Friday, May 22, 2009

Warren Kinsella Backs Up Conservative Claims About Ignatieff's Absence From Canada

Gotta hand it to Warren. He seems to be stuck on the they did it too defence. Most recently he has been trying to find supposed dirt on Conservative's who have caregivers in their home. Pretty weak. I'm pretty sure if Dhalla is found guilty of any of the allegations against her, trying to say Conservative's have caregiver issues will do little to save iRuby's tarnished reputation.

Warren's latest diatribe to show Conservative's as hypocrites for noting Ignatieff's time out of Canada, is to try and compare certain Conservative MP's in the same light as Iggy. First problem is none of these MP's will be running for the job of PM. The second, and bigger problem, is the fact Warren has just reinforced the Conservative argument Ignatieff is out of touch with Canada. From Warren:

"Thursday, May 21, 2009, 03:39 AM
• ABLONCZY, The Hon. Diane, P.C., B.Ed., LL.B. Date of Birth: 1949.05.06. Place of Birth: Peoria, Illinois, United States.
• MARK, Inky, B.A., B.Ed. Date of Birth: 1947.11.17. Place of Birth: Toysun, China.
• OBHRAI, Deepak. Date of Birth: 1950.07.05. Place of Birth: Oldeani, Tanzania.
• SHORY, Devinder. Date of Birth: 1958.08.03. Place of Birth: Punjab, India.
• TOEWS, The Hon. Vic, P.C., B.A., LL.B. Date of Birth: 1952.09.10. Place of Birth: Fildelfia, Paraguay.
• WONG, Alice, Ph.D. Date of Birth: 1948.06.30. Place of Birth: Hong Kong."

Now here is where Warren's argument blows up.
  • Diane Ablonczy has made Canada home since 1950.
  • Inky Mark has made Canada home since 1953.
  • Deepak Obhrai has made Canada home since 1977
  • Devinder Shory has made Canada home since the mid 80's
  • Vic Toews has made Canada home since 1956.
  • Alice Wong has made Canada home since 1980

Michael Ignatieff has made Canada home since November 2005!


Anonymous said...

so then, how many years is reasonable? what should be the cutoff?

wilson said...

Dianne Ablonczy, service to Canada since Oct 25, 1993

Inky Mark, service to Canada since June 2, 1997

Deepak Obhrai, service to Canada since June 2, 1997

Devinder Shory newly elected Oct 14

Vic Toews , service to Canada since Nov 27, 2000

Alice Wong , service to Canada since Nov 27, 2000

Michael Ignatieff, service to Canada since Jan 23, 2006

paulsstuff said...

"so then, how many years is reasonable? what should be the cutoff?"

You fail to grasp the point of someone being opportunistic and coming back after 37 years to become PM, while having made statements of leaving the country if he loses.

And what does it say about the Liberal Party that they had to go outside our borders to find a Liberal worthy of being PM?

Bec said...

When I saw this info posted yesterday I thought, What the he!!?

No one is talking about WHERE HE WAS BORN, the argument is why has HE LEFT for half his life? What a sleazy little distraction.

Let's just pretend for a moment MI was born in the US and pulling this crap, they'd be saying, no way Jose'!
Americans as a whole, are way more 'right' than these goofs want to admit!

wilson said...

''so then, how many years is reasonable? what should be the cutoff?''

A life time in another country is reasonable,
if spent in service to Canada.

Did Iffy write any books about Canada?
Not about himself and his roots in Canada, about Canada?

Iffy pretended he was American.
Who would do that?
answer: someone not aspiring to become a Canadian Prime Minister.

wilson said...

I stumbled across an author who has written about Iffy,
Denis Smith writes;

"Ignatieff places himself squarely in the Canadian progressive, reformist tradition," Smith writes.
"But his predisposition towards the interests of the powerful belies that claim. His judgment is too often the victim of his ambition."
Smith said the way in which Ignatieff seized the Liberal leadership—without appointing an interim leader—is consistent with what he has written about the use of power since 2000.
"My guess is it comes from his ambition to exercise power—not with any particular end in mind, but simply desire to hold power," he said.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

While slightly off topic, still worth mentioning:

Reliable sources state that warrin' dimfella is STILL trying to find Coservatives who have conducted themselves in any way similar to the Cretin entitlementist libranoids of adscam infamy.

