Sunday, February 26, 2012

Let's Do-Over The 1997 and 2000 Federal Elections

Chretien's Liberals won the 1997 election with a bare majority of 155 seats We know that millions of Adscam dollars were spent in Quebec ridings and never declared with Elections Canada.

We also know there were millions still unaccounted for during the 2000 election.

In the interest of fairness as a Canadian voter and as a partisan I demand both elections be declared do-overs. If after the do-overs my party still isn't victorious I demand more do-overs for some faux reasons I'll come up with when necessary.

(Note:Sarcasm On!)


frmgrl said...

Good one paulsstuff! What's good for the goose is good for the gander! lol

Anonymous said...

Robo calling not allowed. Hypnotizing group thinkers watching CBC is on.

Anonymous said...

It is pathetic that people think the wrongs in the past give them the right to justify the wrongs that have taken place in the robocalls.

Two wrongs do not make a right.

This Government got elected on fairness and transparency, if there ever was a time for transparency this is it!

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing voice of reason and information sir. Your blog is the best kept secret of Conservative blogs if you ask me!

Just straight facts without the whines or victimization we get too used to.

I visit when I can and I'm always glad I did Paul. Well done!.


bertie said...

I vote to redo the 1997 election.Bring it on.Down with the Chretins..NO GST go SENS GO

Anonymous said...

Just the straight facts!?! Sure you don't mean just the straight up lies and propaganda brought to you by the current government?

Anonymous said...

What about Airbus?
That definitely cost the election and destroyed the PC party, all based on a fabrication by the Liberal front..CBC.

Anonymous said...

As I posted elsewhere ...
Greg Layson, Mercury staff Mon May 02 2011
“Voters receive hoax calls about changes to polling stations
… One variation of the call comes from a live operator who then, if asked for a phone number, offers the number for the campaign office of Conservative candidate Marty Burke. The other call, which seems to be more prevalent, is a message recorded in English and French. It also comes complete with what turns out to be an out-of-service 1-800 number. …
Burke’s campaign was the first to respond to the bogus calls.
“Today, many of our supporters have received misleading phone calls regarding voting in the General Election. This group is telling them that their polling location has changed. This is absolutely false, and has no place in the democratic process,” Burke’s director of communications Michael Sona wrote in an email. “We hope that the perpetrators of these unethical actions will cease these tactics immediately.”
Notice the date of the above report: May 2, 2011

If this was such a machiavellian plan to suppress the vote, why would the calls openly direct people to the Conservative candidate's office? Maybe the Conservative was mentioned on purpose, to frame the Conservatives by suggesting the calls were coming from him.
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

A similar thing was reported about a call in Joe Volpe's riding, featured in a NP article (I already mentioned it in another thread here)

«Then, on the afternoon of April 11, a phone in Volpe’s own campaign phone bank rang. Volunteer Marsha Sands described the call in an affidavit.

“I picked it up and said hello several times. No voice responded but I could hear voices in the background. I then said, ‘Hello, speak please. You’ve called me.’

“A female voice, soft and young-sounding, said, ‘Are you going to vote for Joe Volpe in the up and coming election?’ I responded, ‘Who are you? Where are you calling from?’ several times.

“The caller said, ‘The Conservatives.’ I said ‘What? Who are you?’ Response: ‘Um, we are conducting a survey.’
The caller asked if Sands would like a Volpe lawn sign and hung up when Sands pressed her to identify herself. Sands said she could hear muffled coaching and other voices in the background.»

"The Conservatives" Not the "Conservative Party". Not the "Conservative Party of Canada". Just "The Conservatives".
How machiavellian, eh?
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

Read a paper people. These "robo call" companies have pointed fingers now. They admit to being pay by conservatives to read a script provided by the party in question. It seems so black and white, take your blinders off and look at the facts before you decide your party did nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

If it was only the last election, that the conservative party defrauded the Canadian public, then we should just ignore it, right? And somehow the past actions of a different party, should give the conservatives Carte Blanche to lie and cheat now? Of course, I forgot that's how democracy worked.
All these robo call companies are giving up the ghost now. And they are all pointing the fingers at the conservatives it seems.
This has nothing to do with one party losing voters, or another party (NDP) gaining them. It is not about past sins of ANY party (and really, there are so many) It has to do only with lies, scams and illegal defrauding of the public.
You all attack the liberals, mostly I'm sure, because they were your only reasonable opponent before. Time to open your Blindfolded eyes and realize that the liberals are te least of your worries.

