Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ignatieff Plagiarized Obama Campaign Ad? You Tell Me...

So the Liberals are trying to spin the newest Conservative ad, which is not an attack ad, as being plagiarized from a Tea Party Ad. Seems both ads feature the respective National Flags. Who would think a campaign ad would have a shot of the countries flag. Both feature various shots of scenery from each country, as well as film clips of the countries history. Sure, I guess this is the first time any party in the history of politics thought to use those items in a campaign ad. And of course the media laps it all up.

So following that same storyline, let's compare an Ignatieff ad from 2011 with a Obama ad from the last U.S. election. Wanna bet any of the Canadian media report on it? I doubt it.


Fay said...

How is Obama working out for the US?
I hope Canadians can see through the biased media.

Rons Report said...

I cannot believe how far left the msm are. I mean today on power play with Don Martin the talk was about the young lady that was turfed from the Conservative rally.

Okay stuff happens, it may have been wrong...move on and lets talk about the Red Book.
Lets talk about the Carbon Tax on page 64.
How about when Robert Fife asked Iggy yesterday how they are costing the education for jobs plank.
No answer except for some run around talk.
And what happens from there?
oh lets forget about that and talk about something negative about the Conservatives.
Time for Harper and company to turn up the heat on Iggy and his 35 years away from Canada.
And is it me...or are the NDP mailing this one in?

ridenrain said...

If I recall the story, it wasn't Iggy who was taking care of his mother. He was too busy being a big wheel somewhere. Would this be another exampel of him using his family for politics again?

Gabby in QC said...

I usually don't like the idea of a politician's private life being talked about, especially his/her family. But since Ignatieff himself has boasted in ads that he helped take care of his ailing mother, I think he's left the door open to rebuttals.

As Ridenrain pointed out, Ignatieff greatly exaggerated his care-giver role in those ads, since he had little to do with caring for his mother when she was suffering from Alzheimer's.

The story can be found here (page 12):

Griff said...

There is now a youtube video comparing them posted to my blog. Great find!

It can be seen here otherwise:

The Trusty Tory said...

Oh man - what idiots. If you don't mind - I'm gonna post on this too.

paulsstuff said...

Please do TT.

paulsstuff said...