Sunday, June 2, 2013

Justin Trudeau Directors Cut (Followup Rob Ford Crack Video)

My buddy Justin Jimmo who made the Rob Ford crack video just made another great video. In this one he spent some more time than the Ford video. Excellent work. Make sure to watch the entire video, especially at the 7:09 mark to see how easy it would be to make Rob Ford appear to be saying things he never actually said, such as Pierre Trudeau is a fag. Enjoy. 

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Telling it like it is said...

I'm shocked that some mischievous Gawker type hasn't taken a Porno scene and edited it to have it play back as Kevin Donavan and Robyn Doolittle as the actors performing in the sex scene. This would really drive home the point to the two of them that the video they saw was fake. Imagine the headlines now. Fox News would probably pick it up.