Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pinocchio Compared To IRuby, May Take Legal Action

Sure he's made out of wood and his best friend is a cricket. But even Pinocchio doesn't deserve to have his name drawn through the mud, all because of IRuby's nanny problems.

In explosive new testimony today, another character, Pinocchio was brought out of the, err, woodwork. Agatha Mason, who represents the non-profit company Intercede, confirmed that she did in fact talk with IRuby about the return of a passport, and had the phone records as proof. When it was brought to Ms. Mason's attention that Dhalla denied that phone calll took place, the committee room erupted into chaos when she stated "“I don’t care. It’s her word and she has a conscience. These are one of the occasions when I wish the children’s story of Pinocchio is true.”

Reached at the home of his longtime freind Geppetto, Pinocchio was shocked that his name had come up in NannyGate. Pinocchio stated he did not appreciate being in any way linked with IRuby. He went on to state that while yes, he was a puppet, it was still undetermined who was pulling the strings at the Dhalla household. A statement released a few hours later by his attorney warned that any further comparisons to IRuby will result in legal action for slander and defamation. The lawyer also pointed out that when Pinocchio tells a lie, his nose gets bigger, then returns to normal when he tells the truth, whereas whenever IRuby tells a lie, her ego gets bigger, and has not returned to it's same size since 2004, when she was first elected.

Another close friend of Pinnocchio's was was asked his thought's on who it was who might have started a conspiracy to implicate Pinocchio. He just shrugged his shoulders and said he thought it was Goofy.

UPDATE: Rumor has it that IRuby's lawyer, Howard Levvitt, will be calling a press conference at his law office tommorrow at 5:00 PM. A source has told us that an anonymous person has come forward with knowledge of a previous sordid relationship between Pinocchio and one of the nannies. Uncomfirmed at this time but word has it Levvitt will try and implicate a nanny, Pinocchio, and Jason Kenney in a love triangle.


wilson said...

LOL good one paul!!

Lycan Stark said...


Anonymous said...

How about the Maher Arar scam to use Financial Terrorism to screw us taxpayers out of $400'000'000.00 knowing canada would settle out of Court just to save taxpayers another Air-India trial @ $85 million and not one Terrorist sent to prison.

Remember how Arar and the media got duped into believing that the O'Connor Inquiry was to prove "Innocence" and absolve the Arar's of ANY ties to shady groups ?
Well....Justice O'Connor only said that the Canadian information given to the USA was NOT the only information used by the USA and there is no proof it was actually acted on to remove Arar from American soil to Jordan.

Fast forward to Omar Khadr, Omar has just fingered Maher Arar as being at the Al-Qaeda training camp in Afghan which Arar said he was never in nor every been in Afghanistan.
The Arar's are now calling the Khadr's "Liar's" as if all Muslims can't be trusted to tell the truth.

Today we see a Canadian MP Female pointing her Finger at 3 female Immigrants as all "Liars" because only Liberal canadians tell the truth while all Immigrants can't be trusted.

I say we toss the whole bunch of dead-wood that washed up on out shore and then give canada back to canadians and stop allowing Lawyers to run the Country and grant Human Rights to people based on Colour and sexual preference.

Blame Crash said...

Being both a Liberal and Pinocchio would seem to be a wise career move if you ask me.

I'm sure they're all pretty impressed with her over at the Liberal Party Headquarters

That gal is moving on up the Liberal Party food chain!!

Look Out Iffy !!

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Hilarious, Paul!! Well done.

Jen said...

The liberals and their beloved media are like pinocchio wooden noses-it gets longer each day to the point you get pinch by it whenever whereever you walk or see them or read or hear them on television.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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