Monday, November 4, 2013

The Broadbent Institue :WHITE PRIVELAGE

"However when white politicians, and even wealthy public figures run into trouble as is evident with Mayor Ford, some journalists are quick to remind each other about not covering family. "

All I can say is WOW!!!

And be sure to check out the tweets at the lower right of the page. Over to you Thomas Mulclair!

The Next Time The Media And Opposition Questions PM Harper's Judgement, Mention The Name Art Eggleton

 With the media and opposition refusing to let go of the senate story, and now all parroting the line about how badly this reflects on the PM's judgement, I've decided to do some blog posts over the next few weeks that should be talking points for Conservatives. These postings will reflect both Jean Chretien and Paul Martin's judgement in both cabinet and senate appointments.

 First up is Liberal senator Art Eggleton. Eggleton was appointed to cabinet by Chretien. "Eggleton was fired from the cabinet in May 2002, after he had hired his former girlfriend to do some research, creating an uproar over non-tendered contracts and conflict-of-interest scandals. The ethics commissioner Howard Wilson ruled that Eggleton had broken the conflict-of-interest rules.(source: Wikipedia). That's right. Chretien's hand picked cabinet minister was found to have broken conflict of interest rules.

 Now the Liberals might argue that when Eggleton's indiscretions came to light, he was removed from cabinet. That's what makes this blog post so juicy. You see, you actually get a 2-fer bringing up Eggleton., Yes, Chretien's judgement must seriously be questioned, but what about former Liberal PM Paul Martin?

 You see, despite Eggleton being dumped from cabinet and being found to have broken rules, Paul Martin still saw fit to appoint him to the senate. He was appointed to the Senate by Paul Martin on March 24, 2005. He is currently the Chair of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, and a member of the Senate Committee on National Finance.

 Now you might cut PM Harper some slack as the conflicts by Wallin, Brazeau and Duffy came after their senate appointments. But what does it say when a Liberal PM appoints someone to the senate despite previous indiscretions that involved taxpayer dollars?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

NDP MP Pat Martin In the House of Commons on February 22nd, 2000 Re The Bronfman Family

"Mr. Speaker, if a working person owes Revenue Canada $100 it will hound the person to the ends of the earth to make him or her pay up. Yet, when the Bronfman family moved $2.2 billion out of the country without paying a nickel in capital gains tax, the federal government did not seem interested. It has not lifted a finger to try to collect as much as $750 million in back taxes that this wealthy family avoided paying, and time is running out. If it does not act soon it will not be able to collect at all.

Thank goodness a private citizen from Winnipeg, George Harris, is taking this matter to court. George speaks for all Canadians when he argues that we could all pay a little less taxes if the extremely wealthy paid their fair share.

Why is the government not trying to collect those taxes from the Bronfman family? Why is it spending a fortune in legal fees trying to make sure that this case is never heard in court?

Best wishes to Winnipegger George Harris in federal court on March 9. George is fighting a fight for tax fairness for all of us."

 Can't wait to see the media question Justin Trudeau's choice as head of Liberal Party fundraising, Stephen Bronfman, of the billionaire Bronfman family. You know, the same media that questioned Stephen Harper choosing Nigel Wright because of his financial wealth?


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Enzo Di Matteo Of NOW: Is This Guy Really That Stupid?

Apparently yes. In another editorial  by a lefty decrying Tim Hudak the big loser in the 5 by-elections, this guy comes up with this proven gem: "It’s a worrisome trend for PC party faithful who thought the gas plant scandal would take them to certain victory in 2011. But here they are two years later still trying to find their way out of the political wilderness. "

Now please allow me to point out the obvious. How were the PC Party faithful thinking the gas plant scandal would take them to victory in the 2011 election when the scandal never surfaced until months and months later, IN THE YEAR 2012 .

 Of course I could mention the PC Party had more total votes than the NDP and third place Liberals, won a seat in Toronto, with the McWynnety Liberals losing 3 of 5 seats that were previously held by cabinet ministers, but really, why bother? Apparently the Liberals have had so many scandals this guy can't even get the year right when this one occurred.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bell Shows Canadians How To Suck And Blow At The Same Time

 You gotta admit it takes some real chutzpah for Bell to take out full page ads in newspapers across Canada whining about the federal governments decision to allow U.S. based cellular giant Verizon to do business in Canada. Much of Bell's argument against the governments decision is based on the fact it will cost Canadian jobs.

 Anyone who has had to deal with Bell customer service won't be surprised by the fact Bell uses cheap labour in such countries as India to reap billions more in profit. So what Bell, those customer service jobs cannot be done by Canadians here in Canada? Friggin pathetic hypocrites.

 Years ago I kicked Bell to the curb as my cellular, internet, home phone and satellite tv provider. Most of that decision was based on the fact whenever I needed customer service my call would be taken from someone in a far away country, reading prompt cards to me with broken and incomprehensible english.

And now when their profits might take a bit of a hit they wrap themselves in the Canadian flag and claim to want to protect Canadian workers? In a way I kinda wish I still had one more Bell service so I could tell them to shove it you know where!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

CBC Applies Different Rules To David Suzuki Than Tom Flanagan?

Seems as though Dr. Suzuki has caused a bit of a stir with comments that “Oh, I think Canada is full too! Although it’s the second largest country in the world, our useful area has been reduced. Our immigration policy is disgusting: We plunder southern countries by depriving them of future leaders, and we want to increase our population to support economic growth. It’s crazy!”

