Thursday, July 11, 2013

CBC Applies Different Rules To David Suzuki Than Tom Flanagan?

Seems as though Dr. Suzuki has caused a bit of a stir with comments that “Oh, I think Canada is full too! Although it’s the second largest country in the world, our useful area has been reduced. Our immigration policy is disgusting: We plunder southern countries by depriving them of future leaders, and we want to increase our population to support economic growth. It’s crazy!”

 That's right. One of CBC's own, a lifelong bloodsucker of Canadian taxpayers via our national broadcaster has come out and said Canada "is full" and "our immigration policy is disgusting". Now I'm willing to bet that if anyone with even a passing link to the federal Conservative Party or Ontario PC Party made those same comments the media would be screaming for blood. I wouldn't even be surprised if the Toronto Star went one full day without an ant-Rob Ford story to tell everyone how disgusted and shocked they were by those comments.

 But hey, it's one of their own. So what will the CBC do about Suzuki's horrible comments? Yep, absolutely nothing. Zilch. Nada. In fact CBC dismisses the comments as having nothing to do with Suzuki being an employee of the CBC. The CBC, which broadcasts Suzuki's The Nature of Things, said in a statement: "When David Suzuki made those comments, he was speaking as a private citizen and not on behalf of CBC."

Which kind of jogged my memory. If you remember back to February of this year, former Conservative strategist and sometime CBC analyst made some similar idiotic comments concerning laws regarding people criminally charged for looking at child-porn images. Flanagan's comments, unlike Suzuki's, were quickly given the scorn and disgust they deserved. But here's the rub. Flanagan , like Suzuki, wasn't speaking on behalf of the CBC. In fact he was doing it as a private citizen speaking at a university event.  So what did CBC do about it?

"“In light of recent remarks made by Tom Flanagan at the University of Lethbridge, CBC News has taken the decision to end our association with him as a commentator on Power and Politics,” Jennifer McGuire, CBC News general manager, said in a statement.
“While we support and encourage free speech across the country and a diverse range of voices, we believe Mr. Flanagan’s comments to have crossed the line and impacted his credibility as a commentator for us”.

 Maybe Ezra can find out why CBC has different standards for Suzuki than Flanagan. Either that or CBC believes DR. Fruitfly's words don't affect his or the national broadcasters credibility. You be the judge.


Pissedoff said...

If Suzuki feels like that why don't he and his Brit wife sell up and get the Eff out.

Frances said...

Excellent post. If Suzuki and clan would reduce their footprint to those of real Canadians, there would be room for lots of immigrants who would contribute to the growth of our country. Unfortunately, all the ones the good Dr wants us to take in would be drains on an already strained welfare system.