Thursday, February 23, 2012

Another Nail In Ontario's Coffin

Massive debt and deficits. Manufacturing jobs being lost every day. Skyrocketing electricity bills. A looming debt downgrade. The list goes on and on. So one would think these should be the most pressing issues for the Liberals, PC's, and NDP to deal with, no? NO!

"Ontario’s prohibition on pit bulls is unreasonable, unworkable and unfair, members of all parties in the Legislature said Thursday as they passed a private member’s bill urging the Liberals to lift the breed-specific ban.

Progressive Conservative Randy Hillier, who owns two dogs he said could be seized and destroyed under the Dog Owner’s Liability Act, said the ban was introduced because of what he called a very few high profile dog attacks, mostly in the Toronto area.
“It was clear to everyone that the government of the day felt significant pressure to be seen to be doing something regardless if it was doing the right thing,” Hillier told the Legislature.

“Good public policy is driven by the interests of our constituents, by science and by evidence, not by media hysteria, nor bold headlines and slogans.”
Pit bulls aren’t really an identifiable breed, added Hillier, so the law only provides a physical description of dogs, which he said could be applied to many breeds.

The vague description of pit bulls in the legislation — which speaks of broad shoulders, short hair and a wide forehead — would apply to most of the male members of the Legislature, said New Democrat Cheri DiNovo, a co-sponsor of Hillier’s bill.

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Anonymous said...

i live in the High Park parkdale area with DeNovo as my MPP.
i had an issue over my ID to get my health card re4placed and to apply for Workfare while a legal and Health problem kept me from working.
I sent Cheri a detailed email of my problem and needed help...i got a typical Form-letter style repsonse that i was important and should drop by to go over any issues i have.
Later I ended up homeless and still sick, i finally got help as a homelss person and now have a place to live for the time being, BUT...Cheri was obessed with Trans-gender Rights to use washrooms during the change from man to female, then Cheri had the Pit-bull fight and now got a expensing dog-park gated zone on Keele Street to unleash dogs and yet as a human i ened up homeless with no money for Meds and then in a Hospital.

Thank you very much NDP and Cheri, i now rank just under dogs and men that wan tto use women's washrooms as a Charter Right.
i sent her a letter prior to being homeless and i hope it sunk in that Humans are worth nmore than dogs, but she it pro-Abortion and has stayed mute on the Gender-cide abortions so ...nough said aboout he Church she belongs to.