Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gerard Kennedy Leader Of The Liberal Party Of Canada

Warren Kinsella Liberal Leadership Convention 2006:

"Gerard Kennedy for leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Has a ring to it, right about now. I haven’t been enthusiastic about Gerard for the past few months, mainly because of some of the MPs who supported him. As Calgary Grit told me, you can’t always choose your supporters. True enough. As of right now, Gerard Kennedy is the guy who most deserves to be the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. He deserves to win. If I was a delegate, I’d sure as Hell be voting for him. What he has done, here took guts, and character, and leadership – something the Liberal Party of Canada desperately needs. Canada, too. Gerard will be under tremendous pressure from the elites to reverse his position, or qualify it. I don’t think he will. On Sunday, I communicated with many of the senior people around him. They say he will not reverse his position, as others have done this week. Folks, this is a big, big development. One week from now, I think this guy just might be the new leader of the Liberal Party of Canada! "

Bet Iggy appreciates the endorsement.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kinsella's 2006 endorsements (and other assorted bizarre behaviour) remind me of the time I supported Peter Pocklington for leadership of the PC leadership. Only, I was living in post NEP Alberta, under 30 years old and a political novice. What's Kinsella's excuse?

Bec said...

..and to think back then...oh way back then because if you are a LIEberal sound piece, it is inconsequential those -3years, the guy was not even an MP.
To say nothing of the others....!

Yikes, the mind altering crap the supporters of this party drink, is frightening.

Anonymous said...

WTF are you talking about?

Gerrard ran in 2006 and not in 2009, is warren supposed to never support anybody unless gerrard runs again.

I suppose you only ever supported one person your whole life and declined to participate when that person didn't run again.

paulsstuff said...

"Gerrard ran in 2006 and not in 2009, is warren supposed to never support anybody unless gerrard runs again."

Uh, two things. First, nobody ran in 2009. Second, Kinsella thought Kennedy was a better choice for leader than Iggy. If I'm not mistaken it was Kennedy who made Dion king.

Good political instincts by both men.

revanche said...

Hey Paul,

Reader's Digest has their Trust 09 issue out.

(sorry, couldn't find an online reference for ya)

Most trusted politicians:

1 Stephen Harper (8)
2 Michael Ignatieff (19)
3 Justin Trudeau (23)
4 Elizabeth May (28)
5 Bob Rae (29)
6 Marc Garneau (32)
7 Jack Layton (33)

It is interesting enough that a politician made the top ten of trusted people, but I guess we shouldn't be surprised Harper is so far ahead of his competition on the trust scale, yes?

Top 10 most trusted people:

1 David Suzuki
2 Queen Elizabeth II
3 Gen. Rick Hillier
4 Stephen Lewis
5 Michael J Fox
6 Lloyd Robertson
7 Peter Mansbridge
8 Stephen Harper
9 Sheila Fraser
10 Rick Mercer



paulsstuff said...

Hey, that's great info. Thanks.

revanche said...

ah, found a link...

Anonymous said...

declined to participateIf I'm not mistaken, that was exactly what Kinsella was doing at the time.

Bec said...

Anony @ 2:48PM

Your excuse is that Pocklington, bought Wayne, your good, lol. By doing that he gained credibility. Fortunately I had family also in the business world that was starting to see through him, i.e business dealings.

However I also have a family member that was involved with KHS, so what does that tell ya?

It tells you that sleaze surrounds us and the bigger the BS, i.e overselling someone, the less they are credible, if folks pay attention.

The Prime Minister, has never been a Charlton, to some a detriment, that want a sleazy, rude, cape swirling around the Monarch type.

I'll take my steady at the helm, Captain, thanks!