto’s Harbord Collegiate Institute, Ignatieff denied supporting a coalition against the government, and said Canadians should think about what the Conservatives aren’t saying in the ads. (Liberal support for a coalition to defeat Prime Minister Stephen Harper predated Ignatieff as leader.)

Two problems. Number one, Ignatieff supported the coalition with Dion as leader and then himself when chosen as Dion's replacement. Number two, despite Bob Rae's misleading, no, make that lie, Ignatieff signed the coalition pact. (seee picture above).

"Interim Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said Wednesday he's prepared to vote out the Conservatives and enter into a governing coalition with the NDP if next month's federal budget isn't in the country's best interest.

"I told caucus I will vote non-confidence in this government. I am prepared to enter into a coalition government if that is what the Governor General asks me to do," he said during an Ottawa news conference shortly after the Liberal party's national executive appointed him to replace St├ęphane Dion.

Need more proof?

1. He told Canadians, "I would not exclude making arrangements or agreements...with other parties that will allow me to govern." (Macleans, February 16th, 2009)
2. "Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said he's always been prepared to work with other parties to form a coalition…" (Hill Times, May 17, 2010)
3. Ignatieff told the Canadian Press that he was open to forming a coalition with the NDP but that he would not talk about it until after an election. (Canadian Press, June 6, 2010)