Thursday, November 22, 2012

Durham Liberal Candidate Doesn't Know Where His Vehicle Was Built

 First the guy exploits veterans to try and get votes, and now he pulls a John McCallum trying to score votes with GM workers. Uhh, small problem Grant. That vehicle you are standing in front of looks to be a Pontiac Montana SV6. A 2009 if I'm not mistaken. It wasn't built in Oshawa, or Canada for that matter, but rather Doraville, Georgia. It's also worth pointing out GM dropped the Pontiac brand completely at the end of 2010. Can someone please inform this guy there are several GM vehicles built in Canada he could have done a photo-op with, Buick Regal, Camaro, Malibu, Impala, Equinox (running 3 shifts Grant!), and Cadillac XTS.

 If you wanna get up and proclaim your support for local industry, you might wanna actually have a vehicle produced by them. Sheesh! I'm sure Tim Naumetz  of The Hill Times is already on top of this story and will have an editorial slamming Humes for not driving a Canadian-built vehicle.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Adler takes on Liberal campaign manager over troops sign : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery

Adler takes on Liberal campaign manager over troops sign : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery

Tell The Liberal Candidate In Durham What You Think About Exploiting Veterans

The Liberal candidate in the riding of Durham, Grant Humes, is using veterans in a pathetic attempt to gain votes. Let Mr. Humes know what you think about exploiting the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives for political gain on the FACEBOOK page he has set up. Please keep your comments and language civil.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Liberal Party Of Canada The One To Blame For Veterans Funeral Benefits Being Denied, And The Liberal Candidate Proves It

Good post over at BC Blue, talking about the absolutely despicable attempt by the Liberal candidate in the byelection riding of Durham. While I think the Conservative government should be proactive in addressing the fact many veterans surviving families are denied benefits to assist in funeral and burial costs, it turns out the majority of blame for this travesty rests on the heads of Liberals, namely two guys named Chretien/Martin. And the kicker is I found the information from a LINK provided by the Liberal candidate, Grant Humes.

". The survivor estate exemption was reduced in 1995 from approximately $24,030 to $12,015 as part of Veterans Affairs budget reductions. So this means that a Veteran’s estate if valued at more than $12,000 would not make that person’s surviving spouse eligible for support for a dignified and respectful funeral. This amount is considerably less than the poverty level and has not been adjusted since 1995."

Humes has set up the website,, which actually has more to do with fundraising for himself and nothing to help vets. PM Harper should address this travesty immediately, if he hasn't already. As For Humes, people in glass houses sir!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Toronto Star's Bob Hepburn Proves Journalistic Integrity No Longer Exists

In just another glaring example of how absolutely pathetic journalism has become, the Toronto Star's Bob Hepburn proves we have not hit the bottom of the barrel yet. Hepburn never once mentions any of the sleazy practices during yesterdays U.S. election involving Democrats, but rather tries to smear both Romney and PM Stephen Harper with accusations anyone can disprove with a 10-second google search.

 Here's one gem: "For decades, Harper has been a keen student of U.S. elections, especially when it comes to what his counterparts in the Republican party were plotting. And throughout his political career, Harper has adopted many of the tactics first employed by Republicans, from robocalls and year-round attack ads to calls for tighter voting rules. Until the 2011 federal election, most of these crude efforts to disenfranchise voters in Canada were often hidden or overlooked. But they were in plain sight in 2011.Indeed, Tory robocalls became a major issue in the aftermath of the last election. " " In the U.S. election, robocalls were taken to extremes, with thousands of voters in Florida and elsewhere being told their polling stations would be open on Wednesday, which was not true. In New Jersey, voters were falsely told their polling stations were moved because of last week’s Hurricane Sandy."

 Just one problem Bob. Those robocalls came from the supervisor of elections, not the Republican Party. Matter of fact it was widely reported by almost all the major news organizations in the States, including the Washington Post. Maybe one might look over something like this as an oversight. Someone might also point out to Bobby that a major reason noted for Obama's re-election was the fact the Democrats ran a continual campaign since 2008, including, wait for it Bobby, year-round attack ads. When you include it with the other lies and fabrications you see why Hepburn deserves scorn and ridicule.

 Let's look at one more gem: "Indeed, Tory robocalls became a major issue in the aftermath of the last election. Documents filed just last week in Federal Court allege a company hired by the Tories telephoned voters in numerous ridings about last-minute changes in polling station locations, when in fact there were none. For the record, the Harperites deny any wrongdoing".
Really Bob? What the documents showed, legal documents, sworn statements Bob, was the company doing the calls advised voters their polling station location may have changed and they should make sure they know where to vote. The horrors Bob, the horrors. And p.s., when an actual person calls you, it's not a robocall. By the way Bob, it's a well-known fact all the Canadian political parties rely heavily on robocalls, just ask Frankie V. in Guelph.

 But this has to be the whip cream on top. Seems Bob rips Romney for having the audacity to name Paul Ryan as his running mate. Check this out, and try not to pee your pants: "The best example of that was Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin congressman, as his vice-presidential running mate. Ryan, a hardline white guy, added nothing to the ticket. It was a disastrous choice, given that he could have selected Marco Rubio, a young U.S. senator from Florida with deep roots in the Hispanic community. Some pundits are now saying a big part of why Romney lost was that barely 25 per cent of Hispanics, the fastest growing group in the U.S., voted for him. "Turns out Romney could have been president, if he had only chosen the safe route and picked a token hispanic for his running mate. Of course I'm guessing if Romney had of picked Rubio Hepburn would have been quick out of the gates accusing Romney of exploiting Rubio's ethnicity to become president.

 But hey, don't believe me, read Hepburn's editorial yourself, and ask yourself afterwards, how can this guy actually look at himself in the mirror everyday without puking.