Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Toronto Mayor David Miller: Dink Of The Day

Canada's once greatest city, that has been on a steady decline since socialist mayor David Miller first took office, appears to be increasing that steady decline to now rapid proportions. A city that has lost business, tourism, and trade, now seems ready to exacerbate an already out of control traffic problem by removing a lane of roadway.

David Miller. Dink of the Day


Joanne (True Blue) said...

If Toronto residents re-elect Miller next time around, I will have no sympathy for them. None at all.

And I'm SO glad I don't live there anymore!!!

Paul M said...

Dink of the day? I think you're being far too charitable.

Anonymous said...

Dink of the Day? And you are?

paulsstuff said...

"Dink of the Day? And you are?'

Someone who, along with many friends and family, used to spend a considerable amount of time in Toronto. As Miller has turned the city into a socialist utopia, so have I ceased to go there.

Some examples where I used to spend my money: Leafs, Jays, Raptors, concerts, bars, eating out, shopping (used to do the Kensington market twice a month, haven't been in three years), Exhibition, Ontario Place.

Sorry Anon, there is just something unappealing about stepping over people sleeping on the sidewalk, the stench of garbage on the streets, people urinating in broad daylight, agreesive panhandlers, $25 parking, a waterfront you can only see if you have a south facing condo.

And oh yeah, the shootings are a bit of a turn off!!!

Anonymous said...

I vote Miller for dink of the decade.

Anonymous said...

Voice of Reason: you soon won't have to travel to Toronto to enjoy all the amenities offered by a big city...they'll be coming to you. With Miller's latest brain-dead initiative to require developers to include roof top green spaces you will find those same developers abandoning the city for more sane locales.
The cost of providing a roof that will withstand the moisture trapped in the soil in these upper level parks will be enormous. That plus the strengthened supports necessary to support the extra load plus the provision of a base lining able to resist the attacks by burrowing insect will drive costs out the roof. You can bet the next step will be to require existing buildings to carry out a retrofit. Soon the office towers, and the businesses that serve them, will be moving to a location near you.
My wife and I will be driving from Alberta to Cape Breton this summer. The hell hole that Toronto has become will be one of the places we pass through as quickly as possible.

paulsstuff said...

Roof top green spaces. Wow, that takes stupidity to a new level. Imagine any moisture trapped underneath in the winter expanding and contracting.

Aside from the Toronto part, you will love the Cape Breton time. I've done it several times. Once you travel under the tunnel in Quebec, the scenery is fantastic. Some great bed and breakfast as well.

Dave Hodson said...

Powell lucas said... The hell hole that Toronto has become will be one of the places we pass through as quickly as possible.I have good news for you! While many Torontonians believe that their little socialist experiment gone wrong is the centre of the universe, you don't actually have to pass through it at all. There are a several beautiful routes across Ontario that you could use on your journey to the east that will avoid David Miller land completely. Those more northerly options also have the added benefit of being far more scenic than any highway passing through Toronto that you could choose. Unless, of course, you actually want to see Toronto, in the same sick type of curiousity that causes people to slow down on the highway and gaze at a passing car accident.

Anonymous said...

paulsstuff - don't forget the grafitti on every building, public or private, along every main drag in Toronto