Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Liberal Attack Ad: Stephen Harper Has No Plan, And We Voted In Favor Of It....

Just saw the new Liberal attack ad on PowerPlay. Pretty clever. They used the format, with text and background, as the Tory ads. But these ads were obviously rushed as a reaction to the Tory ads, and I think someone in the Liberal war room may have had a brain cramp on this one.

The ad repeatedly states PM Stephen Harper has no plan for the economy. Aside from the fact the TSX has a 9-week rally going, including huge gains the last two days, jobs created last month, house sales beginning to pick up, the CEO's of Rona and Home Depot saying the Home Renovation tax credit has brought in tens of millions of revenue, Liberal's think this is a good ad?

But what really amazes me is the Liberal's voted in favor of the budget, and now turn around and say there is no plan. Do Liberals actually know what a budget is? Ignatieff wants the stimulus in the budget put out quickly. Oops, sorry, Ignatieff wants the stimulus in the Conservative budget out quickly.

So if the PM has no plan, why did Liberal MP's vote in favor of it??
Michael Ignatieff May 13th, 2009- ""We're in the middle of a serious economic crisis," he said. "This government needs to grow up and do its job properly."
"I'm not going to attack Mr. Harper personally. I don't expect he should attack me."


Agent Smith said...

What happens when we get a recovery - do we have to spend all the stimulous money anyway?

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, but isn't the "Harper doesn't have a plan for the economy" line right out of their ads from the 2008 election? Harpernomics if I'm not mistaken.

paulsstuff said...

I've wondered that myself. It's looking like the recovery might already be under way. If it is, that extra stimulus might trigger higher inflation, which will put us back where we started.

Bec said...

I left you a comment @BLY because you got the exact perception of the PP BS, that I did.

When exactly did the CTV get the gonads to be PAID for one ad but actually endorse an ON-line ad?

Is the internet not their nemisis?
Oh ya right, only when it is...US!

Anonymous said...

Since the 'stimulus' is a one-time, short term funding, watch for the money to be unspent when things have turned around. This is, indeed, intentional. Unlike Barrack Obama's stimulus which is massive permanent increased spending.

(BTW, not mentioned anywhere was the fact we had a $800MM surplus for the past fiscal year.)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


paulsstuff said...

Thanks. I appreciate the detailed analysis of our PM.

wilson said...

PMSHs last statement on the stimulus was 'as soon as the recession is over' the money stops flowing, so he was urging the 3 levels of government to get on with it.

The Economic Action Plan is not a plan?
Liberals are calling for $30+ billion to get out the door when there is no plan?

Bec said...

Oh my anony @ 5:54pm, was that a spiritual coming out moment based on the science of your latest brain fart?

What an inept comment and astonishingly.....unsubstantiated!
So 'sheeple' of you babe!

Anonymous said...

Since the bulk of the stimulus package is focussed on infrastructure, it is highly unlikely much will be out the door until 2011 or 2012.

We all know we need to invest in infrastructure; however, provinces and municipalities need to match funds.

In my city, some projects are planned but no one is going hog wild to build useless stuff because civic leaders know they need to levy taxes to maintain everything once completed. No bridges to nowhere here.

Smart move by Harper to make all levels of government accountable.

I have a feeling this "stimulus" will take years to spend.

revanche said...

The earliest any stimulus money can realistically be spent is late summer, early fall. They won't even be signing off on the budget until they break for summer for Pete's sake.

I am sure there are some high profile "shovel ready" projects to promote on the BBQ circuit; but, beyond that, will the economy still need a push beyond the fall? I doubt it.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I'd really like to see the CPC come out with an attack ad on Iggy's policy.

Oh wait. He doesn't have any.

paulsstuff said...

Would that make it a Seinfeld attack ad?

wilson said...

Hmmmm, things are looking up in Quebec, no?

''They sold 2,300 tickets at $150 per for a fundraising event at a downtown hotel where close to 2,000 packed the ballroom to hear a feisty partisan speech by Prime Minister Stephen Harper,
who declared that he’s ready for an election if the opposition parties want one.''

wilson said...

Check out Tim Powers on Iffy's counter to the truth ads:

Powers points out it took Iffy 5 days to counter punch.
Libs didn't have ads ready?
Seriously, they knew they truth was coming.

paulsstuff said...

Great links Wilson. I especially like the one about the Quebec fundraiser. Those are impressive numbers for sure.

Someone should tell Taber 2300 is more than 1000.

Agent Smith said...


They had to know this was coming - and they didn't prepare for it in advanced?!....utterly inept and they want to run this country?!

Clearly Stefan Dion is still pulling the strings behind the scenes LOL

To quote the inimitable Ed Grimley the libs “are as doomed as doomed could be I must say”

wilson said...

I thought I heard the Tabloid Taber say??, on PP, that PMSH was only going to have 500 at the rally, half of what is getting later this week.

Maybe who ever wrote up her notes missed the 2 infront of the 500.

RD said...

I'm not pro-liberal or conservative (and not NDP either), but isn't the only reason why we got a stimulus package in the first place because the other three useless parties threatened to take down the government unless they tabled a budget with stimulus money? Isn't that why Harper suspended parliment for 6 weeks and then, and only then, came out with stimulus money?

Both Harper and Iggy are playing russian roulette with the future of our country just to retain or gain power (yes, I know, Layton and others are just as useless).

maryT said...

RD, the PM did not suspend the HofC for six weeks. The House was already set to adjourn for Christmas on Dec 12, 2008. All he did was add one extra week to their holiday. Funny how so many forget that. With or without the coup attempt, the HofC would not have been in session from Dec 12 till Jan.
Blame the media and opposition for spreading that lie.