Saturday, April 2, 2011

CBC's Rick Mercer Report Facebook Page Links To Anti-Harper Groups? And Allows Disgusting Comments That Bash The PM And Conservatives?

Alberta Girl on Joanne's blog Blue Like You posted a link to this Facebook page.

What's interesting is looking at who has marked that page as like. Ignatieff, Layton, May. Well I guess that makes sense as they are trying to team up to form a coalition government. The name that is surprising is Rick Mercer Report. The facebook page for the Mercer Report show televised on CBC, our national broadcaster that recieves $1 billion a year in taxpayer funds is pretty much a link for numerous anti-Harper websites and comments.!/pages/Rick-Mercer-Report/28103132195?sk=wall

Is this what CBC thinks is non-partisan advertising? While I'm sure the facebook page is not run by Mercer, but rather CBC employees on paid for with taxpayer funded salaries, does the CBC think it's really appropriate to have such links on comments on a webpage, especially during an election campaign?

I'm guessing the CBC is monitoring the Blogging Tories aggregator page as well as those of the other parties. Care to answer why this is being allowed on a page that links from the webpage?

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