Sunday, May 10, 2009

Michael Ignatieff Book Review: My Time In The Witness Protection Program

Michael Ignatieff has had a pretty easy ride beginning with being named interim leader of the Liberal Party. We've seen daily reports fawning over Mr. Ignatieff, his Harvard credential's. his book writing's, how he has reuinited the Liberal Party and , in his own words, will most certainly become the Prime Minister of Canada. He's criss-crossed the country in the last few months, saying he will be the champion for improvements for average Canadian's. He has even taken the arrogant stance that somehow the government is on probation, and only he can be the one to determine their marks, and whether an election will be called. I imagine that for all Harvard's esteemed history and high ranking in education, it's math program is sorely lacking. How Mr. Ignatieff thinks 77 seats can be enough to force an election in a 308 seat Parliament is, well, just plain dumb.

But the biggest problem the Liberal Party under Michael Ignatieff now face is an issue of leadership, or more to the point how a leader handles a problematic situation. And therein is the problem now faced. With serious allegations surfacing about Ruby Dhalla in regards to nannies who worked in her home hitting the public forums, Mr. Ignatieff had his first chance to show Canadian's how he, as PM, would handle a crisis situation, or at the very least, a situation where the leader needed to show that he could control the situation, and make sure things were handled properly.

And in his first real test, Ignatieff failed miserably. Suddenly the man who will be PM, aside from a bulletin being issued, chose to run and hide. The man who would be PM, championing the cause of those losing their jobs, demanding the government make E.I. changes immediately, using Question Period as his podium to paint the government as uncaring to those Canadian's who have lost their jobs and did not qualify for E.I. , chose instead to sit at Stornaway rather than appear in the HoC to continue to be the champion for those hardest hit by the recession.

It's now been 5 days since NannyGate hit the fan, and Mr. Ignatieff has still refused to take one question in regards to the matter. According to Jane Taber he has been sitting at home , reading magazines us common folk might enjoy. At the end of the day, a leader must rise above, be willing to answer tough questions, put himself in the eye of the storm, and ensure that whatever may come of the situation, he is in control. This is how a leader is graded.

And because of Mr. Ignatieff's (non)Action, I respectfully have to give him an F.


wilson said...

Iffy decided that Danny controls the Nfld lib MPs.
Every time Iffy makes a decision, he backs down or reverses it;
except when he parrots PMSHs decisions, he then stands firm on Harpers calls.

Not a leader, no ads necessary.

Oh, and someone should tell Don Martin that the conspiracy to ruin sweet Ruby's reputation may be a Liberal coup:

''There's a move within the Liberal Party to have MP Ruby Dhalla removed from her Brampton riding.

At least that's the belief of Balraj Deol, publisher and editor of Punjabi weekly Khabbar Nama, which is based in Dhalla's riding of Brampton-Springdale.''

paulsstuff said...

That's very interesting Wilson. Wow, would that ever be a blow to Iggy if it turned out this was all done from within the Liberal party.

Don Martin would have a stroke.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Mr Ignatieff is not used to shooting from the hip, he's pretty much lived a scripted life.

Would Iggy be prepared if asked a question conserning his lack of income tax, EI or CPP installments over the years.

Mr Ignatieff braggs of his ancestors building Canada, what has he done; nothing.

I have worked all around the world; in the military and civillian life, I've always payed income taxes, EI and CPP. Even when ducking bullets in Former Yougoslavia.

Best Regards,

wilson said...

Teehee, it's the Liberal party,
I don't doubt for a moment that there is an interanl struggle for Ruby's seat.

syncrodox said...

Just as with his hapless predecessor Steffy, Professor Iffy is accustomed to the adulation and ass kissing he received from gullible and idealistic students.

The fact that the MSM has been further brown-nosing and genuflecting before the great man has left Iffy shocked and unprepared when faced with unfavorable scrutiny.

I found it telling that the Liberals refused to have a representative appear on today's edition of Question Period.

When you don't have the testicular fortitude as a Liberal to face the likes of Jane Taber and Craig must be scared shitless of your shadow.

Fortunately vampires don't cast shadows.


Jen said...

And the media says that the PM is a afraid of the media and their questions.

Well,now that Ignatieff is treating the media the way they deserve, the media is 'lost for words'

maryT said...

Have the media asked MIMI if he loves Canada, what vegetable he is, his stand on abortion, or other tough questions that have been asked of PMSH. Oh, and don't forget Fife's tough question, why did you miss the photo op.
No wonder he tries to ignore them and their gotcha questions.