Saturday, February 25, 2012

Voter Suppression Is Why The Liberals Lost The Last Three Elections...

Of course it never had anything to do with Curly, Larry, or Moe. Nor will it have anything to do with Shemp in the next election.


Anonymous said...

Yup them dastardly Cons sent the faithful Liberals on a wild goose chase.
They ran out of the popcorn they were using to mark their backtrail,
actually the puffin birds ate it.
They ain't been seen or made a contribution to the Liberals since since.
Rumor has it the Harperites have secreted them all to a gulag deep in the Artic.
Cheers Bubba
Hey we can make up s**t too. to the radio said...

That's all they have is voter suppression?
If Liberal voters are too lazy to read their enumeration cards which clearly spell out the location of their polling station they deserve what they get.
And if they can be misdirected or demoralized by a robocall are they lucid enough to exercise their franchise?

Bec said...

Am I out to lunch in my recollection as a Scrutineer that voters brought along their voting station cards from EC? They were collected as id was shown.

I just find this Robocall thing beyond ludicrous.We had people at the wrong polling station and they left and went to the correct one.No biggie.
That is not excusing the doorknob that allegedly caused this drama but sheesh, if people want to vote, they WILL find a way.
Perhaps it's simply in the progressives DNA, laziness.

Martin said...

If like the Liberals, you lose 23% of your seats 3 consecutive elections, then accelerate this to 50%, sooner or later you are going to run out of support. If this trend continues, and given the state of denial of Bob Rae and others it may, after the 2015 contest they will not qualify for party status.

Louise M. said...

Seeing Dion's picture reminded me of the Liberal leaders' convention where Dion said "Liberals, we need to go back to power as soon as possible". Fast forward to Rae blustering about "a Nixonian" moment in Canadian politics. Is there any doubt that the Liberals will go to any lengths to portray the Conservative Government as illegitimate in the eyes of Canadians? Hungry for power at any cost. They will not let go of this until the investigation is completed.