Friday, May 15, 2009

Don Martin Using Liblogs As Research? Isn't it ironic.. don't you think?

If you all remember, Don Martin was quick out of the gate when allegations against Ruby Dhalla broke. Martin called the allegations smoke and mirrors, that it was wrong to smear Dhalla with unproven allegations. Oddly enough, Martin then went on to accuse the Tories of being in on one of the most bizarre conspiracy theories I've ever come across. What struck me the most that Martin's talking points were pretty much identical to ones used by the Liberal Party, Dhalla, and her lawyer days later, leaving the impression Liberals are using Martin as an MSM shill. Of course neither Martin nor the Liberals would ever admit this if it is true.

Again we have another example of Martin writing a column that appears to be using talking points from the Liberal party, and more notably, Libloggers. Martin makes the statement that the domain the Conservative's are using for the website is commonly linked to porn. It took Stephen Taylor a matter of a few minutes to dispelthat little tidbit. what is even more curious is this line in Martin's editorial:

"The . me Internet domain name is registered to the tiny European country of Montenegro, incidentally governed by a coalition, and its web administrator is based in Arizona. It is, I'm told by experienced web surfers, often used to showcase pornography.
So much for the governing buy-Canadian party's patriotism, particularly given that one commercial slams Michael Ignatieff for "running attack ads."

Interesting information Don. Not exactly sure where did you research and gathered all this information? Perhaps here And even at that to prove how lazy he was he got the Arizona connection wrong. It was Paul Martin's website that was hosted by a company in Arizona. But you really have to wonder, when you look at the information posted on a Liblog, and then repeated by Martin in a column, why anyone would take this guy seriously anymore as a journalist. Perhaps Martin might want to take some of the partisan views on Blogging Tories about Ignatieff and work it into one of his columns as fact. But I doubt that is likely to happen. And I guess he is unaware that you can pay a Canadian company to register a domain name. regardless of what country that domain is based in, such as this one: A quick google search gives numerous pages of Canadian companies that provide that service. Perhaps Martin was in a rush to get back to the watering hole instead of properly researching his column.

Martin has had an ongoing Garth Turneresque hissy fit going on for some time now, all because the PM saw him for the rumor hack that he is, and won't play ball with him. and they wonder why the National Post is in trouble.


Anonymous said...

Where did the Liblog (the link is broken BTW) ever talk about porn? I read the post and I don't see any mention of that.

paulsstuff said...

Thanks. Provided the full link. Martin himself talked about the porn. I'll look for it but on one of the Liblogs someone commented that .me was commonly used for porn sites.