Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Warren Kinsella And Conspiracy Theories

I see the hand-picked Ignatieff strategist for the Liberal Party, is still looking for that shooter on the grassy knoll. Warren seems to think that because caregiver represetative's might have met with government officials prior to testifying before committee proves the bizarre conspiracy theory that Jason Kenney is behind the allegations. If Warren bases that as fact I might point out Liberal MP's met with Karlheinz Schreiber in jail and in restaraunts prior to and during his testimony before committee re: Brian Mulroney. Then there was that whole Krista Erikson-Pablo Rodriguez planted question before committee thingy. I guess Warren has just confirmed that a CBC journalist and Liberal MP were involved in a smear against a former PM.

I could provide a link to Warren's blog, but really, is that a nice way to treat people?

What Warren has done though is give me inspiration for my next blog post. Be sure and read.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

I try not go there either. His ego thrives on the hits.

Anonymous said...

Kinsella's just doing the job he was allegedly hired for. We'd be doing the same if we were hired to do so by our choice of leader.

I'd say that the blogging Tories are matching him in the spin department.

Actually, the Tory blogs called Kinsella out early re: finding a conservative to pile-on. Looks like Jason's the lucky candidate.

Warren's too transparent. Will not work this time...there are too many other Liberal fires to put out.

maryT said...

Catch Alberta Aardvark today, where he reprints a post from WK where he disses Iggy. It has long since been lost at WKs blog, but lots of good stuff has been saved.
I think it is from Dec 2006.

Anonymous said...

Warren Kinsella is not a major player. As long as he lets stand the Gomery finding in the Adscam enquiry that his behaviour was "innappropriate" he will remain a bit player.

Anonymous said...

Rubygate was started in MSM by the RED STAR and it broke after Liberal covention in Vacouver. I am glad to know that RED STAR is also integral part of Wast Right Wing Conspiracy.