Friday, May 22, 2009

Liberal Mole Reveals Michael Ignatieff's Plan To Become PM

An anonymous poster on the prvious thread appears to have blown the lid off Michael Ignatief's hidden agenda by revealing his plan to become PM. This appears to be the work of a disgruntled Liberal, perhaps even iRuby. Normally I don't give anonymous comments much thought but if you look at the list s/he has nailed every point correctly.

1. Wrap self in the Canadian flag

2. Arrange for book signings

3. Calculate days to pension entitlement (2012)

4. Hire some creepy guys to dream up attack ads for Harper

5. Promote book

6. Hire new eyebrow stylist

7. Plant trees in the oil sands

8. Research Trudeau's vision for Canada; select talking points


wilson said...

plan to be PM was not put into action until AFTER winning a seat in 2006;
''If I'm not elected here, I imagine that I will ask Harvard to take me back''
Nov 30, 2005

(note also, in this one sentence Iffy used 'I' three times)

Wow, that's committment to one's country, eh!
If I lose, I go home!!!

Anonymous said...

9. I must never forget that, as leader of The Coalition, I can be PM, if and when Harper doesn't have the confidence of the House.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I am happy that you liked my list! Not all of we anons are moles or trolls.

paulsstuff said...

"Thanks! I am happy that you liked my list! Not all of we anons are moles or trolls."

Regardless of which side a commenter is I hate to censor anyone. Unless it's vulgar or slanderous I usually let it go.

Ardvark said...

Here is a copy of Ignatieff's playbook.

paulsstuff said...

That's a great link Ardvark. Looks like another Iggy flip-flop as well.

"Ignatieff’s office said he was unavailable for comment. But, in March, he told the Toronto Star that he had no intention of changing careers.

“I have the best job in the world, and I can’t see any foreseeable circumstance where I want to change. And that’s the hand-on-heart truth,” he told the newspaper."

Ardvark said...

Paul, take a look at how what was written in those two stories, from 2005, has come to pass.

He "rebuilt" his Canadian profile. He did leave Harvard. He ran for MP. He is playing his intellectual card and is using his family's name recognition to further his political ambition.He has become a political actor. He did run for the leadership of the party.