Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You Know Your Time As A Kick-Ass Liberal Strategist Has Passed When....

You criticise the other guy for something your hero did previously. Warren Kinsella's latest, an anti-Timmies rant:

"Some smart Liberals were there to meet him - you can see kick-ass Liberal MP Bonnie Crombie in the photo - and make an important point. The media ate it up, as it were. The Reform-Conservative minions, terrified by that, told the RCMP to move the group away. (Um, is that legal?)"

Gee, I don't know WK. Didn't your hero Chretien get involved in some little situation involving the RCMP and the use of pepper spray on demonstrators?

From the Hamilton Spectator September 11th, 1998: "In 1995, The Prime Minister grabbed a protester, Bill Clennet, by the throat and pushed him to the ground.
By 1997, it seems, he maintained his tough guy approach to dealing with demonstrators, according to 1998 investigation which concluded orders were handed down by the PM, himself. Some students were arrested by the RCMP, and some were even pepper sprayed. When a reporter asked Mr. Chr├ętien about the RCMP's use of pepper spray on the peaceful protest, Jean did it again. Canada's leader replied, "Pepper? I put that on my plate."

Um, is that legal? The problem nowadays are these wonderful search engines that can find anything. Google, Bing, etc. So ya, bring on the election. And I mean the federal one, not the one airing it's dirty laundry in Outremont.


wilson said...

Didn't Judy Sgro and John McCallum protest PMSH an election or 2 ago.
I remember T shirts of some sort.

paulsstuff said...

I remember that. It was right around that time the wheels fell off the Liberal bandwagon.

maryT said...

Wasn't it Judy that ran after the PM asking some question, I think it was on the news cbc. Didn't she and maybe McCallum show up at several campaign stops to heckle him.
I think it was around the time Kevin Newman sandbagged him with the abortion question.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, you gotta love Jean though, pepper on my plate... I think if there was blood it would have said: blood, I put it on my frits. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Liberal "Rat Pack" - redux

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Nice catch.

I'm still wondering how WK handles the cognitive dissonance that must arise from the Outremont controversy where his former hero disagrees with his present hero.

That must stress his neural connections.

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

Anonymous said...

Warren Who?

I mean this is the guy who invented the gotcha smear tactic in Canadian politics.

As ye sow, so also shall you reap.

The Liberal pundit isn't even liked by many Liberals these days after the Backstabbing of Paul Martin.

We conservatives do owe him some thanks for his part in contributing to the Liberal head swelling so much it had to blow.

djb said...

I'm curious... Has anyone other than Kinsella claimed he's advising the Libranos? I mean, how do we know he's not simply delusional?

Soccermom said...

These lame Liberals. Thinking the term Reform-Conservative is an insult.

It's actually a compliment. I prefer the term Reformatory, myself.