Saturday, February 25, 2012

There Were Election Canada Violations In The Guelph Riding, By The Liberals

You remember, the one where they had an advance poll for students, not approved by Elections Canada, who allowed the votes to count anyways. There were allegations of Liberal campaign literature at the campus polling station. In fact I posted the photos seen here on my blog at the time. I also forwarded the pictures to Elections Canada. The one picture shows a person handing out campaign literature to people waiting in line to vote. The picture on top,you can actually read the Liberal candidates name on the pamphlet that was being handed out. (right-click, save picture, then enlarge) Elections Canada response? No big deal. Rules were violated. Never affected the outcome.


Anonymous said...

Please for the love of God, can you not see that voter suppression done by anyone is wrong?

How many times do we hear people say that you should go out and vote, young men gave their lives to give you the freedom to do so.

Quit making excuses for the party you support, (BTW I voted for Tories in last election) and demand that they find out who is at the bottom of this. Impersonating Election Canada is highly illegal, if someone in the party did that they have tainted the party, they need to be punished for it!

Anonymous said...

Even though my forte is not math or interpreting statistics, I've been looking at the results in the ridings named in the National Post story I linked to in the previous thread:
I did not go back further than 2000, since the PCs and the Alliance had not yet merged.

In Guelph, these were the results:
Lib Brenda Chamberlain held the riding prior to Frank Valeriote. Highest % of popular vote in 2000, with 48.19% of the popular vote going to the Libs. The last percentage refers to the % change from the previous election.
2000: Liberal 26,440 votes 48.19% +0.46%
2004: Liberal 23,442 votes 44.61% -3.58%
2006: Liberal 23,662 votes 38.39% -6.22%
2008: Liberal 18,974 votes 32.22% -6.17% won by Liberal Frank Valeriote
2011: Liberal 25,574 votes 43.37% +11.15% won by Liberal Frank Valeriote.

How can the opposition and the media accuse the Conservatives of "stealing" the election when
1. The Liberal vote kept decreasing in most ridings starting in 2000.
2. The alleged robocalls purportedly orchestrated by the big mean Conservative machine were quite unsuccessful, at least in Valeriote's case, since the % of the popular vote he got in 2011 actually increased from the one he got in 2008.

I'm still plodding through those results and I may post them all together once I finish.
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 1:41:00 PM PST, I completely agree with you that whoever actually impersonated Elections Canada needs to be punished, be the person a conservative or not.

But I want PROOF. I don't want the opposition and their media allies telling me without hard evidence it was probably the Conservative Party just because they happen to have used the services of a particular company.

If you voted for the Conservatives you must recall the little game played by some activists in Copenhagen, during the Climate Change talks
And that was not the only time:

What's to say an even more sinister game inculpating the Conservatives wasn't also played during the election, with opponents of the Conservatives posing as Conservatives or EC personnel? Again, pure speculation on my part. But before I start condemning my party, I want to see proof. Telling me that a few people got crank calls and connecting those calls to the Conservative Party is not proof, in my books.
-- Gabby in QC

bertie said...

Any Canadian old or young who does not know where to vote,should not be allowed to vote.If they are that stupid that they can be persuaded by someone on the phone who they do not know,they don,t deserve to get a vote.Old or not,this advice should be given to them by by their relatives or a friend,not some stranger on a phone.TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS IN LIFE and quit blaming the system.

paulsstuff said...

Anon @1:41. I agree anyone involved with the alleged voter supression should charged, convicted, and penalized.

But I notice you missed the entire point I was making. Elections Canada completely blew off this incident, despite the fact there were pictures and documntation to prove there was Liberal campaign literature at a polling station, a polling station not even approved by EC.

Please give me your opinion on that.

paulsstuff said...

Great info Gabby. Thanks

Pissedoff said...

My opinion is and always has been, EC is an arm of the liberal party, and I cannot understand why Harper hasn't cleaned them out along with the CBC.

Anonymous said...

David Akin beat me to it. He's got a list of 27 ridings that claim to have received "harassing" calls, with winners, losers, results of the election, etc.

-- Gabby in QC

paulsstuff said...

Thanks Gabby, I'll check it out.

Candace said...

Yes, but Akins ALSO considers a GOTV call to be "funny" so don't just take his word for it.