Monday, May 25, 2009

E.I. Surplus Under Liberal Changes- $57 Billion, Iggy Threatening An Election Over Said Changes- Priceless

Coutersy of Raphael

Make no mistake Mr. Prime Minister, if you do not make the changes to correct the mistakes of my party, the Liberal Party of Canada, I will mess with you until I'm done:

"The surplus began to swell in 1997, a year after the federal government imposed new criteria that made it harder for jobless workers to collect benefits.
At the same time, the government created a new system of setting premiums so that the fund would accumulate healthy surpluses to cushion contributors and the unemployed in economic hard times.
Under the EI scheme, employers pay 60 per cent and employees contribute 40 per cent.
After the federal government implemented new rules in 1996, the balance in the EI account reached $12 billion in 1997, falling within the $10-billion to $15-billion cushion recommended by the fund’s chief actuary.
In subsequent years, contributions to the fund continued to exceed benefits paid out, with the surplus reaching $57 billion by 2008.

Actually Mr. Ignatieff, the PM has made changes to E.I, to make the system fairer to those paying premiums aas well as employers:

"The last federal budget, delivered in February 2008, announced the establishment of a new Crown corporation to administer the employment insurance system. It will restrict the use of premiums for employment insurance only and limit them to the amount needed to cover the cost of benefits, plus a $2-billion cushion. However, there was no move to repay the $54 billion.
The Canadian Institute of Actuaries called on the Harper government Thursday to make good on the budget announcement. But president Michael Hale said that the government needs to keep a contingency reserve of $10-$15 billion.

“In the midst of a recession, the institute believes that the federal government should improve the rules adopted in its 2008 budget, by establishing a system such that EI premium rates will not have to be increased to deal with rising unemployment costs,” he said in a statement.


Jen said...

Ignatieff apparently is using the lpoc E.I scandal as their election plan? It is about time.
I wonder how the liberals' media is going to react? or shall I say,do we care or be my guest.

I wonder how the people would react if they knew that the media hid the lib E.I.scandal from them?

kursk said...

The Libs built massive surpluses on the backs of Canadian taxpayers by stealing from the E.I. fund.

That the MSM did not report this abuse of monies is one of the bigger scandals of the last decade of Liberal rule.

It was criminal, and no one was held to account...

In fact, the Liberal friendly MSM in Canada, covered up for their pals in office.

wilson said...

AG, Sheila Fraser, 2004,
Liberals ignored EI reports since 1999:

...The whopping surplus in the EI fund is something that the auditor general has criticized
each year since 1999,
and she urged the government to take the necessary steps to resolve it.

The EI surplus has been a frequent target for the government's critics, who say the Liberals should lower premiums or pay out more in benefits.

jen said...

I have listened to TOM CLARK AND OTHERS berate the conservatives or pratically accuse them of the E.I mess knowing full well the LPOC scandal on it.
It is apparent that you us and conservatives will sooner be blamed for the liberal scandal than the liberals themselves.


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