Sunday, May 3, 2009

Canada Election 2009: Ignatieff New PM

OK, I know we haven't had an election yet, but apparently we don't need one to find out who the next elected PM will be. You see, regardless of when the next federal election happens, Michael Ignatieff is going to win. It's already been ordained. Who cares what topics peasant Canadian's will be worried about at the time of the next election. The economy? Swine flu? Afghanisatan? Don't fret. It's all for not. You see, Iggy has spoken, and it goes like this:

"I'm going to become the prime minister of this country, as sure as I'm sitting here, and I'm going to inherit the largest deficit in Canadian history." ( note to Mr. Ignatieff: I know you are proud that you bacame Liberal leader without a vote, but I can assure you here in Canada to become PM there actually has to be a voting process).

So you see, it's all set to happen. Iggy will be PM, and there's not a thing you or I can do about it. Those involved in politics always say anything can happen during an election campaign. What they meant to say was anything can happen in an election campaign, except Iggy losing. It's funny. I remember when John Tory became the new leader of the Ontario Conservative Party, he was introduced at the convention as the next Premier of Ontario, causing one Jason Cherniak to almost stroke out at the arrogance and disrespect shown the current Premier. Cherniak chided the Conservative's for having the audacity of disrespecting voters with such arrogance. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought I saw Cherniak's mug at the Liberal convention that just wrapped up. I'm sure Cherniak lectured Iggy about his arrogance. Ha, ya right!

Iggy is picking up where Chretien, Martin, and Dion left off. That pathetic Liberal arrogance where they seem to think they are the only party with the right to govern, regardless of what the voters think. The recent coalition fiasco was the most recent example, where, after having their worst election results since Confederation, they devised a plan to get back into power. I for one hope Ignatieff repeats that arrogant statement over and over, in all parts of the country. I think he'll be in for a big shock when he realizes that most Canadian's like a confident person to lead our country, like Stephen Harper.

Not some pompous arrogant a#@, who has apparently been out of the country for so long he forgets what average Canadian's think.

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FoxtrotBravo said...

Good post, I enjoy your blog.

I also think the fact that Ignatieff is trying so hard to tie himself to Obama clearly illustrates that he just doesn't understand the nuances of the Canadian psyche, and he doesn't because he's not really a Canadian.

We for the most part watch and enjoy celebrities, but for the most part we're not sheep. We narrate, and comment, and gawk and gossip ... but all from a distance. We don't commit to any type of celebrity with all our heart and soul, this is an American character trait, and Ignatieff it confused and doesn't see the distinction. To a Canadian latching on to something blindly is kind of insulting to our national pride.

A good analogy of this principle (which has stayed with me all these years) was back in 1980 when the movie "The Urban Cowboy" was released. Within weeks seemingly every Yank was wearing a cowboy hat and riding a mechanical bull, "Ride'm cowboy!" They were ridiculous followers. That's not really how it works up here. We'll line-up for the movie, and read the gossip, and get involved in the excitement, but for the most part, we well (metaphorically speaking) stop at actually putting the hat on, and we certainly won't put it on if we have to pay for it.

The same can be said with the Obama-Ignatieff connection. When I see him so blatantly obviously trying to latch his fortunes to Obama, putting out every cheesy picture and video he has with the two of them together, I look at it and chuckle... man, this guy just doesn't get it, he's not Canadian, and he looks like a stupid clown.

To add a bit of context to my comment above: I generally like Obama.