Sunday, April 10, 2011

This Is Why They Screen People At The PM's Rallies

So a family member of mine was one of the people handling the registration and sign-in for the PM's appearance in Ajax last week, which by the way was a huge success. A man came up to the registration table wanting to get in. He was asked if he had pre-registered and he stated no. It was pointed out that all the advertising for the event stated you had to be pre-registered to attend. The man became agitated, stating he had just driven from Etobicoke (no, it wasn't Michael Ignatieff), and wanted to get in. The person tried to accomodate him, telling him that the room was already at capacity, but she would get him in, asking for photo id. Said person stated he had no photo-id. Person was asked for a piece of id without a photo, again stating he had none. He was then asked why he would drive all the way from Etobicoke with no drivers license, which he couldn't answer.

He was told he would not be able to attend, and walked away cursing. The security near the registration alerted Durham Regional Police, who stopped the man in the parking lot. Surprisingly, the man was able to provide id to the police when asked. He was then escorted off the property.

So what was this person's motive for wanting to attend? Denying he had id on him when in fact he did? Was he there as a voter or a plant from another party sent to disrupt a high profile event featuring the PM? Guess we will never know.


Anonymous said...

Oh we know all right, your instincts answer the question. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

This is what they are stooping to now: pure desperation.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I've heard that there is a high degree of organization out to disrupt such events.

Check out Catch-22.