Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kady O'Malley Sucks Paul Wells In....

 Seems as though CBC's Kady O'Malley, in her zest to defend and protect Justin Trudeau, might have been a lttle over the top in passing along information that Paul Wells POINTS TO as some type of uber-hypocrisy about PM Harper slamming Justin Trudeau's comments following the Boston marathon terrorist attack. Just one problem Mr. Wells, err, Ms. O'Malley. OK, I'm confused. You see if Wells actually took the time to look at the CBC video showing the PM's remarks about Trudeau, he would have seen that what he wrote actually is without basis.

You can see the video HERE.

 Go to the 2:15 mark. The PM clearly states that when this type of terrorist attack occurs, leaders should denounce it in the strongest ways. Makes sense to me. Wells, err Kady, tries to make the stretch that a government funding announcment regarding the Kanishka Project made in 2009 points to hypocrisy by the PM. Quick history lesson. When making that announcment, the PM referenced Flight 182, the Air India flight that had a bomb go off in 1985. In fact, Wells, err, Kady actually reinforces this with this quote:

“…the first and most solemn duty of government is to keep its people safe. It took far too long to learn the lessons of Flight 182. One of those lessons is that information is an important tool in the struggle against terrorism. We need to know as much as we can about terrorists, their tactics, and the best solutions to protect people…"

 Now I'm sure, Wells, uh, Kady, you know, might have actually read the minutes of the PM's speech that Wells himself supplies the link to. If she/he did, they surely must have read this:

 "There is an important message that the families asked me to deliver last year and it’s worth repeating now. It is a message to my fellow political leaders of every party and at every level of government. We must denounce violent extremism at every opportunity. And we must also denounce the extremist organizations and individuals who advocate violence and often try to conceal it.".

 Seems to me the PM has been quite consistent in his comments, while Wells/O'Maelley get a failing grade.

Friday, April 12, 2013

A Simple Solution To The Temporary Worker Story

 Lot's in the news about the RBC allegedly using temporary foreign workers to replace Canadian workers. While I think this story is just another faux scandal by the media, most notably the CBC, as the issue is really not abusing the temporary worker program, but rather outsourcing current work outside Canada, something that has been going on back into the early 90's and something the government has no control over, all the Conservative government needs to do is make one simple change to the current system.

 Now I'm sure you are shaking your head thinking there cannot be an easy solution. Well, there is. Any company applying to have temporary foreign workers can only do so if there are no Canadian workers willing or able to do the job. The solution is to simply require any employer seeking an application to use temp foreign workers to post on the government website, the HRDC job bank, an ad for the positions being applied for by the companies to use temp foreign workers. The job posting would be required to be up a minimum of say 20 days, must meet all federal and provincial rules and regulations for Canadian workers, including at least minimum wage for the province or territory the job would be performed.

 In fact, this could be further improved by having those on social assistance or EI somehow worked into the program. I'm guessing this solution is so simple no politician will want to touch it. And by the way, don't you find the opposition parties and media to be incredible hypocrites regarding the RBC story? Why just a month ago they were screaming about how unfair it was that illegal foreign workers were being shown on the show Border Security. Funny that.