Friday, May 8, 2009

NannyGate! A Conservative Diabolical Smear (or: I can be stupid like Don Martin)

Call me flabbergasted. I've read the stories about the evil Stephen Harper. I've heard the rumors of the Conservative parties abuses of power. But wow, this takses it to a new level. Those diabolical Conservative's sure can create a scandal can't they? So far they have coerced three nannies, the operator of an employment placement agency, an official of an agency who deals with problems immigrant workers might have with employers, into going along with this plot to overthrow Ruby Dhalla in the next election.

But wait, that's not all. They have also gotten into the heads of two Ontario Liberal cabinet ministers, who apparently the PM got to hold a meeting in their government offices, all to hatch this plan to smear Dhalla. Wait, there's more. As part of this complex plan, they teamed up with that right-wing newspaper, the Toronto Star. So well thought out was this plan that they had the paper begin doing an investigation into abuses faced by nannies in the workplace months ago.

Forget Watergate, Adscam, or any of the other scandals of the past. This plan, obviously hatched to move the Conservative seat count from 143 to 144, is without precedence the worst case of political dirty deeds the world has ever seen. And this plan was put into effect over a year ago, with the three nannies being planted into the Dhalla home in succession. Conservative's waited for just the right time, right after the Liberal convention, to play this scheme to perfection. Now that you've read all that, your thinking that sounds pretty stupid, right?

Yes it does, but no stupider than Don Martin's idiotic editorial in the National Post laying blame everywhere except the accused, Ruby Dhalla.

UPDATE: After giving it some thought I've realized that this was in fact a two-part scheme designed to dampen the media bounce of the Liberal parties convention. The first part of this diabolical plan was first thought out 50 years and nine months ago. It was at this time the PM's mother and father looked at each other with a gleam in their eyes, hatching a plan that would rival anything you might see in an Austin Powers movie.

They would conceive a child on this date. That child would go on to become the Prime Minister of Canada. Now here is the real genius part of the plan. The unborn childs 50th birthday would fall on the same day as the Liberal Party convention of Michael Ignatieff in 2009. Pink flamingoes would be placed on the lawn, allowing for a photo-op of the PM to steal the spotlight away from the Liberal coronation.

Courtesy Joanne at Blue Like You: "Ruff believes the recent Liberal resurgence is due partly to disenchantment with Prime Minister Stephen Harper — who did his best Thursday to seize the spotlight away from the Liberals by releasing a photo of himself and daughter Rachel, celebrating his 50th birthday with plastic flamingos at 24 Sussex Drive..."

Absolutely Brilliant!!!


Mutton Chops said...

Don Martin wants to be invited to the swanky Ottawa parties. Supporting the CPC gets you blacklisted in those circles.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Oh my gosh! You're on Blogging Tories now. Congrats!!

paulsstuff said...

Thanks Joanne. Your blog and your writing inspired me, as well as all the wonderful people who comment on your site. Now that I finally have some time during the day thought I would give it a try.

Bec said...

You pretty much pegged it, paulsstuff.
When you reach into the comment pages and pick out the individual conspiracy theories, then lay them on page and give them a timeline, it looks just like your post.

Move over,Law and Order,Criminal Intent..
we have,...The Conservatives.

What crap! Ha.

JDot said...

Awesome post,LMAO..

Good to see you on Bloggingtories..

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yes, excellent post indeed!

I'm so glad you're planning to do more of this.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Best part: "As part of this complex plan, they teamed up with that right-wing newspaper, the Toronto Star."

Ardvark said...

Congratulations on the blog. If your comments are any indication of what to expect of your blog entries I will be a frequent visitor.

paulsstuff said...

Thanks, Ardvark. I actually visit your blog every day and it's always enjoyable.

Fay said...

I love it. Congrats!

Michael harkov said...

I was wondering when you were going to get your own gig. Nice place. :)

Anonymous said...

