Monday, May 11, 2009

Ruby Dhalla Threw Her Brother Under The Bus, And Just Threw It Back Into Reverse

I must say I was quite surprised to read the headline at NNW that Dhalla has asked to appear before the committee tommorrow. After that farce of a press conference Friday, Dhalla is finally going to do the right thing and address the issue, and answer questions that need to be asked.And I was also sure that before the committee she would state the allegations were false, completely baseless, and that her family would never commit any of the heinous allegations claimed by the nannies. Well, turns out her reasoning for appearing is this:

"According to Dhalla's lawyer, Howard Levitt, the MP for Brampton-Springdale wants to appear at the committee for the sole purpose of stating that she should not be there.
"She's not the employer, she's not the sponsor (of the caregivers), she's not the person to whom care was given," Levitt said today. "She's just the victim."

Well if Dhalla was in fact not involved with the nannies as she claims, I would imagine sometime in the last week she might have asked her brother Neil about the allegations, and if any of them are true. So if I was on that committee, the first thing I would ask is, has your brother denied or confirmed the allegations to you? Pretty easy question to answer. All I know is, If I was Ruby's brother and Ruby's limo was backing up, I'd be running for cover.


Northern Ontario Tory said...

As I understand it, Ruby lives in the house with her mother and brother. Even if she wasn't the employer or sponsor, she would surely be aware of the conditions that the nannies were working in. Seems to me she is simply trying to shift the blame and save her own skin.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Maybe she'll just state that she's not her brother's keeper.

Anonymous said...

She lives in the same house, but says it was all her brothers actions and responsibility.

Can anyone say "accessory after the Fact"?

Anonymous said...

Like Ruby is the victim and not the 'nannies'.

paulsstuff said...

That's odd, Ruby had no idea that her home in Brampton is her principle residence.