THEN, try doing a comparison between The Chin That Walks Like a Man, in the first instance, and Rat Twinkie re: the former's income taxes paid, late or not, and the latters MASSIVE $600,000 income tax bills 'forgiven' so the lad could qualify for a $250G/ yr. gov't. job - with perqs and 'entitements.' Where the hell was the inquiry on this fiasco? Why was the MSM silent then, and why does it continue to be so today, regarding what appears to be this scandalous show of blatant partisan cronyism?


t.e. & o.e.

paulsstuff said...

"Reliable sources state that warrin' dimfella is STILL trying to find Coservatives who have conducted themselves in any way similar to the Cretin entitlementist libranoids of adscam infamy."

Warren should be careful with his zest for digging up dirt. Dhalla isn't the only high profile young Liberal with skeletons in her closet. I hate to go down that road, but if Iggy allows Kinsella to follow that route, I'll follow it as well.

Anonymous said...

And they came to Canada to stay, Iggy was born here, left, came back for a job at extreme left UBC, left for the cash in the USA then came back for a Liberal guaranteed golden taxpayer funded pension.

Ardvark said...


Warren Kinsella.

And IMHO doing a piss poor job of it too.

Brrr said...

It's not where he was born or how long he was gone, so much as his open disdain for Canada, and that power is the only reason he cane back.

It was only last month that he was on CBC radio talking about he fully intends to return to the states if he doesn't become PM. That is not someone dedicated to this country in any way.

wilson said...

I think Iffy's window of opportunity to 'let Harper wear the recession' is just about slammed shut.

Canada to lead recovery: Goldman Sachs

Consumer optimism growing steadily

Foreigners buy Canadian securities in March

Agent Smith said...

Katsmella's comparisons are a waste of his energy. That he is obliviously squandering his time in such futile pursuits is a plus – it keeps him from doing actual mischief.

Anonymous said...

From my perspective, the Liberals are the party whose ad campaign is anti-immigrant.

They are basically saying that if you have deep, historic roots as a Canadian, participated in Trudeau's leadership convention and always held a Canadian passport, you are qualified to be a Canadian. Living here, being active in Canadian life for the past 34 years and proudly claiming to be a Canadian is of no consequence.

I would prefer Dianne Ablonzzy to Ignatieff any day.

Clearly, there is no set amount of time that you have to be living in Canada to qualify you to be Prime Minister.

However, I am sure there are a lot of people who would share the view that 34 of the past 36 years away has to have a detrimental effect on your ability to understand the country. Without that understanding, how can you lead it?

In the end, that is a decision for Canadians to make. But, it is wholly appropriate for Conservatives to raise this matter to the forefront in the minds of Canadians. If we do not, the Liberals will package Iggy in the manner which best suits his election chances and Canadians may end up with someone they would otherwise not want.

Jen said...

michael ignatieff says that we are all americans which i find intriquing when the liberals ndp and the bloc hate the americans.

paulsstuff said...

wilson, I think Canadian's will be shcoked by the imporvements in our economy by the end of June. The home renovation tax credit is creating lots of jobs and revenue for the box stores such as Rona and Home Depot, and by the private contractors who perform this work

The rise in jobs created last month through self-employed is directly linked to this. Car dealers in my area are seeing increased traffic. Homes are once again selling the norm, 30 days in Toronto, many with multiple offers

wilson said...

Iffy thought he was being soooooo smart with his Probation Reporting demands.
LOL, now PMSH/Flarhety have a podium to bring the good news to Canadians, on June 17!!!

By then all of the $3B emergency fund (Iffy said no and then backed down, again) will be out and working.

Next Iffy and gang will be trying to take credit for the recession turn around.
I suppose their LibLuvin media will try to make the case for them.

New foriegn investment in Canada is a direct result of PMSHs global tour,
selling the stability of Canada, on all those interviews our very snotty msm condemned him for.

PMSH/Flahrety were right, we are (one of 3) first out of the recession!

Canadians will review in their minds, that the coalition of losers nearly split the country apart trying to seize government from PMSH.
He was right, they were very wrong.

paulsstuff said...

I agree Wilson. I think Iggy believed there was no way the economy would start turning around this fast, and has basically dug himself a hole to hide while the PM basks in the glow of an improving economy.

maryT said...

As O takes over more of the US economy, and punishes banks etc, I think a lot more americans will be investing in Canada, and pulling all money and business out of the USA.

gimbol said...



Old Bummer is doing more to help foreign investment coming out of the US than anything we could ever hope for.

But I digress.

With the reccession ending it will be fun watching the libs scramble around trying to find another crisis.

Can we have a poll to see what the possible cause de jour will be?