Having revealed the truth about the plot, I hope you're taking all prudent precautions to protect you family. There's no telling how many people the cons are willing to destroy in order to ensure their nefarious scheme to secure yet ANOTHER minority government!

Wonderful post. I came here via SDA, and have added you to my bookmarks.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, something still doesn't smell right ... Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaa!!! That Librano Don Martin is a laugh!!

Hello Birdy said...

If Ruby Dhalla cannot treat her servants in a manner that is in keeping with her heritage, then Canada's multicultural system of handing over our hard earned way of life and morality to the scum-bags of the world, has failed Ruby Dhalla.

She don't love me,
but I love her just the same
Ruby Ruby
Ruby Baby.

paulsstuff said...

Thanks to everyone for the nice words. You know Dave, now that you mention it, there was a Weed man truck parked on my street today. I bet that was really a Conservative espionage vehicle.

paulsstuff said...

Dhalla is fully able to keep her heritage and enjoy her culture. She just needs to do it without breaking any laws.

Magnafan said...


Your blog is now pasted into my favourites.

You had me going for a while.

Anonymous said...

brilliant post

Anonymous said...

OMG! Weedman came by and aerated our yard JUST LAST WEEK!

Anonymous said...

Great blogging paulstuff!
One more good site.
Will you have time to meet at Joanne's and keep this going also?
And a link to SDA on your first day..Woo Hoo!!


frmgrl said...

Excellent post! Look forward to reading more. Good luck too.

paulsstuff said...

"Will you have time to meet at Joanne's and keep this going also?"

Absolutely. Joanne's blog reminds me of the bar on the TV show Cheers. I guess that would make me Norm:0)

paulsstuff said...

Forgot to add where everybody knows your name, a home away from home.

Sammy said...

NORM !!! great to see you have a new 'home' and must say I love it!

mahmood said...

Good stuff paulsstuff!

Anonymous said...

Too funny.

As a small c and big C conservative, it's heartening to see the that at least some of the guys and gals that build my trucks have more common sense than the union talking heads would ever admit.

Keep it up!

Blame Crash said...

Now, as far as old "what's his face" goes. I would say he's mostly motivated in positioning himself for future employment prospects.

It isn't looking to good for him if that lame attempt is all he's got.

But and then again, I suppose the personnel department at the CBC would all be smiling and doing some furious head noddin when old "what’s his face" showed him them this column.

Now that’s a “secret agenda” that we can all believe in!

Anonymous said...


Your comments on Macleans' blog on this subject were deleted by the Administrators.

That's a story in an of itself. They regularly delete mine, which are free of invective but containing the "wrong" type of views (ie non 'progressive').

That Macleans' blog content is such that it belongs on Libblogs is bad enough (Macleans being a publicly traded company), but resorting to thuggish leftist squelching of opposing viewpoints, from an entity whose stock in trade is free expression, is beyond the pale.

paulsstuff said...

Ya, I noticed both my comments were gone this morning. Pretty pathetic, there was no name calling or disparaging remarks. Just facts about how idiotic it is to think Nannygate is a Conservative smear campaign.

Archie said...

If this was a political plot, cooked up by the conservatives, you would think immigration officers would pounding at Ruby Dhalla's door to check on her currant employees or slaves work visas. If she employed 3 ladies illegally you would she would be doing it again.

Pelalusa said...


Your satire rivals that of Mark Steyn, who I admire greatly.

Thank you for a big smile this afternoon!!!

Robert W.
Vancouver, BC
Go Canucks!

Pelalusa said...


Your satire rivals that of Mark Steyn, who I admire greatly.


Robert W.
Go Canucks!

paulsstuff said...

Wow, thanks for that. Mark Steyn is brilliant in his writing, and I think is representative of average Canadian's..

Roy Eappen said...

Paul, I am truly happy you have a blog. I am even happier you have joined u Blogging Tories. I always enjoyed reading your comments in the past. Welcome!

paulsstuff said...

