Monday, May 11, 2009

Iggy Finally Appears To Talk About... The Coalition?

Since allegations broke Tuesday involving Ruby Dhalla and possible illegalities involving caregivers in her home, Michael Ignatieff was no where to be seen. The champion for the newly unemployed, demanding immediate E.I. changes, the one who was just coronated leader, suddenly decided it was more important to protect his own ass than those Canadian's the uncaring Conservative government had no use for. We saw Bob Rae and Ralph Goodale leading off Question Period in the HoC. And what did we get from the annointed one? A couple of media releases about how the allegations were concerning, he wanted to get the facts, blah, blah, blah.

So when I saw that Iggy was in Quebec yesterday, for a book signing, I thought, great. Now perhaps, the man who will "most certainly be Prime Minister", will actually address the situation, and answer questions. And what did Mr. Ignatieff talk about? The coalition. Apparently it was a bad thing. Poor optics. Not the right thing to do after such a poor showing in the October election. Would divide the country. All valid points. Problem is the coalition was 5-6 months ago Iggy. And all the polls at the time showed Canadian's already knew the facts you so gloriously laid out in May, 2009.

So when will you be taking questions on NannyGate. Will we have to wait 6 months for you to get your thoughts together? Will you be returning to your bunker, still refusing to act like a leader and address an issue that although uncomfortable for you, needs to be discussed in the open.


Bec said...

The only place that the coalition idea was popular, was Quebec.
This seems to me to be a pretty stupid topic to rehash in PQ.
I guess if his antenna is going to be in the 'off' position, that can only continue to define him as, 'out of touch' with the various regions.

I however, am more astounded with his 'book signing tour', while being a sitting MP. It has such an air of entitlement to me and makes me convinced, that is the world he is most comfortable in.

wilson said...

Iffy wants to get the ugly coalition of losers issue out of the way, now.
Coax the CPC to show it's hand...

His strategists are likely annoyed that the attack ads haven't surfaced yet, they want the ads out now,
not during an election.

Don't bite CPC !!!
As the saying goes,
let him stew in his own juices.

Best time to run the attack ads is during an election, on the day(s) Iffy lays out the bits and pieces of a Liberal platform for Iffy's imaginary Canada.

Dion had momentum after he won the leadership race, the enviro movement was huge then, Canadians were in a generous mood!
Not now. Iffy doesn't have a thing going for him, other than a recession.

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff may be right in not commenting on the nanny/caregiver problems of Ruby Dhalla. However, this would have been a perfect opportunity to generically discuss the difficulties of foreign workers to be treated fairly and in timely manner by their Canadian employers. Hopefully the majority of foreign workers are treated well (I know of at least 3 cases where the nanny has become part of the family and participates in all aspects of the family's life - these women have timeoff, good accomodations, decent wages etc.). A book tour just doesn't meet the criteria of leader. It would appear that he is more interested in selling his limited personal story than in making a significant impact on the history of the Liberals. Cheers, Fern StAlbert

Anonymous said...

Harper has been disasterourous as PM. He flip flopped more than a beached whale and has not advanced the conservatice agenda one bit.

His hidden agenda was to actually screw his own base. Appointed Senators, appointed CON candidates, cronyism, refusing to implement Gomery's recommendations (after dining out on them in the 2006 election). We still have abortion and gay marriage. @ issues that Harper campaigned on and then ran away from like a frightened little girl.

So long Steve. Hello Iggy!

Joke's on you.

Ardvark said...

That last anonymous Liberal comment is a textbook case of trolling. Ignore the issue of Iggy and the coalition, distract by introducing another subject and a few red herrings, in this case the PM, gay marriage and abortion. Drop the level of discussion by calling people names, CON candidates and a frightened little girl. And last but not least bring up the old favorite of the "hidden agenda."

Congrats. You truly have made it in the blogging world when you attract the trolls.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous rabble rouser - IMO the Conservative "base" is Canadian men, women and children (families). This is a huge difference from the Liberal "base" which is splitting Canadians into special interest groups by region, race, religion, place3 of birth and women's rights against men.

I prefer we all be treated equally don't you?
And, BTW Harper NEVER campaigned on abortion - ever. The pro-life/choice splits are another example of how Liberals pit one group against another so give it a rest.

paulsstuff said...

Exactly guys. The reason I allowed the comment is to give people a view on what the typical Libera mind thinks like.

And I guessed he missed the tax reductions, credits for low and middle income Canadian's, tax credits to allow business to invest in R&D faster. More respect on the world stage, better Canada-U.S. relations. Finally giving the military what it needs. The list goes on...

maryT said...

So is MIMI privately very happy that the PM saved his a** by going to the GG and giving all MPs one extra week of Christmas holiday.
He can't have it both ways, and all those liberal trolls can now stop trashing the PM for doing it. MIMI wanted the coalition to fail.
Has he finally realized that if the attempted coup had succeeded, it would be PM Dion, not him.
Is that why he couldn't follow directions and sign the paper properly, hoping it would be an out for him if needed.
He has not had a great week as the newly crowned non elected leader.

wilson said...

fmgrl posted this link,

The CEO Poll: On recovery

'...The Bank of Canada’s handling of the economic crisis received high marks from the panelists, who awarded the central bank a score of 77 out of 100...

Prime Minister Stephen Harper also received a high mark for his performance, earning a score of 70 out of 100.
But if Michael Ignatieff were prime minister, the Liberal leader would not fare so well in terms of managing the economy, according to the CEOs, who gave him a score of 57...'

Anonymous said...

If Iggy knows the allegations against Dhalla are true, commenting in any way could put him in a very difficult situation.
If he says something against her, she could fire back - "But you knew..." out of spite.
If he said anything against the nannies and it somehow came out he knew/was briefed, the filipino community would fry him.
His best strategy is to keep quiet.

Anne in sw ON said...

Ignatieff seems to be on a channel-changing expedition. Apparently he's also dedicated to one-upping his ancestors in the legacy department. His latest agenda, according to the Ottawa Citizen, is to rekindle the question of formally changing Canada's motto "From Sea to Sea" by adding another "to Sea".

"And if a federal Liberal government under Ignatieff followed through by rewriting the motto, for him it would also amount to refurbishing a cherished family heirloom."

He's putting the cart before the horse and planning a legacy because he's cocksure he's going to be PM. In a pig's eye - not if we Blogging Tories can help it!