Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another Conservative Who Received A Robocall

As I've posted previously here and on other blogs, I myself received a robocall with incorrect polling booth information prior to the May 2011 election. The automated call stated I was to vote at a school in the Westney/Rossland area of Ajax, a few miles from my home. The actual voting location, the one listed on my voter card from Elections Canada stated my polling location was at a school right behind my house, one I could see from my back yard.

I never thought anything sinister of the call, never dawned on me it might be a dirty trick from an opposition party, just a case of someone making an error. In light of the fact the opposition parties and media seem to accept people's statements about receiving these calls almost a year after the election, with Bob Rae and Pat Martin saying they have sworn affidavits, I myself have no problem signing a sworn affidavit for Elections Canada to look at and investigate.

In fact I'll also provide them again the picture taken at the Guelph University advanced polling showing Liberal campaign literature being handed out at the door. I'll also ask for a better explanation why complaints made to EC in the 2008 election concerning Conservative pamphlets being removed from apartment lobbies and replaced with an opposition parties literature never warranted any penalty.


Sandy said...

The key is that the voice on the robocall must have claimed to be from EC. I assume yours did.

What I found fascinating was a Tweet I got from @mapleleafer1985 that said if my blog didn't sound like an angry Conservative, I would be more believable.

So, I asked him in a reply why it was that angry Liberals were more believable?

Anger has nothing to do with anything. We are saying we would sign affidavits.

How would our affidavits be any less valid than one signed by a Liberal?

Well, as we will no doubt find out in due course, ours will be just as valid.

Joe said...

I live in Edmonton Centre and I would love to have an inquiry into the robo-ballot boxes that got Landslide Anne back in parliament. I suppose it would be nice to find all those robo-voters that voted in Edmonton Centre and Edmonton Southwest where they actually lived.

bertie said...

If I had received such a robo call,the first thing I would have done was check my card and then call elections Canada.Anyone who is fool enough to follow instructions from someone unknown on a phone shouldn't be voting anyway.The second thing is,I wouldn't be telling anyone about going to the wrong polling station and showing everyone how stupid I was.

Anonymous said...

why would anyone go anywhere to vote other than the location ststed on their voter card? i would not pay any attention to any phone call especially if i had voted at the same place in the past and was familiar with polling places in my city. like any robo call they are to be ignored.

dmorris said...

I'm beginning to this the "robocalling" IS an election dirty trick, but one played by a Bob Rae supporter,not a Harper supporter.

The phone records can be traced very quickly,full records can be produced within days,the cops do it frequently in drug cases.

Yet not a word has been said about call tracing by the RCMP or Elections Canada. Could it be that both those Liberal agencies are covering up their findings and trying to obscure the facts so that more damage can be done to the Conservatives?

CBC and the other media outlets have ALL implied that only non-Conservative voters received the calls.

This whole thing reeks of another Liberal plot to bash the Conservatives.

Fred from BC said...

dmorris said...

I'm beginning to this the "robocalling" IS an election dirty trick, but one played by a Bob Rae supporter,not a Harper supporter.

Agreed. It's just too pat, too convenient...and not at all a smart, effective tactic (win *or* lose, you're getting caught).

Patsplace said...

I too got a call telling me where to go to vote. My call was from Elections Canada and I didn't pay much attention to it as I knew where to go and it wasn't where she was suggesting. I didn't pay any attention to it until this nonsense came up.

Mark said...

Do you happen to know what the number was? If so, can you post it?