Thanks Roy. I've been a fan of your blog for quite some time. It's always a great read.

North by Northeast said...

I think it's stupid to point fingers just like it is stupid to say she's guilty.

Dhalla already presented documentation that already dismisses a couple of the allegations....which then brings into question the value of the rest of the allegations.

I doubt Harper has anything to do with this. Wouldn't put it past Parm Gill (Conservative) or someone within the Liberal party who hates Dhalla. Or maybe she is super guilty. We'll find out.

I wonder if the nanny special interest groups told them it would be a good idea to file this complaint - 1) gives the nanny group more attention 2) the nannies may get citizenship based on compassion of their alleged ordeal

I still find it strange they hilight things like having to shine shoes. Apparently cleaning bathrooms or cooking isn't as marketable to make us feel bad for these workers. Shining shoes isn't the crime. If they were being underpaid is.

paulsstuff said...

The nannies were hired as caregivers, the first two anyway. This is supposed to be done under a federal program where once the nannies get the required number of hours, which takes 2-3 years, they get their citezenship.

I think the problem here is they seem to have been hired as housekeepers, more than caregivers. If you want your house cleaned on a daily basis try Molly Maid. The other issues are also serious. Paying below minimum wage, cash under the table, no taxes deducted or remitted, illegally employed.

I agree it's stupid to point fingers until the facts come out, which is the basis of this post. The conspiracy theory that this is some plot by the Conservative's to win Dhalla's seat come next election.

The one thing that is most disturbing is the fact the women from Intercede confirms she spoke with Ruby Dhalla a year ago, has the notes, date and time to prove it, and that Dhalla never denied holding onto the passport.

Whatever said...

I wonder how many of the bloggers here are Filipinos; or, how many understand anything at all about the Filipino culture; or, how many really understand the predicaments of these nannies--not Filipinos in particular--by conversing with them?

What do people know about the psychological (and physical) sacrifices these Filipino women have to endure so as to ensure a promising future for their children, or to at least provide a comfortable, if not decent, lives to their families and relatives back home. That no matter how insignificant the salaries they get, they still find it in their hearts to share that to their families, relatives and even to friends--whom they feel need it most. (This is one of the Filipino Cultures which is similar to the Filipino term "Bayanihan"--As per Wikipedia, The whole term bayanihan refers to a spirit of communal unity or effort to achieve a particular objective". This trait is deeply ingrained into Filipinos.

Another trait is their being "Respectful to people of authority and to elders". It is very, very uncommon for Filipinos to talk back (or whistle-blow), as they find it disrespectful even if they have been wronged. And, if they do talk back, they still speak with "sugarcoatings" because they generally do not want to offend anybody. They are, generally, never blunt nor tactless because that is how they were raised and taught).

The point is, I disagree that this Nannygate scandal has something to do with politics at all.

These women came to Canada to put food on the table, clothing at the backs, and roofs at the heads of their families and relatives. (But of course, I completely abhor the idea of them coming to Canada illegally. Providing a good future does not mean that they have to resort to unscroupolous means, i.e, The end doesn't justify the means.)

I do not, however, prejudge Ms. Ruby Dhalla too.

And I too, believe that Canada encourages its immigrants to practice their respective cultures and religions here, instead of completely assimilating themselves to the Canadian culture. Reason why Canada is known as a Mosaic, not a Boiling Pot.

Yet, I believe that they should also learn to choose and practice only the "positive" cultures they have, instead of bringing with them old school "negative" cultures or heritage of slavery, caste system, crab mentality, nepotism, white supremacist, homophobia, etc. etc.

Again, no politics here. After all, if these allegations were incorrect the nannies have got to lose everything--they get deported, they lose face and will be blacklisted for life.

Hope that there will really be fairness and transparency in our Justice System.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

You've hit the big time now with a link from SDA. Congrats again!