Jason Cherniak said...

Actually, the Liberal Party long-ago repaid all the money that was found to have ended up in Liberal coffers. Nothing is "unknown" that I'm aware of. Do you have proof?

Amy said...

My question is simple. You claim to be a conservative blogger, so why are most of your post about liberals. They are not your biggest threat anymore. Know your enemy to know yourself, and yours is not liberal. And more so, although I understand you are just following suit with the conservatives, with all the other party slagging and what not, but what i want to know is, do the conservatives just not do anything good to talk about? If you look at anyone from another party, they are proud of what their party does. Conservatives seem to be the only ones who are not, an instead point how the problems with the other parties instead.
If they stopped the name calling, and finger pointing, maybe they could try to do some good instead.

Anonymous said...

"Actually, the Liberal Party long-ago repaid all the money that was found to have ended up in Liberal coffers."

Not quite.
Gomery by the numbers
CBC News Online | June 7, 2005
$150 million
Amount that went in commissions to ad agencies, often for no work”
“On May 11, 2006, Montreal's La Presse reported that the Government of Canada will file a lawsuit against the Liberal Party to recover all the money missing in the sponsorship program. Scott Brison told reporters that same day that the Liberals has already paid back the $1.14 million into the public purse, however the Conservatives believe that there is as much as $40 million unaccounted for in the sponsorship program.”
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

And for Amy @ 12:11:00 PM PST:
An explanation may be that we conservatives are constantly having to fight back, rebutting and countering the constant attacks and scandale du jour thrown our way by the opposition parties and their media allies.

But you may wish to consult two webpages where a conservative blogger has compiled a list of the Harper Government accomplishments:
-- Gabby in QC

Amy said...

It has nothing to do with fighting back. They are constantly attacking the other parties. As does this blogger. Liberals are in the titles of most of his posts. In Canada we have the right to say what we want, and it's up to us to do what we will with that. Meaning we need to learn to censor ourselves or not, pending on whats appropriate. But the negative trash talk needs to stop. It only makes the conservative followers look ignorant, and instead they resort to playground like name calling. It's incomprehensible to me, and to so many other Canadians.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the investigation of the Vikki leak Twitter acct was by a Liberal Staffer Adam Carol. He's on the Liberal parties research staff. Bob Rae was informed by this and after getting caught he apologized in the HOC and did a scrum in french.
CBC is still drumming this election story..1 week and counting.The fact it was the Liberals will be covered up.

Anonymous said...

Oh please. You people and your stupid drivel. You are wholly wrong about this. He did not "get caught", but instead a private investigation that the liberals themselves did, found that the information that was leaked, came from a staffer. They then informed the rest of parliament, and apologized. The responsible INDIVIDUAL has been removed, and will be dealt with accordingly. Had this been a conservative staffer, we still wouldn't know about it, and he probably would have had been direct to do it, and funded with public funds. The liberals acted in the exactly correct way.

paulsstuff said...

"Read a paper people. These "robo call" companies have pointed fingers now. They admit to being pay by conservatives to read a script provided by the party in question. It seems so black and white, take your blinders off and look at the facts before you decide your party did nothing wrong."

That facts been long known. Why? Because all the parties use these companies during campaigns and give scripts to use. Did you read the paper? The part where the robocall companies employees admit changing the script themselves even though they weren't supposed to.

I received a robocall in April 2011 withwrong polling booth location. I'll sign an affadavit to that effect. I'll give Elections Canada permission to get my phone records.

How's that suit ya?

Anonymous said...

"He did not "get caught", but instead a private investigation that the liberals themselves did ..."

You may want to revise your statement. I'll listen again to Bob Rae's scrum to verify on ce it becomes available, but I'm pretty sure Rae said he was contacted by the House Clerk's office and told about the Liberal staffer's wrongdoing. In other words, it was the House Cleck's office that uncovered the wrongdoing.

And you provide a perfect example of what conservatives have to put up with:
"You people and your stupid drivel."
That is the usual condescending POV liberal supporters have of their opponents.
-- Gabby in QC