 That's right. One of CBC's own, a lifelong bloodsucker of Canadian taxpayers via our national broadcaster has come out and said Canada "is full" and "our immigration policy is disgusting". Now I'm willing to bet that if anyone with even a passing link to the federal Conservative Party or Ontario PC Party made those same comments the media would be screaming for blood. I wouldn't even be surprised if the Toronto Star went one full day without an ant-Rob Ford story to tell everyone how disgusted and shocked they were by those comments.

 But hey, it's one of their own. So what will the CBC do about Suzuki's horrible comments? Yep, absolutely nothing. Zilch. Nada. In fact CBC dismisses the comments as having nothing to do with Suzuki being an employee of the CBC. The CBC, which broadcasts Suzuki's The Nature of Things, said in a statement: "When David Suzuki made those comments, he was speaking as a private citizen and not on behalf of CBC."

Which kind of jogged my memory. If you remember back to February of this year, former Conservative strategist and sometime CBC analyst made some similar idiotic comments concerning laws regarding people criminally charged for looking at child-porn images. Flanagan's comments, unlike Suzuki's, were quickly given the scorn and disgust they deserved. But here's the rub. Flanagan , like Suzuki, wasn't speaking on behalf of the CBC. In fact he was doing it as a private citizen speaking at a university event.  So what did CBC do about it?

"“In light of recent remarks made by Tom Flanagan at the University of Lethbridge, CBC News has taken the decision to end our association with him as a commentator on Power and Politics,” Jennifer McGuire, CBC News general manager, said in a statement.
“While we support and encourage free speech across the country and a diverse range of voices, we believe Mr. Flanagan’s comments to have crossed the line and impacted his credibility as a commentator for us”.

 Maybe Ezra can find out why CBC has different standards for Suzuki than Flanagan. Either that or CBC believes DR. Fruitfly's words don't affect his or the national broadcasters credibility. You be the judge.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Justin Trudeau Directors Cut (Followup Rob Ford Crack Video)

My buddy Justin Jimmo who made the Rob Ford crack video just made another great video. In this one he spent some more time than the Ford video. Excellent work. Make sure to watch the entire video, especially at the 7:09 mark to see how easy it would be to make Rob Ford appear to be saying things he never actually said, such as Pierre Trudeau is a fag. Enjoy. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kady O'Malley Sucks Paul Wells In....

 Seems as though CBC's Kady O'Malley, in her zest to defend and protect Justin Trudeau, might have been a lttle over the top in passing along information that Paul Wells POINTS TO as some type of uber-hypocrisy about PM Harper slamming Justin Trudeau's comments following the Boston marathon terrorist attack. Just one problem Mr. Wells, err, Ms. O'Malley. OK, I'm confused. You see if Wells actually took the time to look at the CBC video showing the PM's remarks about Trudeau, he would have seen that what he wrote actually is without basis.

You can see the video HERE.

 Go to the 2:15 mark. The PM clearly states that when this type of terrorist attack occurs, leaders should denounce it in the strongest ways. Makes sense to me. Wells, err Kady, tries to make the stretch that a government funding announcment regarding the Kanishka Project made in 2009 points to hypocrisy by the PM. Quick history lesson. When making that announcment, the PM referenced Flight 182, the Air India flight that had a bomb go off in 1985. In fact, Wells, err, Kady actually reinforces this with this quote:

“…the first and most solemn duty of government is to keep its people safe. It took far too long to learn the lessons of Flight 182. One of those lessons is that information is an important tool in the struggle against terrorism. We need to know as much as we can about terrorists, their tactics, and the best solutions to protect people…"

 Now I'm sure, Wells, uh, Kady, you know, might have actually read the minutes of the PM's speech that Wells himself supplies the link to. If she/he did, they surely must have read this:

 "There is an important message that the families asked me to deliver last year and it’s worth repeating now. It is a message to my fellow political leaders of every party and at every level of government. We must denounce violent extremism at every opportunity. And we must also denounce the extremist organizations and individuals who advocate violence and often try to conceal it.".

 Seems to me the PM has been quite consistent in his comments, while Wells/O'Maelley get a failing grade.

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Simple Solution To The Temporary Worker Story

 Lot's in the news about the RBC allegedly using temporary foreign workers to replace Canadian workers. While I think this story is just another faux scandal by the media, most notably the CBC, as the issue is really not abusing the temporary worker program, but rather outsourcing current work outside Canada, something that has been going on back into the early 90's and something the government has no control over, all the Conservative government needs to do is make one simple change to the current system.

 Now I'm sure you are shaking your head thinking there cannot be an easy solution. Well, there is. Any company applying to have temporary foreign workers can only do so if there are no Canadian workers willing or able to do the job. The solution is to simply require any employer seeking an application to use temp foreign workers to post on the government website, the HRDC job bank, an ad for the positions being applied for by the companies to use temp foreign workers. The job posting would be required to be up a minimum of say 20 days, must meet all federal and provincial rules and regulations for Canadian workers, including at least minimum wage for the province or territory the job would be performed.

 In fact, this could be further improved by having those on social assistance or EI somehow worked into the program. I'm guessing this solution is so simple no politician will want to touch it. And by the way, don't you find the opposition parties and media to be incredible hypocrites regarding the RBC story? Why just a month ago they were screaming about how unfair it was that illegal foreign workers were being shown on the show Border Security. Funny that.