Saturday, May 16, 2009

About That Gretzky - Ignatieff Comparison Liberals...

I see the new Conservative ad, the one that shows different events that occurred during Iggy's years outside of Canada has rankled some Liberals as well as Liberal bloggers. They try and point out that Gretzky is residing in the U.S. as proof that there is no problem with Iggy's many years outside our borders. So might I remind you of this? When Michael Ignatieff left Canada Wayne Gretzky had not played his first game in the NHL. During Ignatieff's many years away:

  • Gretzky played in 1,487 regular season games

  • 208 playoff games

  • scored 894 regular season goals

  • 1,963 regular season assists

  • 122 playoff goals

  • 260 playoff assists

  • 2,857 regular season points

  • 382 playoff points

  • won four Stanley Cups

  • 1987 Canada Cup

  • Canada Olympic Team member

  • executive director 2002 Olympic Gold medal team

  • played on 4 NHL teams

  • had 5 children

  • retired 11 years after Ignatieff left Canada

So for all you Liberals using the Gretzky comparison, keep in mind Iggy was nowhere around for any of those stats mentioned above. And if you really want to keep making the comparison, might I remind you that Wayne Gretzky is not running for Prime Minister of Canada.


ian said...

Gretzky was traded!
that's a bit like being transferred by your employer.
While not based in Canada Gretzky was still in Canada on a regular basis playing in the NHL against all the Canadian teams.
Gretzky was seen very much as an ambassador of the game or if you like a missionary who took the epitome of Canadian culture to the heathens in the USA.

paulsstuff said...

Great point Ian. Gretzky is credited as being the "Canadian" who magde our game popular in the U.S. Iggy was neither traded nor transferred. I winder if other than PM he felt there was no other job here worthy of him.

Not to mention the extensive charity work he still does here.

paulsstuff said...

Should read not to mention the extensive charity work Gretzky still does here.

Ardvark said...

Perhaps Ignatieff was traded to England by then PM Trudeau for a top hat and a plate of fish and chips.

paulsstuff said...

"Perhaps Ignatieff was traded to England by then PM Trudeau for a top hat and a plate of fish and chips".

If thats the case maybe I was wrong about Trudeau. He certainly got the better of that trade.

revanche said...

I remember the news conference announcing Gretzky's trade. I remember how emotional he was, how torn up he was about leaving.

Somehow I think it was the opposite for Iggy.

If the Liberals want to compare Iggy with Gretzky, let's have a poll.

Who do you think loves Canada more?

Anonymous said...

And don't forget - any CANADIAN HOCKEY SERIES, played against other Countries - GERTZKY is always here to help out the Canadian team. Where was Iggy during his years of absence - was he ever in Canada fighting for anything Canadian? don't think so - if he wasn't promised to be PM if he came back, he wouldn't be here now!

Anonymous said...

Gretzky left Canada because his wife wanted to leave. Ignatieff left his wife. End of story.

PS I Iggy can't skate

paulsstuff said...


maryT said...

Not only was Wayne emotinal when he was traded, I think a lot of hockey fans, and non fans also got very emotional.
Hearing that Peter P was in trouble, and possibly in jail in Florida (I think) most canadians most likely cheered.
OT but how will libs and media handle IRuby's statement to giggles. God never gives you more than you can handle. Shouldn't she have used the diety of her own religion, or is she a secret Christian.

Anonymous said...

What about Michael J. Fox?
Now the External Affairs and minister of Trade say people should join the Foreign Service and have 20, 30 40 years working..kind of hypocritical aren't they?

Anonymous said...

That is silly. Referring to Gretzky's hockey stats does not make him more or less Canadian. Iggy being a highly successful author, commentator and academic at world leading institutions does not make him more or less Canadian.

You exemplify the problem with the CPC.

paulsstuff said...

The stats are meant to give an idea of what Gretzky accomplished during Iggy's time away from Canada.

Guess that went over your head.

Anonymous said...

Still silly. Even with your explanation.