Friday, May 1, 2009

All Bow To The (un)Chosen One

Sir Iggy
King Of Kanada

It's really quite amazing when you think of it. A Harvard academic, who lived outside of Canada for roughly 27 years, has become the (un)chosen one for the federal Liberal Party. That's right, the person who finished second to Stephane Dion, a true Canadian reho, will now become the Liberal Party leader without one Liberal party member marking a ballot. And to top it all off, it appears the media have all but acclaimed Iggy as the newest Prime Minister of Canada, despite having no idea when the next federal election is. Policy? Don't need it. Ideas. Nope. Being Liberal is all he needs. Why, I bet Susan Bonner won't even ask Iggy if he loves the United states, oops, sorry, Canada.

And then we have the Liberal bloggers, lead by one Warren Kinsella. Kinsella is going to be front and center in the next election running the war room. Of course Kinsella has extensive experience in this. 10 years ago that might worry me. But Kinsella has gone past his best before date. My guess is Warren is just one ethnic group insult away from being put in that secluded soundproof room where Scott Reid of "beer and popcorn" fame languished after his faux pas in front of the cameras. I might remind Liberal's bad news comes in 3's. Martin, Dion, and uh oh!

And finally for the msn morons, headed by "We Liberal's" Robert Fife. They too have all but handed Iggy the keys to 24 Sussex. Of course they seem to have completely forgotten that an election campaign is in the area of 36 days, and despite their attempts to conceal Iggy from any stupid remarks he might make, i.e. Raise Taxes, the Conservative war room, with their own media center, will allow the Canadian voters to see what Iggy is really about, or rather, not about.

I see Kinsella stated again today with Rutherford that Iggy and the party will keep their parties policies hidden in the closet, afraid that the Tories might steal them. Sorry guys, but last time I checked you are receiving six-figure salaries, accruing time for the world's best pension plan, and you don't want to share your plans with the 33 million Canadian's who's best interests you are supposed to be advancing? Pretty childish don't you think? Then again, I see former PM Jean Chretien at the convention, the one who took childishness to a whole new level in federal politics. Just ask the former head of the BDC, who Chetien tried to ruin mentally and financially for having the gall to point out Chretien's lies involving Shawinigate loans. Or ask Paul Martin. Chretien was more worried about his own personal vendetta's than he was about his supposed party or, more importantly, Canadian's from coast to coast to coast.

And whenever the next election does take place, expect Kinsella to use the same tactic he used with McGuinty in the most recent Ontario election. The boy in the bubble. The only problem is some prick like me is going to burst it this time.

Update: Joanne has come up with a fantastic name for Iggy, King Of Kanada


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Great post!

You know, I'm thinking that maybe we don't even need elections anymore.

Iggy has proven that he should be King of Kanada forever and evermore.


paulsstuff said...

"Iggy has proven that he should be King of Kanada forever and evermore."

That is awesome Joanne. I'm still laughing.

Jen said...

Chretien comes to hang around in search of more money and as long as everyone is there in a cozy room, rutherford adler you us should pelt questions at them all. where is the missing money, return the $161million paul martin took for his CSL........
And to their lousey media throw the book at them for manipulating us and innocent canadians who were lied too everyday by the media.

Bec said...

Did you find the interview with Spinsella, paulsstuff?

I cannot say enough, the guy is an accident waiting to happen.
It was the most despicible attack on bloggers,(in general b/c they are NOT all conservatives) that I have ever heard.

Maybe the hospitality suites and the golf courses have reduced his brain cells to 1.5.

Iggiasm, wears him well and this trust hopefully will be another 'Reidism'!

maryT said...

I had lunch today with a friend of over 30 yrs. We have never talked politics. But she asked today what I thought about that iggy guy. She says he scares her, when she sees him on TV, or listens to him talk. Then she talked about her fear for the US with O in charge.
I think there are more women like my friend, who don't like iggy.
She is making a small donation to the conservativs as a birthday givt to PMSH.

paulsstuff said...

Jen, I think anytime Canadian's get a chance to see Chretien with Iggy it's a win-win for the Conservatives. Despite Kinsella's protests, most Canadian's view Chretien as damaged goods from Adscam. And it's completely moronic Kinsella spouts about PM Harper wearing the recession, while out of the other side of his mouth spouting Chretien should not be tarnished because of Adscam.

So PMSH should wear a global recession, yet Chretien should not wear an illegal kickback scheme that involved the Liberal Party and ad agencies.

paulsstuff said...

I've heard the same thing about Iggy MaryT. My son says he looks like a serial killer.

And Jen, I'm surprised Chretien showed up. He's usually in China on business. And I heard he is actually providing stimulus for the economy. A casino in a country far away.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post paulstuff.