Sunday, April 17, 2011

Globe And Mail Rewriting History For Ignatieff

Another example of quality journalism from the Globe and Mail. Seems Ignatieff wants no part of talking about Quebec separation, on the heels of Gilles Duceppe stating they needed to stop a Conservative majority to make it easier for Quebec to separate. As pointed out by someone posting under the name Local_Voter, it seems the Globe is again guilty of having it's facts skewed. In it's haste to show Liberals were champions of the federalist cause the Globe included this gem about Jean Chretien:

"Jean Chr├ętien carried on the mantle, working with his unity minister St├ęphane Dion to lead the federalist side during the 1995 Quebec referendum on sovereignty."

As noted by the poster, there is something that doesn't make any sense whatsoever about that statement. You see, at the time of the 1995 referendum, Dion wasn't unity minister. The referendum took place in Quebec on October 30, 1995. To make it even worse, Dion was neither an elected MP or cabinet minister. Dion was appointed to cabinet on January 25th, 1996, in anticipation of a by-election that would be called later in the year.

So will the Globe and Mail see fit to update the column? I highly doubt it. With Conservative numbers steady in polling, and Jack Layton making a surprising surge, the G&M, CBC, Toronto Star, etc., will continue to do whatever they can to help the visiting professor.

The hell with facts!


Jen said...

with medias and reporters at his (Ignatieff)feet, the media sets the agenda for him-sort of keeps them busy from not doing their actual job.
I hope that they take into account Ignatieff's MAO'S quotes as Ignatieff legacy.
Furthermore the media is making a legacy of their own. Liberals' bedfellows.

Michael Harkov said...

Oh yeah, I remember Chretien during that 1995 referendum. He basically did absolutley nothing while people all across the country mobilized to rallies in Montreal and other places in Quebec to tell Quebecers that we wanted them to stay. I also remember Chretien crying and weeping like a baby at the thought that the country would be lost under his "leadership". And you know what, because of his inexcusable dithering, it almost was, within a hair! So the idea of him leading the federalist side is an unmitigated joke.

So excuse me while I laugh when Ignatieff says that we shouldn't be fearful of separatism. That jerk-off wasn't even here during either referendum, so what the hell does HE know? While WE were sitting here actually dealing with it, this carpet-bagging dilettane was the man of the world, and anywhere but here.

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for anyone, federalist or separatist, to say that Quebec did ratify the constitution. 75 Liberal M.P.'s representing Quebec were in Parliament at the time. What were they, chopped liver?

Martin said...

Actually 74 of 75 seats in Quebec were Liberal. Quebec enjoyed strong representation in the Cabinet, judiciary, public service, and the Senate in 1982.
Any of thses groups could have fought harder against repatriation if they had cared to. In fact Quebec was poorly represented by Lesveque, who thought he still had a veto; he was outplayed completely by Trudeau. In a sense one gtoup of federal Quebecers prevailed over another set of provincial Quebecers.

Anonymous said...

If I recall Chretien's stance during the Quebec Referendum, he assured the RoC that there was nothing to worry about ... until a week before the vote when polls were showing a majority "oui" vote.

Then Chretien greased the "non" campaign with tens of Million$$$ and illegal funding of unity rallies in desperation.

Oh .. and the CF-18 squadron was flown out of Quebec a couple of days before the vote ..!!!