Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why Won't The Media Ask PBO Kevin Page What Changed In Five Months?

Kevin Page September 29th, 2011: "“The fiscal structure at the federal and provincial-territorial level is not sustainable over the long term,” the report states. “Population aging will put downward pressure on revenues, as growth in economic activity, and therefore the tax base, slows. At the same time, aging will put upward pressure on programs whose benefits are mostly realized by Canadians in older age groups.”

Kevin Page February 2012: "In fact, not only is the OAS sustainable, but Ottawa has room to sweeten benefits.

"PBO's updated long-term debt-to-GDP (gross domestic product) show that the federal fiscal structure is sustainable even under the baseline assumption that there is some additional enrichment to elderly benefit payments," the report states.

"This indicates that... the federal government could reduce revenue, increase program spending or some combination of both ... while maintaining fiscal sustainability."

So is the federal fiscal structure sustainable or not Mr. Page? It seems you may have painted yourself into a corner by trying to act as official opposition rather than the mandate of your position and office. And nary a peep from any of the msm. Sheesh


Anonymous said...

Do you really expect Loyd, Pete, Craig or Evan to hack, hack, ask that question.
Official Media Party where there are no questions that might embarrass the socialist, Librano meme.
These are the same people that wet their panties whenever Third place, temporary Bob, runs up to a microphone to shake his old head and babblegaff another "faux crisis". Video at 6:00!
Bob Rae is a bigger camera hog than Madonna and almost as old.

Maybe we just ask Mr Page to run for the NDPQ-F+Liberal Party.
Must be awful that Canada is doing so well and HMPM Harper is doing a good job and getting so much respect on the world scene.

Ed the Hun said...

But why would he run? This way he makes a HUGE salary and can make his off-the-mark assessments from the peanut gallery (with impunity).

What I would do is start measuring his office's performance (performance measures anyone?) and as he misses his mark, the government could actually hold him accountable.

I mean what good is a budget officer, if he can't hit the mark. If nothing else it will force him to be more focused in his targets.

wilson said...

Well then, if we are in good shape to fund huge entitlement programs 20 years out,
then by extension, those jets and jails and GST cuts and corpt tax cuts are affordable too, eh.

That structural deficit is gone too Mr Page? Amazing how the Harper Govt did that while wrestling with a global economic meltdown, and critics (including Page)screaming about the billions the new crime bills would cost, just amazing ....

maryT said...

Hope his budget is cut severly. When is his term up, any bets he will be re-appointed.

Gerald said...

When you see them bunch of leftards on Question Period today having a chummy talk with this Page,it was really awful.They didn't question him at all about the times he was wrong in his so called calculations.It was like a love in.I know how much most of the so-called media are jealous of and hate PM Harper,but the program is supposed to be about what happened in politics during the week,but every week it's all about that dictator Harper.We would be better off having no media at all,than to have them bunch.Ditchburn seems like a frustrated female,and if she is married then her husband or female partner should begin giving her some loving.