Friday, May 8, 2009

Canada's Most Wanted: Have You Seen This Man?

WANTED: Michael Ignatieff.
Mr. Ignatieff disappeared on Tuesday, May 5th, 2009. Police have no recent sightings to go on, and believe his disappearance may be related to this women, Ruby Dhalla, shown in the photo with Mr. Ignatieff. Be aware that Mr. Ignatieff may be in disguise, acting as an American. He is known to use the phrase "We American's" when in disguise.
Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Please forward any information to Don Martin at the National Post, who I'm sure is worried harm has come to Mr. Ignatieff from the Conservative government.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he's locked himself in the Throne Room until all the Dallah dirt settles down.

Hope he brought lotsa reading materials . . . he could be there awhile.

Too bad, he was on such a roll after being crowned Liberal Emperor.

The Red Fox said...

Psst,I was told by a high ranking anonymous liberal insider that Iggy,Ruby and Elmer Fudd Macallum have been seen together cruising Brampton in Johns Chevy.My source would only hint that John being the senior liberal would naturally be the go to guy when a lie starts to come apart.

hunter said...

Very funny!

He's probably hiding back in BC, the scene of the crime, crying into his tea wondering how it could have gone so wrong, so quickly.

wilson said...


Joanne (True Blue) said...

lol!! Well done.

We now have an audio clip, but not much more.

Actually, Iggy is taking a wise approach. If this becomes toxic, he will want to distance himself as much as possible.

maryT said...

Will he be on America's Most Wanted anytime soon.
Is anyone out there passing out posters.

robins111 said...

If you listen to the audio clip, Iggy just tossed her under the bus.

Now thats the kind of leader everyone is looking for, he just exudes loyalty don't he?

Anonymous said...

Funny,he led off Question Period Monday-Thursday this week.

Tories are in trouble and getting desperate.

paulsstuff said...

Might want to get your facts straight anon. Unless Iggy went completly gray overnight, I'm pretty sure that was Bob Rae leading off Question Period Thursday.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

That photo from the, as they say on the CEEBEECEE, "coronating" the Mickster . . .


I see that triunvirate as "Nannygate, Torturegate and Strippergate!" Now, had johnny mac been there as well,we could have added "dipsogate."

Stop. Stop. I'm larffing so hard my sides are starting to hurt~!!


t.e. & o.e.

Bec said...

Where is he, hmmmm.... having a pedicure and reading himself to sleep??

The 'Big Boy', has his back and keeping the country fires LIT!!


paulsstuff said...

Anon @5:49 PM.

I checked my pvr, and sure enough, Bob Rae led off question period, Iggy was noticably absent.

I'll have to do a little digging, but if I'm not mistaken Ralph Goodale led off question period Wedensday.

So perhaps you might want to revise your comment, no?

paulsstuff said...

I think someone mentioned Iggy was getting his eyebrow (no, that's not a typo), died and waxed Bec.

wilson said...

Iffy's likely with his strategists trying to figure out how He can take credit for an economy that seems to be turning around a lot sooner than his 'experts' advised him it would.

maryT said...

It was Rae that led off QP, and the Speaker announced the MP for Iggys riding, lots of cheers and applause and then up stepped a grey haired Rae. Lots of laughing on the other side.
And Goodale was the man sitting in for the leader. Neither he nor Ruby have been seen in the HofC.
Think of the gossip we could start with that.

Richard said...

I remember hearing something about the cops found a car in a Pickering golf course parking lot.