Monday, May 25, 2009

Somewhere iRuby Dhalla Is Laughing At Michael Ignatieff's Expense

Gotta love this Story.

After all the controversy over allegations Ruby Dhalla mistreated caregivers, I can't help but think iRuby is getting a little joy from this story.

"When I left, there was the Liberal Party van parked sideways across six handicap parking spaces, with cones and ribbons around it lest any handicapped driver get any ideas."


Ted said...

"iRuby"You too now, Paul? I thought you were a bit better than that kind of naming insult.

wilson said...

That's how Ruby refers to herself Ted,
I Ruby Dhalla
I R...

iRuby and
quite the couple, eh.

Ted said...

I, testimony, or in reading statements, that is how a lot of people do.

And I'm not complaining about it's use. I just thought Paul was a bit higher minded than that. It's like the juvenile Iffy, Harpocrit, McChimpy, Darth Cheney, LIEberals, Liberanos... all kind of funny, a bit, once or twice (although I think LIEberals and McChimpy don't even have that to save them). But as a repeated, deliberate attempt to belittle, quite juvenile.

Ted said...

I, testimony

Should be:

In testimony

Anonymous said...

I thought "iRuby" was pretty funny and was drining milk when reading that ... it almost come out of my nose.

Lighten up Ted.

Ted said...

" I'm not complaining about it's use.""all kind of funny, a bit, once or twice"Read the comment, Brave Anonymous.

paulsstuff said...

C'mon Ted. She used it how many times?

And besides, you can tell by the title of the post I'm having a little fun, that's all.

Russell said...

I prefer Rubinocchio my self

Ted said...

And besides, you can tell by the title of the post I'm having a little fun, that's all.And so was my first comment back.

Then Harper's sheeple got too serious about being funny!

Cheers and good night.

paulsstuff said...

Have a good one Ted. Ciao.

Brrr said...

Handicapped huh? Maybe if megalomania counts as a disability.

wilson said...

So, Iffy thinks he is sooooooo important,
his van gets parked sideways across 6 clearly marked handicap parking stalls.
That way you can get a better look at the signage on the van, right?
Always got to think of that self promotion.

Even tho Teddy tried to change the subject,
Iffy once again proves he thinks he is better than anyone on the planet,
and above the law too.

wilson said...

The first new poll is in,
Cons back in the lead nationally and in Ontario:

wilson said...

ps. poll tip goes to frmrgrl posting at BLY

paulsstuff said...

Thanks Wilson. I greatly appreciate all the links and info you provide. Actually gives me a lot of help when doing a new post.

And thanks to frmgrl for alerting everyone to that story.

maryT said...

Perhaps Iggy just want to let the world know that liberals are handicapped, by parking there. Hope someone got a picture. I know, the devil made him do it.