Saturday, April 2, 2011

CBC News Allows The 30 Day Anti-Harper Facebook Page?

From the Facebook page:

"Forget the 30 day song, film, football and photo challenges... we only have 30 days to make sure Stephen Harper isn't elected as Prime Minister of Canada!

Join the fun and participate by submitting a daily update from April 3rd to May 2nd. By taking part in these easy activities and status updates, you can help keep Harper's party on its toes spread the 'go out at vote' message to all your friends and family."

So exactly who at CBC operates their facebook pages, and who is clicking "like" on all the anti-Conservative ones. This taxpayer would like to know.


peter werry said...

I think you may misunderstand how facebook works. "Likes" means the profile you're viewing likes the indicated profile. In this case, the "anti-harper" challenge "likes" the cbc, not the other way around. On the cbc news profile there are only 3 "likes":
CBC/Radio Canada
Metro Manning
CBC Fan Club

I'm sure there are plenty of other cases of CBC bias, this just happens to not be one of them.

paulsstuff said...

I understand how it works. The anti-Conservative sites all like the CBC. The CBC allows comments from these sites that like them, and allows links to those facebook pages on the CBC comment pages on facebook, which can be linked to from the CBC website.

The problem lies in the fact if one puts a link on the CBC facebook page, say to the Stop Michael Ignatieff facebook page, it gets deleted. I probably could have titled the this post better, but the fact is the CBC sees no problem linking to anti-Harper pages.

I have no problem with CTV, Global, the Star, Sun, or whatever media chain doing it. Just don't think a government funded braodcaster should be doing it. I imagine these pages have an administrator who is supposed to monitor comments and delete those which don't meet standards.

Appreciate the comment. Please drop in any time to give your opinion or information.

peter werry said...

I suspect you're right about the moderation part Paul! But from your original post: "So exactly who at CBC operates their facebook pages, and who is clicking "like" on all the anti-Conservative ones"

I don't think that's what's going on here :)

paulsstuff said...

Changed the title. Does that make better sense? My kids, yes, I'm a little long in the tooth, explained that when you look at another facebook page, that page will show up as a possible "friend" the next time you log into your own facebook page.

Looking at all the anti-Conservative facebook pages, they all have CBC as a common denominatory. In my post on George Strombobuyavowel, I included the direct link from his facebook page to an anti-Harper page.

I highly doubt Mercer, Strombo, or any other CBC personality controls those pages. More likely an out of college kid with an ax to grind against the Conservatives.

p.s. I wouldn't even have an issue with it if they allowed links to anti Ignatieff, Layton, or Duceppe pages. As it stands, i find it inappropriate.